Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1975

2 billion low grade spirit stone. Fire big writing skill. The surrounding these families are not clear, fire was insane, they have compensated tens of billions low grade spirit stone, unexpectedly must subside this matter with 2 billion low grade spirit stone. His excessive body heat already considered. They have compensated these much money, they believe that Xia Tian there also can definitely seize, even if many that money has not compensated, so long as they obtained the method of Xia Tian lineup with the technique of patching weaponry, they same get rich, that loss and these compare, is anything does not consider as finished simply. Obtained has patched the technique of weapon, under that quite therefore obtained has met [gold/metal] Dan the hen. This time patching shop surrounding was watertight. The average people do not have the opportunity to watch the fun. Because fire has given to encircle here. The people who can watch the fun here are the medium family above strength, moreover is head of the clan and person of elder rank meets the opportunity to watch. 1000 Formation masters have been ready in full battle array, so long as the fire head of the clan issues an order, they will go to break Formation of patching shop, moreover these Formation masters are also ready to fight, in their opinion, front is not Formation, but is the spirit stone mountain, who can break this Formation quite therefore to take 1 billion low grade spirit stone. Patriarch, the time was similar.” Two elders said. Um, begins.” Patriarch nodded to say. Whiz! In Patriarch said that moment that can begin, that over a thousand Formation masters have all fired into that Formation, they hope one become first breaks this Formation Formation master, then 1 billion low grade spirit stone were their. Yeah!” City Wei Jun total Captain sighed, disappointed shaking the head. How?” Patriarch puzzled asking of fire. City Wei Jun total Captain smiles not to speak, this is fire and patching shops grievances, he will not interrupt, but he looked to go wrong, although more than 1000 Formation masters seem mammoth, but in fact actually comes for that 1 billion low grade spirit stone, meaning that these people have not cooperated, even each other is fighting.

The words this way, these 1000 Formation masters are similar to a state of disunity. Several other Patriarch are the smile does not speak. The enormous and powerful over a thousand people break through the enemy lines, moreover worries, then their fates? Many people even came up to start to break through the enemy lines with the brute force, but they have not gone to think, if can break through the enemy lines with the brute force, that fire asked them to come back to be useful. Bang! Does not know that many people have launched the attack to Formation. Afterward the Formation might showed. Rebound. These attacks were all rebounded. Puff! The instantaneous over a hundred people were killed by this chaotic attack. Hateful!” Patriarch of fire understands why finally other Patriarch and city Wei Jun total Captain smiled: Stop, TM stops to me.” Eight big elders also looked to understand. Stop! They shout together. Did not have these Formation Expert of casualty to draw back hurriedly, they were also shaken by the Formation might. „Don't you have the brain? If can break through the enemy lines with the brute force, why I spend the high price to ask you to come back.” Patriarch angry shouting of fire.

These Formation master nobody answered. Saw that Patriarch of such fire was angry: From now on, you can several people form a team, can break through the enemy lines, but cannot rush to snatch together, lines up to me.” He also looked, these people all for money, very much worried to break through the enemy lines, moreover they also intentionally hindered others. In this case, 1000 people also get rid, actually in mutually awkward, few individuals who breaks through the enemy lines truly. „Do one group of idiots, depend on you also to break through the enemy lines? Really laughed at me, I closed up in inside, time one month, I must have a look at you within one month to be able but actually to break my Formation.” The Xia Tian sound passed from Formation, hears the Xia Tian sound, outside fire head of the clan has almost not irritated. The head of the clan of his solemn fire, unexpectedly was talked into is an idiot. Moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly when facing these many enemies also has the thoughts to close up, probably gave to disregard them completely was the same. Hateful, breaks through the enemy lines to me, orderly broken, I discovered again who dares to hinder others, I have killed anyone.” Fire Patriarch angry shouting, he is Patriarch of fire, the head of the clan of fire, he is unable to tolerate is provoked face to face. Small figure that especially this he has not paid attention. Saw that fire Patriarch was angry, these Formation masters also honest has gotten down, this time started to have ten people to arrive at the Formation front, ten different positions, they started to inspect Formation afterward. To break through the enemy lines, most at least must understand first this is any Formation. They use their spiritual energy to invade in Formation, but at this moment, the complexions of ten people simultaneously change. Bang! Ten people of bodies fall to the ground. The following person goes forward to inspect hurriedly, as a result, these ten people died, bewilderment that dying, the body does not have any wound. Died?” Patriarch of fire stares immediately, was he had not discovered a moment ago Formation had any situation, although he was away from Formation to be very far, but his Realm was very high, if there is any slightest sign of trouble, he should already discover was right. Continues the person.” Two elders shout.

Hears the words of two elders , more than ten have gone forward personally, but these more than ten individuals must be more careful, fishy that too because that ten people died a moment ago. Bang! These more than ten individual bodies fall to the ground once more. Death. Also died. What's all this about?” Patriarch doubts of fire looks to Formation. Does not know that before we only heard that Formation has the effect of rebound, but had not heard also has the method of this quietly murder.” Two elders deep frown, he does not know that actually to have any condition. On 100 individuals, give me surrounded Formation, breaks through the enemy lines.” The big elder shouts suddenly. Hears the words of big elder, these Formation Master Pai rushed in the front 100 individuals directly, they understand now is not flinching time, once flinches, fire is impossible to let off their, after all they took the money of fire, they can only bet now, so long as they break this Formation, that 1 billion low grade spirit stone are their. When these 100 people start to investigate Formation. Bang! Bang! Bang! One after another body of person directly but actually. Complete death. This is how possible.” Solely is not the person of fire, the people of other families also all were shaken by such scene. This was also too scary. Originally is this.” Behind of Formation master team, four old men also nodded.