Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1972

Rank 5 Formation! This absolutely is existence in legend. Moreover Rank 5 Formation that arranges with 5 billion low grade spirit stone, that say nothing. Storm? Nobody can attack. Regardless of fire strong, they have many Expert, so long as Xia Tian hides in this Formation, then nobody can attack. One month, only takes one month, this Formation can thorough has fixed, regardless of when the time comes they come many people, the one who comes is the person, was useless, when the time comes I can also swallow spirit stone relieved.” Xia Tian understands that he wants to obtain the [gold/metal] drawing pen not so to be absolutely simple. The sun is the Saint beast of fire, how they possibly hand over. Therefore Xia Tian must prepare for with that fire dies to knock. Since must die to knock, he must have the capital of maintaining life, waits for city Wei Junlai to nurse him? He already did not know many times. Fire is not simple. They are the super respected family, family inside Expert are innumerable, Xia Tian wants to preserve own life, then needs to arrange this Rank 5 Formation, so long as Rank 5 Formation arranged successfully, then hot family nobody can injure to result in itself. When the time comes, Xia Tian will start to swallow spirit stone in large numbers.

Xia Tian can be said as in wins total victories with the collision of fire during, but fire will suffer a loss not to counterattack? Naturally cannot. But fire uneven Imperial City now one of the best several families. They lost 8 billion from all sides, this number can be said as the massive loss regarding fire, do they possibly like this let off Xia Tian? Recently and fire had the person who the business communicated to start to cut off with the fire business communication, business that these have not cut off, was hauls, is not willing to cooperate with fire, because they could not feel to safeguard, in their eyes, fire may destroy in this time crisis very much directly. Because the enemy of fire solely does not have a patching shop. Other these and respected family of fire same rank, they very much hopes that annexes the voice of fire completely, has these compared with the fire rank low family, they also hope displacing fire. This time fire. The fire head of the clan and eight big elders sit well. This conference room is very big, inside interior decoration is also most top, the board also builds with spirit stone, the chair also with the scarce crystal carving, in the entire room seems splendid. But at this time in conference room exceptionally peaceful. Long time!

Said.” The head of the clan mouth of fire has put out these three characters. The matter that recently fire had were too many. They need to carry on to summarize. Fire can have present status, that does not blow, but really hits. The status that now some people must shake their fire, how they possibly sat waiting for death. First summarizes, where first has a look at us to lose, this can discover the opposite party weakness.” Big elder white-haired, his hair to the young and old over three meters, altogether the plate three, seemed so is still long. I summarize first.” Two elders open the mouth to say directly: First, we most start are because the Fire Cloud shop business encounters the impact of patching shop, therefore he had the person to smash the patching shop, moreover gave others tens of thousands low grade spirit stone to shame others, this was also the wick of this crisis.” Hears here time people to nod. First we do not appraise Fire Cloud to do is right, but if trades to be others, perhaps will also go such to do, person but who there is a brain, should look up the details of verification side to begin first again.” Three elders said. Um, I continue to summarize.” After two elders nodded , to continue saying: Boss of that patching shop was pounded after the shop, he in the night directly the shop that Fire Cloud guards has pounded, moreover he has compensated 500 million low grade spirit stone, and has given 100 million, said that enjoys our fire, probably was saying our fire was begging for food was the same.” Here I said that initially the Fire Cloud stone reported this matter to me.” Eight elders lift the hand saying: I heard this matter at that time time, I was directly hot, I think that the face of our fire cannot lose, therefore I made one to pound, then Qian Za.” Right, the old eight decision is the blasting fuse of putting up the cash, this we have not thought actually that powder cultivates unexpectedly to put out billions low grade spirit stone, naturally, we biggest fault presented that gang bewildered person, they will patch the shop to encircle, finally all people think that these people the person who is our fire sends, this gave the opposite party to swallow the excuses of our spirit stone directly, if before were, he did not pound spirit stone, that on representing him recognized has instigated, but once everybody suspected that was our fire family sends for killing. His words, he does not pound spirit stone, everybody also thinks that was our fire recognizes instigates.” Two elder one breaths said.

„The status of these people looked up, is one asks the person of total master to lead, this total master is one goes in all directions the bandit.” Seven elders answered hurriedly. The head of the clan sat there a few words had not said. „After this time matter comes out, was the contents of previous meeting, since he did not return spirit stone, then our oneself began, moreover there are has beginning of face, making the hot festival have the person to go directly to patching the shop begins, appearance that but the result and we expected very big deviation, their ten four cauldron Expert not only have not succeeded, finally also died, severely wounded nine, even our flower 2.9 billion low grade spirit stone they will have redeemed come back.” Two elders spoke of here time, long expiration. Head of the clan, summarized.” Big elder saying of slowly. What did you summarize from these inside have discovered?” The head of the clan opens the mouth to ask suddenly. Nobody answered that they are waiting for the head of the clan following words. General idea, in had not known that opposite party concrete strength under premise, gets rid rashly, finally has all stemmed from the anticipation, this time crisis made our fire lose 8 billion low grade spirit stone, 8 billion, how much money was this? Our fire accumulated more than 200 years to accumulate 8 billion laboriously.” In the head of the clan expression is the anger. Head of the clan, appeases anger, since the matter occurred, how we find the way to deal!” The big elder said. I suspected that on this boy is having one compared with the terrifying wealth, he can with us to pounding billions low grade spirit stone, this showed that he is very rich, so long as we can kill him, our losses not only can recall, but might also also greatly gain very much.” The head of the clan said this idea suddenly.