Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1981

At this time Xia Tian just broke through. His Realm has achieved tripod Rank 9. His Realm could be said as uses to swallow to promote completely, has spent innumerable spirit stone. Although has truly spent many spirit stone, but the advantage is his promotion not any side effect, not because will promote forcefully, but Realm will not be steady. What also has to be able over a thousand hundred million low grade spirit stone strengths to be steadier than? It can be said that the Xia Tian foundation is these over a thousand hundred million low grade spirit stone. Just broke through to the tripod Rank 9 Xia Tian mood is excellent. Has not thought that his unexpectedly has bumped into five lines of ghosts. Five lines of ghosts comes the uneven Imperial City goal naturally is looks for Xia Tian, before five lines of ghosts everywhere were seeking for Xia Tian, after all they drool with envy to the ghost spirit bead, because afterward the total master motion was too secret, therefore they do not know that the total master is seeks for Xia Tian, died until the total master finally, they stopped said that the total master was killed by uneven Imperial City Xia Tian. When they hear Xia Tian this name directly killed. In their mind, Xia Tian = ghost spirit bead. Boss, this time we had the opportunity snatching finally the ghost spirit bead.” Wooden ghost excited saying. Had the ghost spirit bead, we five strengths were stronger, perhaps when the time comes was ordinary four cauldron Expert we to be able Insta-kill.” The earth ghosts are also an anticipation of face. Gives me carefully, other was negligent, the strength of total master was not weak, he died in the hand of Xia Tian, that explained card in a hand that Xia Tian had something to kill people, so long as we got rid instantaneously, did not put forth the opportunity of card in a hand to be OK to him.” [gold/metal] Gui reminded, they knew the total master fierce, although they have not carried on with the total master have been the wars of life and death. But they also know that the strength of total master is not simple.

Naturally, they have not believed absolutely Xia Tian kills the total master by own strength, reason that they will think the total master will die, definitely because of own general idea. They want carefully, that definitely was ke steadily kills Xia Tian. Old. Old.. Boss.” The hot ghost shouts suddenly. How?” Gold ghost puzzled asking, he looks afterward along the finger of fire ghost, at this time Xia Tian before them, moreover smiling visits them. Boss, is Xia Tian.” The hot ghost said. Shut up, I saw.” [gold/metal] Gui vision stubbornly is staring at Xia Tian. Long time no see.” Xia Tian superficial greeting. He and five lines of ghosts previous time meets also in uneven Imperial City, just that time uneven Imperial City also can only call is the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, but now is uneven Imperial City. grievances between five lines of ghost and Xia Tian is very simple. Is because the ghost spirit bead, initially Murong Baitou five lines of ghost ghost spirit beads, then he came one to perpetrate a fraud, has placed the body of Xia Tian the ghost spirit bead directly, but Murong Bai has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has discovered the ghost spirit bead, moreover recognizes the lord the ghost spirit bead, this big has stemmed from his anticipation. grievances also since then appears. Afterward five lines of ghosts chased down Xia Tian everywhere, if not the Xia Tian method are many, perhaps he already died in five lines of ghost hands. Good, I heard that the total masters did die in your hands?” [gold/metal] Gui sized up Xia Tian. You know that you also dare to look for me, do you compare that total master to be strong?” A Xia Tian face ponders looks at five lines of ghosts, he does not worry to begin.

Snort, if the frontage resistance, you absolutely are not the match of total master, only if you have used any method, regardless of any method does not have any use in the face of the absolute strength, so long as our five careful, does not give the opportunity that you sneak attack, your method decorates.” [gold/metal] Gui very self-confident saying. He said right. So long as is careful enough, to fighting the time not having a low opinion of the enemy general idea of Xia Tian, then really has the opportunity to win Xia Tian, but that also merely is before, moreover must be daytime. Now once to dark night, then Xia Tian can use the ghost spirit bead. In ghost spirit Zhu over a hundred ghosts are not noisy. Moreover Xia Tian just broke through to tripod Rank 9 now, before strength, could already not be mentioned in the same breath. Words that I have not remembered incorrectly, your five are tripod Rank 9 Realm.” Xia Tian light saying. Right, if we remember incorrectly, you should be tripod Rank 1 Realm.” [gold/metal] Gui said that their five heads all presented three small cauldrons, with nine small cauldrons. The surrounding person noticed that here also had the good play to occur, naturally was also watches the fun. Recently patched the shop is very hot. However what they are not clear, why also do some people dare to offend the patching shop now? Fire do not patch the match in shop, these five people and that's the end? Actually this cannot blame five lines of ghosts, five lines of ghosts come time was too hurried, absolutely did not have to inquire in uneven Imperial City recently to have any important matter, even if were they have inquired, they also can only know that the patching shop was fierce, but they cannot think Xia Tian that absolutely that and fire resisted also won the patching restaurant owner who is they must look. Tripod Rank 9.

Such Realm was considered as is side Expert. However periphery these person of each favor their five, even these people were waiting for looked at being out of these five people. How many four cauldron Expert fire does have? Dozens, fire these many four cauldron Expert of take Xia Tian not to have the means that can these five tripod Rank 9 people? Excuse me, you possibly remembered incorrectly.” Xia Tian said that his head presented three small cauldrons and nine small cauldrons. Tripod Rank 9! What?” The one who sees the Xia Tian head demonstration is tripod Rank 9 time, five lines of ghosts stare immediately, they remember before previous time sees Xia Tian to be more than one year, one year, Xia Tian unexpectedly turned into tripod Rank 9 from tripod Rank 1, this cultivation speed also went against heaven's will! Actually then Xia Tian was just Expert of two cauldrons, was not including the tripod. I said that you remembered incorrectly.” Xia Tian serious saying. „Is this possible? This cultivation speed also too transformation point.” Wooden ghost surprised saying. Is careful, me knows why now he can kill the total master, but did he kill the total master to be also what kind of? Tripod is Rank 9 also what kind of? Our five have killed four cauldron above Expert, moreover these years we also in diligently cultivation, cope with a tripod Rank 9 brat, radically is not the issue.” [gold/metal] Gui very self-confident saying. He has neglected a point probably, that is Xia Tian, when tripod Rank 1 has injured the total master, now Xia Tian was tripod Rank 9, that. Finally can move the physique.” Xia Tian smiling saying.