Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1980

Eight big elders all knelt down. What to do at this moment the hot phoenix did not know should. Elders to her continuously good, she can have the present achievement, half are the merit of eight big elders. Now looks that eight big elders sufficed to give her to kneel down, at this moment her arrogant self-respect became less crowded finally. Phoenix, asked you.” Saying that two elders begged. I kneel, I kneel!” The hot phoenix has closed the eye, drop of tears flowed from her eye. At this moment is Formation inside Xia Tian is a little not cruel enough, regardless of he is ruthless to the man, he is unable to look at the woman to cry, even if the enemy, when he must say considers as finished, the hot phoenix suddenly looks angrily at the Formation position: Xia Tian, I give you to apologize today, but you have remembered to me, my husband is the Sun Empire person, this time matter such will not consider absolutely as finished.” Xia Tian had planned to put going too far phoenix, when he hears hot phoenix these words anything has not said. Hot phoenix unexpectedly to the present this time, did not know to repent, he has not paid attention to the control hot phoenix. She has arrived at Formation front, has knelt. Nobody spoke. Then, time passing bit by bit. Although the hot phoenix has knelt, but on her face is the color of hate, she is hating Xia Tian, this enmity she must report, she must make Xia Tian regret that she has not received such humiliation from the birth to the present. After Patriarch of fire comes back, sees to kneel in hot phoenix helpless shaking the head of ground. This is not only the humiliation of hot phoenix, is the humiliation of fire, but he does not have any means that can only look. Xia Tian, the thing I brought.” Patriarch of fire said. Throws.” The Xia Tian sound conveys from Formation. Whiz! Patriarch of fire has thrown [gold/metal] Wuzui.

Afterward in Formation departed the continuous goods, the compounded drug, the weapon, the equipment, the material wait / etc., one bunch of then one bunch of things of flew from inside, scene very magnificent, moreover each orderly of pile of flying. These things have flown back to the position of beforehand shop. This. Originally the thing all was taken a moment ago away by him.” Total Captain surprised saying, no wonder Xia Tian a moment ago said that will pay indemnity for the damages of other shops, originally these things were all taken away by him. Snort! Has remembered, later do not annoy me, this time, kneeling ground that also rolled.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. You make me get up now, I will not forgive your, you are waiting to me.” Hot phoenix wicked saying, her direct turn around leaves afterward, today is her shame, this enmity her certain bulletin, she must make Xia Tian die, dies like a dog. As you like!” Xia Tian has not spoken again. Total Captain watched the matter to solve, he relaxed finally. Enormous and powerful crowd disperse. The fight of patching shop VS fire was also formally ended. This fight, patching shop gains greatly, the initial capital that fire owes does not have the remaining anything. Although loss of Xia Tian surroundings shop making up, but the reconstruction expenses of these houses are very high. Fire needs sells to cash own shop and inside thing low price, otherwise they are unable to spend any money again. Other families also maliciously butchered fire one time while this opportunity. Hateful, this group of person unexpectedly hit a person when he is down.” Two elder angry saying of fire. Does not have the means that now is such current political situation, recently the low key, do not attack our opportunities to other families.” Patriarch helpless saying of fire. Sun how?” The big elder of fire asked. Yeah, I estimated that this time was serious, should not come out again.” Patriarch of fire sighed, he does not want noisily to become this, but if he did not put out the [gold/metal] drawing pen, that fire ended. In Formation of patching shop.

Xia Tian has been promoting own Realm recently. Uses spirit stone to promote forcefully. He just started the tripod Rank 2 strength, wants to promote to tripod Rank 3 to need 500 million low grade spirit stone. Xia Tian not slight hesitation, direct promotion. He has only used for three hours, promoted tripod Rank 3 own strength, afterward he broke through his strength once more, needs 1 billion low grade spirit stone tripod Rank 3 to tripod Rank 4 Realm. Swallow! Xia Tian swallows once more. Result time he same is successful, but the long-term usage swallows, the time has also spent one time, has used for six hours. Tripod Rank 4.” On the face of Xia Tian has filled excitedly. Tripod Rank 4 to tripod Rank 5 needs 2 billion low grade spirit stone, to say that the promotion of each Rank 1 needs to spend large quantities of spirit stone, now but Xia Tian most does not lack is spirit stone, therefore he directly once more has used swallowing. Swallow! Puff! A pure strength directly enters to Xia Tian within the body, afterward integrates in the dantian. Tripod Rank 5! This time has used for 12 hours. After tripod Rank 5, wanted to break through wants to be difficultly more than before. spirit stone promoted 10 billion, the time also to turn all of a sudden for three days. Three days later, Xia Tian successful breakthrough tripod Rank 6.

After Xia Tian breaks through each time, will have a look outside situation, when he saw outside these people resemble moron same breaks through the enemy lines there, he wants to smile, he arranges, but Rank 5 Formation, Rank 5 is Formation so good broken? If Rank 5 Formation this can break, that Rank 5 Formation master so will not be good. The broken day did not become the person of list. He also often taunted several outside people. Tripod Rank 6 breaks through to tripod Rank 7 time was difficult, spirit stone needs 20 billion, the time takes five days. Most main Xia Tian breaks through continuously, therefore breaks through is also the unusual misery, if he one month later uses to swallow to carry on the breakthrough again, that with ease will be many. Swallow! Xia Tian looks that front 20 billion low grade spirit stone have directly carried on swallowing. 20 billion low grade spirit stone, this outside is all properties of super respected family, moreover must be counted outside all real estate, is thing in these shop and store. But these 20 billion low grade spirit stone at this time on this all by Xia Tian swallowing. Time bit by bit passed, Xia Tian all has also handled outside matter, afterward he continues to break through, this time breakthrough time is one month. When he goes out of Formation that moment, surrounding all have reconstructed. Shouted, all restored the original design, my Realm also successfully broke through.” In the Xia Tian vision bright light dodges. He saw five people, five incomparably familiar forms. Five lines of ghosts, you may really deliver **** came.”