Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1979

Gold drawing pen! This is Xia Tian wants truly. He wants to refine that super compounded drug, must use the [gold/metal] drawing pen, but the sun only then fire has. Therefore he will propose that wants the [gold/metal] drawing pen. So long as obtained the [gold/metal] drawing pen, then his three types of mother stocks obtained the difference, but also missed the last Qilin blood, so long as he obtained the Qilin blood again, he can start Pill Refining, once the compounded drug built up, his Master Yin Nie can cure. Therefore he must obtain the [gold/metal] drawing pen. What?” When hears the [gold/metal] drawing pen, Patriarch and elders fire of were all shocked. They have a dream have not thought that Xia Tian will set this request. Most precious object that but the sun the most precious object of fire, fire is the continuation, ultra spirit beast. Generally speaking, the spirit beast can be divided into one to nine levels, the rank is higher, the strength is stronger, but over nine levels have high-grade existence, that is the ultra spirit beast, the sun is an ultra spirit beast, follows the fire many years. Is impossible, this is absolutely impossible.” Patriarch angry shouting of fire. That.” Xia Tian said in Formation not to have any sound again. Total Captain heard Xia Tian to say considers as finished, immediately gawked, how this can rescue to consider as finished, he must adjust the good contradiction with great difficulty. Hateful, hateful.” Patriarch angry shouting of fire, he has not thought that Xia Tian second requests unexpectedly to want the [gold/metal] drawing pen. The mouth of sun is very sharp, is one of the sun strongest methods. But now Xia Tian unexpectedly wants the sun the mouth.

I should doing has done, since you did not agree, you if thinks how should compensate here business.” Total Captain said directly, although he collected the fire Patriarch money, but he should doing has done. You collected our money, you said now.” Two elders look angrily at total Captain, but his words have not spoken breaking by Patriarch. Shuts up to me, go away, leave to me.” Patriarch of fire shouts. Two elders were scolded directly hoodwink. Snort, originally you were also such person, gave back to you.” Total Captain most repugnant after is others have given him money, draws cash to say the matter, since he received money, that certainly will handle matters. Misunderstanding, the misunderstanding, total Captain, we have not given you money.” Patriarch of fire said hurriedly. The total Captain complexion somewhat is then moderate, but facial color ice-cold: Since the opposite party proposed requested, you said that he said that will be responsible, that also will most at least take 50% money, your fire looks.” I take is not 50% money, but is in other shops all losses.” The Xia Tian sound passed from inside once more. In shop all losses. Must know fire must compensate many are in these shops losses, these houses spent 2,000,000,000-3,000,000,000 low grade spirit stone to reconstruct, but this street inside thing minimum value tens of billions. Heard, I asked finally your one time, have you actually thought this matter, if he regretted, that without enough time.” Total Captain pursues asks, he also hopes that now this matter a bit faster finished up, after all he received fire 1 billion low grade spirit stone, if this time matter such ended, he was equal to recalling the losses of 10 billion low grade spirit stone to fire, that fire same must be grateful to him. Patriarch of fire looked at a big elder. Yeah!” After the big elder sighed, nod of slightly. I.” Patriarch of fire said that leaves directly. I called the hot phoenix.” Two elders said that also left.

Since Patriarch agreed that then he must complete Xia Tian first to request, two requests trade 10 billion low grade spirit stone, the value! Although the fire present was also big enterprise has lots of assets, but they truly have not been able to put out 10 billion low grade spirit stone again, the words that but they did not take, all juniors of their fire will turn into others' slave, was used to repay a debt, but Patriarch and elders fire of may even be punished. Therefore they must accept this condition. Regardless of they are formidable, is unable with the Qi Wang palace resistance. The quick, hot phoenix came. Big elder, you called me.” Hot phoenix respectful saying, here scene already thorough shook her, she has not thought that has such big skill including person unexpectedly that a oneself move could not catch, entire fire became so distressed. Even linked 1000 super Formation masters how his here Formation. Phoenix, how fire does treat you?” The big elder asked. He understands that two elders definitely are embarrassed, therefore by him. Family is very good to me, did the big elder, why you such ask?” Hot phoenix puzzled asking, Xia Tian put forward the request before time, she with other fire juniors in surrounding. Now the family needs you.” The big elder said. Um?” The hot phoenix has one unclear premonition. „Front goes to kneel for three days three nights, gives him to apologize.” The big elder deeply inspired saying that this matter he does not feel all right saying that after all said this matter in the self-destruction image, the elders of family makes the junior give the person to kneel down, this was changing to said that the family did not have the skill. What?” The complexion of hot phoenix immediately changes, she remembers that at that time Xia Tian to the words that he spoke. I remember that you initially made a wound on my face, then sooner or later I will make you kneel before me apologize.’

These words have been winding around in the ear of hot phoenix at this time. The shame, this regarding her is the greatest shame. She impossible to apologize to Xia Tian, she is unable to give one including the person apology that a oneself move could not catch. No. No!” The hot phoenix roared. Phoenix,” big elder deeps frown, he also knows that this matter trades to be on anybody is very difficult to accept, but he must make the hot phoenix apologize today, otherwise this time matter is unable to be solved, the matter is unable to be solved, that fire must compensate 10 billion, fire present already thorough cannot take. No, the big elder, I cannot apologize with him absolutely, what thing he is , does matching make I apologize? Moreover the big elder you do not forget, but my husband Sun Empire person, matter that so long as I do not want to handle, even if the family is unable to force me.” The hot phoenix said that she also special status, that is his husband is the Sun Empire person. Sun Empire can with the Giant Bull City resistance super empire. Bang! The big elder knelt on the ground directly, he gave the hot phoenix to kneel down, saw that the big elder knelt, several other elders also knelt down. Big elder, your this is.” Phoenix, was the big elder asks you, saved our fire.”