Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1969

Position that 99 ghosts are at formed has strangled to death certainly. Puff! On the body of total master presented 99 blood holes, each blood hole only then the finger is so thick, but these blood hole each are to pass through the body, including his internal organs, his forehead. Whole person all vitalities died. Your soul, I accepted.” Xia Tian has not called the ghost to kill the soul of total master to receive the soul of total master intentionally, the total master is four cauldron Expert, his soul is also very formidable. Receive! The soul of total master was taken away by Xia Tian directly. No!” The soul of total master has given out unwilling roaring. After he enters ghost spirit Zhu inside, his whole person's all consciousness completely wrote off, became the Xia Tian subordinate. This is the ghost spirit bead most formidable skill, he can in all consciousness a person soul write off completely, this soul only will take orders in Xia Tian, is Xia Tian fights. After Xia Tian received the Chu ring of total master, lies down starts to rest on the ground. At this time he is also very tired. He felt discomfort that one could not say from top to bottom. After all he had also been hit several fists by the total master, in addition such very intensive breaknecks to run, he somewhat could not endure. After Xia Tian has rested the half day. He returned to uneven Imperial City. When he comes back, surroundings have heard cheers. Xia Tian comes back, that represented him to win, his successful striking has killed that four cauldron Rank 2 Expert.

Before they were also worried, once Xia Tian died, after them, weapon nobody who damaged has patched, Boss of surroundings these shops were also worried that Xia Tian died, their business will also suffer a disastrous decline. At this time the ground before Xia Tian gate had been cleaned cleanly, a bloodstain does not have. Today rests, tomorrow will open the door.” Xia Tian said that turned back own shop directly. Outside person has not said anything, they also know that Xia Tian just experienced a war, is very definitely tired, moreover they do not agree also uselessly, they do not dare to go saying that with Xia Tian did not agree. Who is Xia Tian? Dares in uneven Imperial City and fire is to the person, dares to pound the people in fire seven shops continually, can strike to kill existences of over ten thousand Expert in dozens seconds. Some people will say that they are not do not give money. But. Is Xia Tian short of money? Naturally does not lack. Can be short of money with fire to the putting up the cash person? Therefore they wanted to spend money to Xia Tian to say the matter was impossible. When the Xia Tian rest, fire also took an action, they have sent out a Expert team. In this team has ten people, each is four cauldron Rank 1 above Expert, the person of leading is the core juniors of fire, the hot festival, he is four cauldron Rank 3 Expert, their group ten people kills directly to the patching shop, these ten people open Realm to walk all the way, their heads are all going against four small cauldrons and several small cauldrons, some is a small cauldron, some are two, has a that person of lead is three. Ten people, all are super Expert. They like this blatantly seek publicity walks toward the Xia Tian patching shop, does not have slight concealing, moreover their body also wear have the fire symbolic clothes. Sets up the prestige.

Fire this is setting up the prestige, they are telling the people of these ganefs, fire is not affable, this time is the strength of fire. In other place, four cauldron Expert, that is extraordinary existed, but fire can casual send out ten four cauldron Expert . Moreover the person who takes the lead is four cauldron Rank 3 super Expert. You look quickly, the fire big writing skill, unexpectedly has ten four cauldron above Expert.” Looked that getting angry family this time got angry , perhaps they must begin, moreover their this did not hide, moved toward the patching shop on the avenue directly, obviously to set up prestige.” But among them grievances uneven Imperial City all people pay attention, once they to patching shop storm, then City Lord Mansion won't perhaps sit by and do nothing?” Fire these ten Expert places visited, all people all whoop, nobody knows that actually fire must do. They know that definitely had looks lively. If these ten people want to walk quickly, that speed is certainly quick, but they such unhurriedly is walking. The quick their behind people were also getting more and more. Young Master, now behind followed many people.” Four cauldron Rank 1 Expert said. Are not enough, how the elders let us on a grand scale, how on a grand scale.” On the face of hot festival had the contemptuous smiling face, in his opinion, wants to destroy completely Xia Tian, brings back that 5 billion low grade spirit stone is very easy matter, but the elder makes him have the person such to recapture the face. In uneven Imperial City, but many respected families are also gazing at this time matter. They make a mistake and other fire. But the fire present status of many people the envy, they are wanting to displace, once fire this mistake, that will have possibility fire to be pushed aside uneven Imperial City by these families very much, once has been separated from uneven Imperial City, then the hot family will thoroughly degenerate into an ordinary family. Therefore fire this time must win. Copes with a brat, my finger can be run over and die he.” Four cauldron Rank 2 fire Expert said. Do not have a low opinion of the enemy, this boy is not simple, otherwise is impossible to ruin family that many stores.” The hot festival reminded.

Yes, Young Master.” Several other people of respectful saying. The hot festival is one of the fire elite juniors, after becoming the elite juniors, he obtained family that number the endless resources, even might also in the future becomes the head of the clan, he can control the forces of nature simply, but the elite juniors in family are not only then his, but has five. Their five might in the future becomes the head of the clan, but is unable to become the person of head of the clan is to become the elder in the future. Although the status of elder is also very high, but the head of the clan is the right center of fire. Wants into the head of the clan to achieve some great accomplishments, achieves some great accomplishments for the development of fire, this may becomes the candidate of head of the clan. This time matter regarding hot festival is a good opportunity. I must seize this opportunity, dry attractive, these old fogies of such family high will look my.” Hot festival innermost feelings secretly thought, his present status can be said as in the nameless elite disciple sets the base. When their ten people get to the patching shop entrance. Here is the sea of people. Everybody wants to have a look at fire actually to do. Can they such flagrant coming, attack the patching shop really directly? That city Wei Jun will perhaps not look on with folded arms. The quick night falls, afterward ten people simultaneously disappeared in same place. After one minute, ten wore the person of black clothed to appear. Attack.”