Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1976

Hears the words of four old men, all people all looked to them. Patriarch, these four people are in these Formation masters are strongest, their four were known as that is the Rank 4 Formation master.” Two elders answered. Rank 4 Formation master.” Hears these characters time, Patriarch of fire at present immediately one bright. But Rank 4 Formation master extraordinary existence. Four did see what's the matter?” The big elder looks to that four Rank 4 Formation masters. This Formation solely cannot rebound to be incapable of attacking, but can also the rebound spirit strength, the ordinary Formation master see generally the time first idea of Formation probes with the spirit strength this is any Formation, good to break through the enemy lines, therefore they will not have any protection, was rebounded the scrap dantian dead by own spirit strength directly.” A Rank 4 Formation master answered. Worthily is the Rank 4 Formation master, what means do you have to break this Formation?” The big elder asked. Looks my, I only need to use Spiritual Force, can find out this Formation details.” That Rank 4 Formation master very self-confident saying. Spiritual Force. Hears his words, surroundings these Formation masters all are the nods that keeps, a face worship looks to him. Really is the Rank 4 Formation master, the experience is broad. Treads! That Rank 4 Formation master moved toward Formation there on this step by step. His footsteps are very light, speed is not fast, vision that because he worships in the enjoyment surrounding these people, he is a Rank 4 Formation master, he has his superiority feeling, Rank 4 Formation in entire next three, that calculates absolutely on was the super Formation master. Quick, he has arrived at the Formation front. He even a little complained that this distance was too short, he has not enjoyed the vision that suffices others to worship. He hopes this road to be able again long. Such he can continue understood this wonderful feeling.

Saw when he has arrived at the Formation front, the vision of all people all centralized on his body. A Rank 4 Formation master. Perhaps he can break this Formation. Although other Formation masters somewhat are also unwilling, but they also understand that who by oneself that skill, as for other three Rank 4 Formation masters, they had not been cared about to get rid but actually, so long as in any case had a person to display the great strength of Rank 4 Formation master, then their three definitely will be gathered by the super family, when the time comes will want many spirit stone to have. This is they come the uneven Imperial City goal. Bang! This Rank 4 Formation master gently has hit a fist on Formation. Bang! Formation rebounded his fist. This is this Formation First Layer mystery, the rebound physics attack.” This Rank 4 Formation master as if not worry, but in slowly answered. Afterward he has matter one group of strengths to shoot in Formation. Bang! The strength was rebounded again. This is this Formation Second Layer mystery, rebounds the spirit strength.” That Rank 4 Formation master continues to answer. He is analyzing this Formation, therefore person also in patient is listening, because they also very much want to know that actually this Formation mystery is anything, this was also grows in experience. Then, I must use Spiritual Force to investigate this Formation, this is also the only correct way.” That Rank 4 Formation master very proud saying. In vision that in all people anticipate, his Spiritual Force entered in Formation.

He has a dream has not thought that a moment ago that segment Lu was his life final magnificence. If that road can also again long, he can also magnificently meet, what a pity he failed, in his Spiritual Force enters to Formation in that moment, his Spiritual Force direct rebound, his knowledge sea scrap. Bang! His body fell down directly. Died! Such died. Rank 4 Formation master unexpectedly hurriedly such died. This all people were all shocked. Rank 4 Formation master unexpectedly was also defeated, moreover what he uses is the Spiritual Force investigation, in other words, this Formation unexpectedly can rebound including Spiritual Force, this was also too terrifying a point. S , B.” In Formation spread two characters. All people think a moment ago this Rank 4 Formation master can definitely break this Formation, was now they were all disappointed, because this Rank 4 Formation master also died, he died in himself installs, on the road of B. His B installed is very good, finally this dies, this B makes him install was in broken bits. The life can have several B, installs B is B. It looks like this Rank 4 Formation master is the same, at the point of death had installed last B in his life before. unexpectedly failed.” Patriarch a little god of fire. It seems like Spiritual Force no matter also uses, then must try to find other solutions.” Big elder saying of slowly. What great idea your three do have?” Two elders looked that asked to other three Rank 4 Formation masters.

At this time their three deep frown, the means that they guessed correctly a moment ago and died the Rank 4 Formation master is exactly the same, is uses Spiritual Force to investigate Formation, then finds the way to break through the enemy lines, but now this means obviously are not effective. After three people have looked at each other one, has selected the point: Storm!” Storm? This means our people have not tried, useless.” Two elders said hurriedly. If the storm is effective, they did not need to invite these many Formation masters. „The storm that we said is different from your storms, the storm that we said is uses Formation to carry on the hedge, breaks through the enemy lines by, but is not the use physics attacks to break through the enemy lines.” A Rank 4 Formation master said. „, So that's how it is.” Two elders nodded. He also thinks that this is feasible means. Breaks through the enemy lines by. This view listens is quite reasonable. Good, I waited for the good news that you triumphal return, the celebration feast I to have prepared for you.” Patriarch of fire shouted to clear the way loudly, in his sound has been full of the dignity. We need the help of all Formation masters, since is the Formation hedge, that must arrange Formation, the more better, together and in the Formation to hitting, therefore everybody gets rid together, then simultaneously to become Zhen was OK.” That Rank 4 Formation master said again. The scene living the Formation master also more than 800 people, they simultaneously walked. This time their more than 800 individuals must simultaneously the lineup, together ruin this terrifying Formation. If this time you can break through the enemy lines, then no matter who broken, other people also once more reward 1 million low grade spirit stone.” The big elder shouts once more, this is to encourage everybody. Heard also has the reward, these people of scene also probably hits the chicken blood to be the same. Starts!” That Rank 4 Formation normal university sound shouts.