Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1974

Fire this time has drawn on many Formation masters. Moreover they chose 1000 most outstanding Formation masters from this inside. What's wrong? Feared?” The hot phoenix disdains looks to Xia Tian, in her eyes, Xia Tian throughout is that not popular person, including person who her move cannot block, does not match to make her look straight at to look. She believes that if not this Formation, that Xia Tian already died. I quite feared that scared to death me.” Saying of Xia Tian very exaggeration. Snort!” Saw Xia Tian appearance hot phoenix cold snort. I remember that you initially made a wound on my face, then sooner or later I will make you kneel before me apologize.” Xia Tian said that direct turn around returned to the patching shop. You have a dream, your this person does not match to make I apologize.” The hot phoenix shouts loudly. But Xia Tian has not responded her, direct turn around left. Hateful, irritated me, irritated me.” The hot phoenix saw that Xia Tian such person unexpectedly dares not to respond her, dares to disregard her, this makes her unusual fire big, she is the disciple of fire most elite, strength strong, even if were the hot festival sees her to be also honest, but Xia Tian unexpectedly dares so to disregard her now. The vision of hot phoenix afterward becomes ice-cold, she is unable to tolerate others to her disregarding. She is the day the arrogant female. The talent in talent. She most unsupportable is others disregards her, where she has been used to arrive at becomes the focal point, others use to envy the envy the vision to visit her.

Now Xia Tian disregards her, this lets her unusual anger. In fire! A their notice was called over ten thousand Formation masters, the ranks of insufficient these Formation masters were irregular. Therefore they chose 1000 rank strongest Formation masters, after other people have reimbursed the travel expense, disbanded, only then that 1000 Formation master each people obtained 1 million low grade spirit stone, this let disbanded these Formation master unusual not being feeling well, they were rushing to the subsidy of that 1 million low grade spirit stone, even the luck good words, they might also obtain 1 billion low grade spirit stone. But when now fire only gives they came the travel expense, words that in other words they want to walk now, draw cash. However quick these Formation masters discovered that uneven Imperial City is a good place, therefore they going for shelter in abundance has also approached other families. Formation master, Pill Refining master, refiner master these three professions, but popular profession. Any family hopes own family also has these three skills people. Naturally, the strength the stronger the better. Even if no skill, must look for one similarly to facade, if which day of families were chatting together, finally said that looked for the Pill Refining master, finally their family did not have, that was simply funny. Therefore these Formation masters were hired by various respected families quickly. But that 1000 skill strongest Formation masters at this time in the house of fire. Patriarch, the Formation master has called, we are this beginning time.” Saying of two elder incomparably anticipations, they waited to be so long, have spent these much money, finally made these many strength excel Formation masters.

Um, this time we must take the patching shop at one fell swoop.” Patriarch of fire said. It seems like we must go into action personally, actually I want to take a look at that Formation am how broken.” The big elder said. Set fire all juniors, will patch around the shop street to block to me, these shops all give money, making them close, does not permit to make anybody go to see a play, this time we must make him patch the shop to turn into the flat land.” With own eyes actually Patriarch of fire also wants to witness this to make their fire lose the serious man how dead. Moreover he also wants to obtain on Xia Tian all treasures immediately. Fire moved. This fire must start the general attack. The goal of their general attack is to put down the patching shop. The graciousness grievances of patching shop and fire has continued resentfully for four months, these four months, fire altogether lost 10 billion low grade spirit stone, can say this time, if fire could not win, then the hot family ended, thorough ended, any skill did not have, the business of their family will also suffer a disastrous decline. Therefore this fire must win. Fire Patriarch leads personally, his is eight big elders. Again behind is two generations of juniors of fire, although they have not obtained the position of elder, but also is strength formidable, is the elite juniors of fire, only then four people, normal are five people, but the hot festival severe wound, has not convalesced to the present, therefore has four people, in hot phoenix these four people. Again behind is other fire juniors, four cauldron Expert and guard of fire. Saw that the fire army sends out, entire uneven Imperial City all respected families all observed, the small fish small shrimp that although fire watches the fun these blocked outside, but these respected families they may unable to block.

Also came on priceless Wei Jun total Captain. However he is not prevents this war, but is waited for that the war ended to conclude. Although in the city almost forbids the occurrence of any war, but city Wei Jun also understands that fire and patching shop early turned do not die the continuous aspect, must therefore make them carry on a time true internecine strife, such uneven Imperial City can be peaceful. Moreover city Wei Jun must consider that a matter, that is the livelier, uneven Imperial City business is more prosperous. They must consider for the development of uneven Imperial City. Although Xia Tian and internecine strife of fire is serious, the thing that but they damage drew cash to compensate, therefore the city health/guard armed forces naturally will not say anything. Total Sir Captain today is really the good interest, has not thought that you also came to see to live it up.” Patriarch of fire goes forward to tease. Such big matter, I how possibly, but my words said in front, you turn over to noisily noisily, but best not to move to arrive in full the Imperial City bottom line, once you enraged these in Qi Wang palace to exist, I could not guarantee you.” City Wei Jun total Captain is in entire uneven Imperial City all city Wei Jun leaders. Uneven Imperial City 100 million city Wei Jun, these city Wei Jun all obey the direction of this total Captain. The head of the clan of other families also go forward to greet with total Captain. However, your fire is noisy was a little big, the patching shop on a person, your fire has brought 1000 Formation masters, but also led the entire clansmen, is this must do?” City Wei Jun total Captain puzzled looked that asked to Patriarch of fire. Total Sir Captain, our fire was also the first wave enters the uneven Imperial City person, our dignity did not allow others to challenge, you could rest assured that after this time matter ended, we will contribute to city Wei Jun least 2 billion low grade spirit stone.” Patriarch of fire stretched out two fingers.