Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1977

More than 800 Formation master together lineups. Scene very magnificent. They must resist Formation with Formation, this is also the only means that they can think of now. This time can certainly succeed.” Patriarch excited saying of fire, even if his such respected family Patriarch has not seen such grand occasion, more than 800 super Formation masters simultaneously lineup. They must arrange oneself most adept Formation, then detonates these Formation together, will patch the Formation bang of shop to be broken. They do not believe more than 800 Formation unable to destroy completely Formation of patching shop. Really magnificent, I lived for several hundred years, first time sees such scene.” The big elder touched own beard to say. He lived for 600-700 years, may be he absolutely has not seen more than 800 Formation masters simultaneously the lineup. On this day will certainly be pounded into the uneven Imperial City annals, after having a look, has any person to dare getting a light from another light family to disrespect.” Two elders are also an excitement of face. At this moment regarding their fire is the glory. Even if families Expert of other on the scene, does not have to experience such magnificent scene, today they were grow in experience. Actually meanwhile Boss of everybody also curious patching shop was what kind of person. His unexpectedly by a person of strength the fire lane so distressed, but also forced fire to invite these many Formation masters also to get rid. Today this fights, regardless of patches the shop victory and loss, here will become the uneven Imperial City legend. After all he by strength of in resistance entire fire. This boy time must not die, that future can definitely be extraordinary existence.” City Wei Jun total Captain saying silently, even if were he starts to admire Xia Tian. Unit, we want.” Big Captain has gesticulated a hand signal, what he wants to say is with does not need to help or stop. „The need, does not continue to look that uneven Imperial City needs the fervor.” Total Captain shows a faint smile.

Yes!” The people of other families are also watching there, they all have also been shocked by at present magnificent such scene, actually they come to here to have a look at some fire also big skills, if fire has exhausted the bag of clumsy tricks, then they must displace the status of fire. Now uneven Imperial City genuine formidable family only remaining four, if fire did not have again, that remaining three. Vacancy two positions. However dares to replace another position to the present also nobody, because that position is the mysterious missing that family, all people understand that family moves the City Lord Mansion bottom line, will therefore be eliminated. The position of fire was different. Even if the influence of fire disintegrates, is he with the patching shop to bumping result, with City Lord Mansion not any relations, therefore everybody hopes to displace. Bang! Bang! Bang! Arranges Formation there to be magnificent. The ray of light wave transmits together, everyone will take Formation that gets rid to arrange, Rank 2 Formation, Rank 3 Formation, even also has three ordinary Rank 4 Formation. These Formation penetrations one after another. Arranges Formation is spends the time the matter, jumps over Advanced Formation to spend the time on exceed. These people waited for half a month, all people all do not eat and drink, they are close right up against spiritual energy to maintain here, is good the environment is good in uneven Imperial City, if under the bad weather, these people already starved to death. Half a month later. Prepared?” A Rank 4 Formation normal university sound shouts. Prepared.” Surroundings these person shouting of one voice. They must simultaneously to become Zhen, before these simple Rank 2 Formation already complete, but they leave behind one intentionally, waits for all people simultaneously to become Zhen, only then such might is biggest, all Formation attack inside that Formation together, this may break inside Formation.

If takes one only, perhaps that laughed. Good! My from the bottom three integers, simultaneously to become Zhen.” That Rank 4 Formation master shouts once more. Three! The hands of these Formation masters have all placed in last, surrounding these person also all ping lived in the breath, they waited for half a month to look at following. Finally must start.” On the face of fire Patriarch is the excited look. Two! Surroundings these people all stood body, the eye opened the eyes in a big way, probably was feared that missed, even if the process of any faint trace. Come, breaks his Formation to me.” Two elders shout directly. One! Becoming! When that Rank 4 Formation master shouts one, close 900 Formation masters simultaneously Formation formation in hand. bo! An invisible strength periphery will cover in completely. Close 900 Formation simultaneously attack to inside that Formation. But. Inside Formation was Rank 5 Formation, Rank 5 Formation is in the Formation young King, other Rank 4 Formation, Rank 3 Formation, Rank 2 Formation and Rank 1 Formation can only be the Rank 5 Formation subjects, when they facing Rank 5 Formation not directly attack, but has chosen submitting. More than 900 Formation simultaneously submitted to inside Rank 5 Formation.

Succeeded?” Patriarch puzzled asking of fire. They have not heard any sound, does not know that this means were whether effective, close 900 Formation according to the truth simultaneously attacks Formation, should have very big sound is right, but they have still not heard any sound. Hey! What situation?” Two elders shout hurriedly. Does not know that possibly was must to spelling immediately.” That Rank 4 Formation master does not know that now is any situation, after is he has not seen such scene, therefore he does not know that actually then what happened. Kill! Rank 5 Formation has issued the order. Meanwhile, close 900 Formation simultaneously attack to all around. Bang! The voice of that Rank 4 Formation master just fell, their person all had been swallowed by Formation, afterward 900 Formation also explode, the might of this explosion periphery all will sweep across instantaneously completely. Receive! Formation inside Xia Tian stopped cultivation, he knows that then must what happened, therefore he all things in the surrounding these shops all received in his Formation. Bang! Meanwhile, the entire street, was all exploded to cover. All was extinguished instantaneously all, these encircle in the opportunity that outside fire juniors even continually escape do not have, directly exploded company ash does not have remaining, they already hungry half a month, stamina some were not good . Moreover the speed of exploding was too fast, therefore they do not have the opportunity to escape. This. What exactly had?” The head of the clan whole person of fire was shocked. Head of the clan, run.” Two elders grasped the head of the clan of god, runs away directly to the distant place.