Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1973

Terrifying wealth. When eight elders hear these characters, at present is one bright. Boss our Zha Guo of this patching shop, only knows temporarily he is called Xia Tian, but he very mysterious, his patching shop gives the person to patch the weaponry specially, I lived for 600 years, had never heard the weaponry of shattering can patch, moreover he only takes several minutes, we did not say first his how much money, solely is this technique, if takes, our fire got rich.” Xia Tian that the big elder settles on patches the method of weapon. „This person secret of were too many, so long as we can catch him, no matter the life, we can certainly appropriate to oneself his secret, the wealth, patches the technique of weapon, Formation wait / etc., is our fire.” Two elders at this time are also the incomparable expectation. He even started to think that Xia Tian was held by them. Um, but the premise is we must hold him, now he hides in Formation, wants to catch him not to be simple, the hot festival they have planted.” Patriarch saying slowly. Hot festival and the others the situations they are very clear. That Formation of patching shop they cannot find out the clue now. I had looked couple days ago, this Formation is not simple, I small experiment, finally with was also same, the attack that the hot festival they described rebounded completely.” Eight elders said that after hot festival and the others had an accident, he also wants to attempt to have a look to break this Formation, but the result were the same with hot festival and the others. Cannot break. This Formation is not truly simple, it seems like that the strong broken matter is not good, that invited the Formation master.” Patriarch said. Patriarch, the price of Formation master is not low, moreover invited not to break.” Eight elders said. 8 billion did not have, but also cares? So long as can catch to me that boy, that all losses all can make up.” Patriarch vision firm saying, he had recognized at this time Xia Tian definitely had a lot of money, so long as they can kill Xia Tian, then the Xia Tian money was their. Issues the bulletin, asking the strength strong Formation master to come, can ride transmission to come, our fire gave to reimburse, moreover subsidies of person 1 million low grade spirit stone came, if who can break Formation of patching shop, reward 1 billion low grade spirit stone.” The big elder clenched teeth saying that this time they were also spell.

In order to break Formation of patching shop, they started whole-heartedly. „According to the big elder does.” The head of the clan said. Head of the clan, currently also has another two issues.” Two elders open the mouth to say. Said.” „The first issue, outside we cooperated starts to withdraw with these families and influences that now gradually \; The second issue, many families start to eye covetously to our fire, what to do should we?” Two elders asked. Snort, starting today, fire all business closure, fire all disciples start to return to base, every day is led to patch the shop to look to me by the super disciple that do not let that boy run, every day trades, I must outside to know that Expert of our fire is they are unable to imagine, as for these waste families, does not need to respond them, so long as our fire has the sun, how they eye covetously again, is only the fantasy.” Head of the clan numerous snort. Fire has own arrogance. Although they lose are very big, but they will not admit defeat absolutely, moreover they have recognized, so long as has killed Xia Tian, all losses can seize, even can also the fire belt to the peak. As for the status of family, they are not worried. Because their fire is competent, moreover there is existence of sun, therefore fire never but actually. The after bulletin of fire sends. Many Formation masters all come to the uneven Imperial City gathering. Reported the travel expense, gave back to the subsidies of 1 million low grade spirit stone, such good deed, who can not be dry?

Moreover they heard, so long as breaks through the enemy lines gives 1 billion low grade spirit stone, this was crazier, 1 billion low grade spirit stone. The Formation masters burn money, if gives them 1 billion low grade spirit stone, they all of a sudden increased the family fortunes. Later does not need to worry that spirit stone was insufficient. In uneven Imperial City other respected families also in waiting fire the ultimate showdown of family and patching shop, fire lost, is mutually wounded, or the hard victory, they will begin, fire the instantaneous destruction, their business and influences all will also be annexed. But if fire is ends the victory, they will not begin. Fire VS patching shop. This war turned superheating finally. Formation of patching shop kills being unable to start family four cauldron Expert, the severely wounded nine people, can say that this became the fire most headache matter. Now fire recruits the Formation master in all directions, must break Formation of patching shop. Xia Tian is the daily daytime continues to patch the weaponry, in the evening improves own Rank 5 Formation, all are systematic. Today when Xia Tian comes out, he saw an acquaintance. Person who unexpectedly at just the right moment, your fire today faction is coming to see my is you.” Xia Tian already knows that the goal of fire, sent two Rank 4 Expert to add on some Rank 3 Expert to come to his here every day to look, to prevent him escaped. Is you!” The brow of hot phoenix immediately a wrinkle.

She remembers Xia Tian. At that time she worried the family management, finally Xia Tian was in the way, she has pulled out a Xia Tian chains, that chains directly pulling out did not have the meat on Xia Tian face, even can see the tooth, but looks now that the face of Xia Tian fully restored. Right, is I, I have said that I will look your, you are fire, hot phoenix.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Initially he made the hot phoenix leave behind the given name. The hot phoenix was a face disdained said own name and family that. However she has a dream has not thought that including the person who a oneself move could not catch, unexpectedly to fire has brought the so big loss. Even also worries for this matter including the head of the clan and elders of family. Snort, you wild how long, our fire has chosen 1000 Formation masters, these Formation masters are the elites in elite, your Formation will be broken directly, did not have you of Formation protection, our fire sent out a person to kill you casually.” Hot phoenix cold snort said that she still looks down upon Xia Tian, in her eyes, Xia Tian is a turtle, if Xia Tian dares with her single Tiao, she to affirm in the own three moves can kill Xia Tian. 1000 Formation masters? Big weaponry.”