Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1970

These ten black-clothed person status. The fools know. Although they have changed the black clothed, hoodwinked., but everybody knows that these ten people were the daytime stand here that ten fire Expert But they attack has changed clothes, does this can make everybody know that is the hot family member does, does not give the person to keep the evidence, if some people attain city health/guard armed forces there to go to the fire home, the person of fire can say: Our people have not done, obviously is black-clothed person. Has saying that of fire wise. Ten four cauldron Expert, moreover inside also has four cauldron Rank 3 Expert. Such lineup can be said as very luxurious. Ten four cauldron Expert simultaneously attack the patching shop. Bang! The facade of patching shop was destroyed instantaneously, at the same time they have fired into the backyard of patching shop. Ended, this patching shop definitely could not shoulder.” Surroundings these person of helpless shaking the head, they think the patching shop can also continue to hit with fire, but looked like the patching shop should unable to shoulder now. Saw that ten people have killed the backyard position. bo! An invisible strength has pushed ten people directly. What?” And four cauldron Rank 1 Expert stares immediately, he has not responded what's the matter, was pushed. Formation!” A hot festival brow wrinkle. Their unexpectedly had not discovered that here also has Formation, moreover this Formation seems is not simple. Formation? Looked that I break his Formation directly.” Four cauldron Rank 1 Expert said that has fought directly with the fists, these so-called Expert break through the enemy lines is actually simple, they break through the enemy lines with the brute force. They do not know any so-called breaking through the enemy lines method. They only know strength broken ten meetings.

Four cauldron Rank 1 Expert uses fully is 20,000 jin (0.5 kg), the strength of two cauldron. Such big strength can break small four cauldron ordinary Formation fully directly. bo! When his fights with the fists on Formation, the strength as if waterdrop enters the sea, without a trace of direct dissipation. Um?” That person stares slightly. At this moment. Bang! Be careful.” The hot festival shouts suddenly. But already without enough time. Bang! The body of that person was hit to fly directly. Puff! Ka! A blood spouts from his mouth, his breastbone breaks completely, the whole person lies down on the ground, the life and death does not know. Life-saving.” The hot festival shouts hurriedly. But four cauldron Expert the fire maximum wealth, each four cauldron Expert are not low in the status of fire, although they are the servants of fire, once died, the upper formation of that fire certainly will lose one's temper. The person comes up in the presence of everyone the inspection time, Expert helpless shaking the head of four cauldron Rank 2: Young Master, was incurable, his heart was hit by 20,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength directly directly.” How can like this!” Hot festival face angry shouting. Young Master, if I have not guessed that wrong, that Formation has the rebound strength, Formation rebounded a moment ago his strength, therefore he will not have any defense at heart, when he discovers already late, because he was away from Formation to be too near.” That four cauldron Rank 2 Expert answered, four cauldron above Expert some experiences.

Um?” The vision of hot festival looks to Formation. Bang! Afterward as soon as he fights with the fists. Several other four cauldron Expert all approach retreat to go. Bang! The attack of hot festival was rebounded, the hot festival that fist had not used the too big strength a moment ago, therefore he can relaxed neutralize this fist. You have not really guessed wrong, really has the function of rebound attack.” Hot node nod. Outside person at this time already thorough could not speak, they have not thought that patching shop unexpectedly was so abnormal, unexpectedly had so abnormal Formation, moreover came up to cut to kill four cauldron Expert, four cauldron Expert kept aloof in their eyes, but this four cauldron Expert such die now. Original four cauldron Expert died was also same as the average person. Hateful, is actually this what Formation?” Hot festival angry looks at front Formation, before he comes, but confident, he thinks that own this time can take the patching shop with ease, seizes spirit stone, and makes the uneven Imperial City person know that their fire is not affable. But he just arrived at patching shop dead four cauldron Expert, this has had no way to confess with the family. Does not know, Young Master, we what to do?” That several four cauldron Expert looked that asked to the hot festival. The hot festival is their leaders, is they reposes. Breaks through it, lost one person, if we cannot complete the matter, we go back to have no way to confess.” The hot festival tooth bites, vision firm looks at front Formation. He did not have the escape route. Now he must do takes this time matter, then goes to apologize with the family. When the time comes the family looked in face that in he handles this matter, definitely is merits balance the demerits, will not punish him. Young Master, this Formation will rebound our attacks, if storm, perhaps.” Now invited the Formation master already without enough time, can only the storm, our nine people be four cauldron above Expert, so long as we attacked a point fully, that was Rank 4 Formation inside Advanced exists, we also can definitely break.” Hot festival very earnest saying.

Hears his words all person all nods of silently. Their these many four cauldron Expert, if attacks a point together, that is very terrifying strength. All prepares, this time we break this Formation, otherwise after going back, our several cannot be inseparable from.” The hot festival said that moved toward Formation front directly. Young Master, we use the strength broken directly, is Unique Skill?” Four cauldron Expert asked. With the strength, I was worried that this Formation can reflect Unique Skill, has troubled when the time comes, you all use the spirit beast to take possession, such strength can also the addition, our several simultaneously attack a point with the biggest strength, this absolutely.” The hot festival said his body one revolution. Four small cauldrons appear in his head, three small cauldrons appear in side. The spirit beast takes possession. This is four cauldron above Expert has the ability that. The spirit beast takes possession, the spirit beast can adhere to stick cohere on own body, can adhere to stick cohere above the weapon. Prepared?” The hot festival asked. At this time several people all open their Realm, the imposing manner is extraordinary. Um!” Several people nodded. Good, attack.” The hot festival said that nine people have simultaneously fired into a point. Nine four cauldron above Expert also attack, has saying that such scene is very magnificent. Bang! When nine people of attacks pound above Formation, sound of the explosion transmits.