Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1978

Bang! Nearby all by more than 900 Formation explosion powers swallowing. The words that explodes, stop also quick. After 30 seconds, all returned to normal. On the entire street except for the backyard of patching shop, other places was all exploded the flat land. One minute. The scene is peaceful. Two minutes, five minutes, after ten minutes. Total Captain, the matter was noisily big, what to do can this?” Big Captain complexion very ugly. Injustice has the head, the debt has main, the loss of this street is all compensated by fire, these Formation masters are the people who fire invited, Formation was also they arranges, now here has all been destroyed by Formation, that naturally wanted their fire to compensate.” Total Captain vision firm saying, he has not thought that the matter will develop this situation. But fire were least a moment ago also died 4,000-5,000 life juniors.” That big Captain said. So long as also has the live person, must compensate.” Total Captain said. At this time the head of the clan of fire sits down exhausted on the ground, he felt that the sky collapsed, he knows that this fire was ended, the loss of this street must compensate by fire, these house reconstruction expenditures were many, moreover in the shop thing price was not cheap, all these present needs their fire to pay. Moreover their fire also died more than 4000 juniors, these juniors may be the future of fire, now all dies. Although the elite juniors are living, but a family only does not need the elite juniors to be formidable, the elite juniors are the facades of family, these ordinary juniors are the props of family. All destroyed.

At this time the happiest person was these wants these families that fire displaced. Although they some people had been a moment ago also injured, but they same very excited. Patriarch, now what to do?” Two elders open the mouth to ask, Patriarch is the spiritual prop of family, they need to obtain the instruction of Patriarch now. Lost, we lost.” Patriarch unwilling saying of fire. Patriarch, the real man is not at a disadvantage from the outset, we look for city Wei Jun total Captain, making him help, otherwise our fire very this time matter.” The big elder urged, although he was only an elder, but his rank was fire is oldest, therefore in the Patriarch ordinary circumstances of fire will also listen his. Um!” Patriarch of fire understands that they run definitely cannot run away, now therefore they must do is finds the way little to compensate. When they arrive in front of total Captain, the total Captain complexion is unattractive. Total Captain, this time matter.” The Patriarch words of fire had not said that was broken. Compensates!” Total Captain said. Compensates, we definitely compensate, is these much money, how do we compensate?” Patriarch of fire asked. This I, no matter, if you do not compensate, I am unable to confess to the masters in these shops, is unable to confess to the Qi Wang palace.” Total Captain has carried out the Qi Wang palace given name. Hears Qi Wang palace three characters time, the face of fire Patriarch changed green. That is terrifying existence. Before uneven Imperial City had five respected families, but a family wanted to monopolize the uneven Imperial City market, finally they from uneven Imperial City into thin air, nobody know how they did not have, where went, but everybody knows that was the Qi Wang palace does. Total Sir Captain, this time matter, you looks.” Patriarch of fire filled to the total Captain ten Chu rings hastily, inside all was low grade spirit stone.

in addition is 1 billion low grade spirit stone. Total Captain received these ten Chu rings directly, 1 billion low grade spirit stone, are everyone likes. You come with me, patches shop there to have a look.” Total Captain said. Many thanks total Sir Captain, after our fire, decides does not forget the obligation cardinal virtue of total Sir Captain.” Patriarch of fire said hurriedly. Since total Captain received money, that clarified must help them. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! The people arrived at the entrance of patching shop. „Can Brother Xia, hear me to speak? I am uneven Imperial City city Wei Jun total Captain.” Total Captain shouts loudly, he called Xia Tian for Brother Xia directly, this gives fully the Xia Tian face. The total Captain status is very high. Said!” In Formation spread this character. Although only then a character, but this showed that Xia Tian can hear them to speak. „The present situation thinks that you also knew, such big matter, once makes to the Qi Wang palace, that fears.” Total Captain played at heart tactic, his following words did not say intentionally that to let Xia Tian went to the brain to make up, then felt the crisis. I in cultivation, outside had any me not to know.” Cleanness that Xia Tian a few words will fling. Hears the Xia Tian words, total Captain also started to admire Xia Tian. He can a few words total Captain tactic at heart explaining.

Now periphery was destroyed this, if makes fire compensate, that fire lost everything the ins and outs they unable to repay, that remaining shops definitely exactly caused trouble, when the time comes the Qi Wang palace knows that this matter, did Brother Xia, what to do you have a look at this matter should?” What to do total Captain directly asked Xia Tian. The meaning in this saying probably said that what to do Xia Tian wants, he will go to be what to do same. Did not need to play your small thoughts with me, I can neutralize this matter, but I needed fire to accept my two conditions.” The Xia Tian sound passed from inside. Any condition, you said that so long as is not quite excessive, they will comply.” Total Captain started for fire directly the lord. „The elite juniors hot phoenix that first, I need fire kneels in my gate first three days three nights to I apologize, initially I came uneven Imperial City time, she has beaten my half face, now I make her apologize, isn't excessive?” Xia Tian asked that although Xia Tian did not like feeling embarrassed the woman, but the hot phoenix must teach. If this matter trades to do is others, perhaps others also can only suffer loss without redress. Her hot phoenix ruled by force, can not pay attention to others, whom wants to shame casually on the shame anyone, that Xia Tian must let the taste that she tastes shame. „It is not excessive, is not excessive.” Patriarch of fire said hurriedly. He also thinks that Xia Tian can want spirit stone, now he most fears proposes money, hears the request of Xia Tian, he was simply happy, this matter was too simple regarding him, so long as he issued an order is OK. Said the second request.” Total Captain said that he has not thought the first request of Xia Tian is so simple. Xia Tian altogether proposed two to request, now said a request, but also remaining requested. „The my second request wants the fire sun the [gold/metal] drawing pen.”