Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1971

Became?” On the face of hot festival one happy. But. They discovered immediately the situation is not right. Runs away.” The hot festival gives a loud shout. Afterward nine people open directly run away. But they were away from Formation too to be really near, moreover they used the biggest strength to hit a moment ago to Formation, Expert of any rank, after just used up the biggest strength, in the body short time is unable to assemble the strength, the strength that escaped was also very difficult to assemble. If their several are not four cauldron Expert, perhaps at this time the gearing could not move. Bang! Number to attack directly from beginning to end counter-. The speed is fast. The strength is big. Each attack is over 20,000 jin (0.5 kg) strengths. Bang! Nine people were curled to fly directly, luckily they have guarded, perhaps otherwise these will directly extinguish them kills. Puff! Five people all are spit blood, cannot fall to the ground, although has not died, but also was the severe wound. Whiz!

The form fast emergence in the sides of these nine people, the right hand wields together, nine people of Chu rings all were taken away. All these occur was too quick, all people were all shaken, they have not thought that enormous and powerful ten four cauldron Expert this all died. Moreover these ten people are wear a mask the sneak attack patching shop, therefore was Xia Tian kills them not to relate now, he was only the right defense. City Wei Jun!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward periphery these city Wei Jun all walked, generally this grievances city Wei Jun is also turns a blind eye, they are responsible for the conclusion after both sides fight. City Wei Jun of brigade arrived at Xia Tian and the others directly the front. Their flagrant attacks my shop, whether now I can decide their life and death?” Xia Tian asked. This is natural, if you do not decide, can give us city Wei Jun, we impartially will naturally enforce the law.” City Wei Jun Captain said. Since I can decide that their life and death, that was very simple, these nine people I do not kill, but I must make others spend to redeem them, middle person 500 million low grade spirit stone, other people 300 million, like wanting, ten days later I kill people.” Xia Tian said that sewed these ten people in front of his directly, and has planted the soul mark in their innermost soul. Now so long as he thinks that these people immediately explode the body to perish. This.” The city health/guard armed forces somewhat felt embarrassed. After all they also know that this writes the black-clothed person status. I only wait for ten days, their masks did not need to pick, I was not interested in their status, a payment, associated with people.” Xia Tian said that direct turn around leaves, he thought what somewhat is a pity was died that four cauldron Expert, his soul also already dissipated, therefore Xia Tian did not have the opportunity to take in ghost spirit Zhu his soul. Everybody understands that the Xia Tian words do not mean to city Wei Junting. But said that listens to fire. All people understand fire this money must leave. Because this is nine four cauldron Expert, is the head is the elite juniors hot festival of fire, four cauldron Rank 3 Expert, moreover other are also fire internal Expert.

If fire did not draw cash to redeem a slave at this time, the face of that fire lost completely is the minor matter, cold the will of the people are the important matter, later other fire Expert of who will also work oneself to death for fire? Definitely cannot. Xia Tian has been familiar with own facade to be pounded, for serveral days his facade had been pounded 89 times, he has arranged several interior decoration stores, can each time quick is good his family interior decoration, moreover money Xia Tian had already handed over. At this time periphery these person of nobody spoke. They all understand. This flames of war thorough was lit. Before patched the shop and fire mutually is putting up the cash, but this both sides started the internecine strife, this first confrontation, the patching shop has won, fire died four cauldron Expert, severely wounded nine . Moreover the patching shop also made the opposite party draw cash to redeem a slave, one 500 million, eight 300 million, this altogether was 2.9 billion.” „Before 2.9 billion add on, 2.5 billion that puts up the cash are 5.4 billion, the loss of fire shop adds also to have about 8 billion few.” 8 billion low grade spirit stone, these money sufficed me to spend unable to all spend for a lifetime, worthily was fire.” The surrounding person is surprised. 8 billion low grade spirit stone. This is not the small number, regarding any family, these 8 billion low grade spirit stone needs to save for dozens years, even over a hundred years, are fire with these three months of patching shop resistance, they lost 8 billion, instead looks at the patching shop, puts up the cash to 5 billion times mutually, because of the appearance of total master, the Xia Tian non- round trip pounded. Therefore he has gained 2.5 billion. The ransom money of this these nine people add are 2.9 billion. His time altogether has gained 5.4 billion. Three months gain 5.4 billion low grade spirit stone, this simply was too fierce.

The people also finally understand why Xia Tian did not care about the profit of patching shop. Five days later. The Xia Tian gate came one crowd of black-clothed person. This crowd of black-clothed person are not causes trouble, but is redeems a slave, they are taking 29 ordinary Chu rings, afterward they and other people have carried off the hot festival directly, Xia Tian has also relieved their several soul marks. Looks the Chu ring and inside spirit stone in own hand, Xia Tian helpless shaking the head of: „Before on Earth, to low grade spirit stone go all out together, currently my in the hand had hundreds of billions low grade spirit stone, these many spirit stone are I directly swallows, promoting Realm not to need to love dearly.” Reason that Xia Tian has not gone directly with swallowing to promote Realm to the present is because he thought that is also not the time. Was quick, waits again, after I have consolidated this Formation, I swallow these spirit stone , to promote Realm forcefully.” Xia Tian also a little anticipated arrival of that day at this time. Recently he had not been loaf, he arranged Formation in the backyard every day. Reason that this Formation might such greatly is because it is Rank 5 Formation, Rank 5 small Formation, although he is only small Formation, perhaps however his might has not needed to explain. Is also not enough to arrange Rank 5 Formation by Xia Tian present Realm, but he makes the small insect digest ten times spiritual energy for himself stiffly every day, then used 5 billion low grade spirit stone to arrange this Rank 5 Formation. Although this Rank 5 Formation is Xia Tian by the means arrangement of being opportunistic, however the Formation might is not small. Normal small Rank 5 Formation only needs 200,000 low grade spirit stone, but I used 5 billion low grade spirit stone to arrange this Formation, even if were five cauldron Expert storm impossible broken opening.” Xia Tian very self-confident saying.