Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1983

Bang! The fifth five Yuan attack fell finally. This is also this five lines of big last attacks. Five lines of ghost strongest skills. Is now.” Xia Tian has lifted the head. Not dead Divine Art, nine orifices connection. The Tathagata god holds the second type. Jinding buddha lamp. The head of Xia Tian presented a buddha lamp empty shade, in this buddha lamp empty shade as if contained endless Buddha intent. This Buddha intent pounds directly to the fifth five Yuan attack that above dropped. Bang! When these two strengths hit in together, mutual counter-balance. 22,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength. Really is 22,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength.” The body of Xia Tian moved, at this moment his body can move. What?” On [gold/metal] Gui the face has written all over inconceivable, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly broke five lines of big, has blocked the fifth five Yuan attack stiffly. Puff! [gold/metal] Gui the voice just fell, he feels his neck one coolly. What is this felt?” [gold/metal] Gui never this feelings, his first time felt that on own neck is very probably cool, he wants to inquire that others this is anything felt, but he just must speak, one group of blood spout from the place of his neck.

Meanwhile. The necks of other four ghosts all had a wound. Five ghosts also died. Receive! Xia Tian while the flash that they died, received five lines of ghost souls, has bled afterward off inside five preliminary ghosts. In ghost spirit Zhu can only occupy 100 ghosts. Reason that previous time he can receive the ghost of total master, that is because the most formidable that ghost is also at the seal condition now, therefore in ghost spirit Zhu, only then 99 ghosts, but now different is the full 100 ghosts, therefore he wants to receive five lines of ghost ghosts, must bleed off or kill five preliminary ghosts. These ghosts are to help him have fought valiantly, therefore Xia Tian has not killed them, but is bleeds off them directly. Puff! Five lines of ghosts this time became the ghost, but after them, must submit to Xia Tian. Won! Xia Tian received their Chu ring, afterward he wants also to receive five lines of ghost life weapons, he feels these five weapons, although the rank is not high, is only preliminary treasure, but the might is good, moreover is five different attributes separately. In Xia Tian takes up the life weapon in [gold/metal] Gui hand. In the ground other four handle life weapons all flew. „It is not good.” The Xia Tian complexion immediately changes. Bang! Five this life treasure direct hits in one, a formidable explosive force all have exploded instantaneously to fly there all.

Puff! The body of Xia Tian also as if broke the kite of line to be the same, has flown upside down, at this time he from top to bottom all was the wound, very serious wound, if were not his physical quality formidable, these can explode him meets a cruel death. Hateful, these life treasure unexpectedly are their lives is connected, after I have killed their five, this life treasure carries from exploding, wants to revenge for their masters.” Xia Tian scolded one secretly, the instance when he falls to the ground, he directly returned to Formation. He cannot guarantee that this nearby does have the person of fire. Now he is the severely wounded body, if the hot family member has discovered that that definitely will directly have killed him. Actually Xia Tian guesses right, here really has the person of fire, the people of going too far family did not only watch the fun too invested, even forgot to kill severely wounded Xia Tian that looked, when they responded the time, Xia Tian returned to Formation. This.” And four cauldron Expert of fire stare slightly. Do not tell the family this matter, otherwise our two died.” Another four cauldron Expert said. They decided that hides the truth from this matter, otherwise the family knows that they have missed that good opportunity, definitely will kill them. After Xia Tian returned to Formation, starts therapy directly. Very strong might, in my human body strength ratio ordinary tripod Rank 9 Expert five times, in two times by four cauldron Rank 1 Expert, even if this, I was also almost killed, finally was not dead Divine Art has preserved my life, it seems like, has selected carefully, bumped into this life treasure again time directly ruined.” Xia Tian secret saying. Afterward he starts therapy. Outside uneven Imperial City. Finally arrived in full Imperial City, has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly will come to this place, however, he also really liked annoying troublesome, his unexpectedly and here any fire hit.” A beautiful female stands outside the city said that a female white clothing, seems has one type unusually refined has not felt, on the eye does not have any beautification, but will seem will make the person be enthralled, a long hair crosses the waist. If Xia Tian, certainly will say a name at this time here: Liu Shishi. Right, this person comes out to seek for Xia Tian Liu Shishi. Liu Shishi initially came out from Giant Bull City does not know where should go, but she knows that Xia Tian was a dragon, is will raise wave the dragon to where, therefore she asked around that recently had had the important matter.

The heaven does not lose the person with high aspirations, she inquired uneven Imperial City finally. At that time she heard others to say person unexpectedly that called Xia Tian fought uneven Imperial City fire, she knows that this Xia Tian absolutely was Xia Tian that knew, but was not the duplicate. Because dares to be the person of this matter, that definitely is Xia Tian that she knows. You also really can run, unexpectedly ran was so far, returned to here.” Liu Shishi excited saying, she looked for Xia Tian nearly one year, now immediately must see Xia Tian, she also some anticipated that she a little wanted to see Xia Tian at this time, although between she and Xia Tian did not have what relations, Xia Tian has installed her boyfriend, was only the attire. But she is to see Xia Tian. Even if were anything did not say, but had a look well. First finds a person to ask that since he is so famous, that should ask casually a person knows.” Liu Shishi's vision looked in the surroundings, afterward she has locked a female, she thinks that should very be convenient with the woman exchange. She has arrived at the front of that female directly. Hello, I can ask, do you know Xia Tian?” Liu Shishi very polite asking. Xia Tian?” When that female hears Xia Tian these two characters immediately stares, afterward turns the head to look to Liu Shishi. Right, right.” Liu Shishi looked that female's response knows she definitely knew. Understanding, you are his.” I am his friend, comes to here to look specially his.” Liu Shishi said. Good, I lead you to see him.” That female shows a faint smile, she has not introduced her name, because she called the hot phoenix.