Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1984

Good, was really too thank you, the elder sister you were really good.” Liu Shishi called the hot phoenix directly is an elder sister, because this stems from the politeness. She had not discovered that hot phoenix when sees her first, in the eye is the look of envy, right Liu Shishi is really long was too attractive, the hot phoenix has thought one were very attractive, the woman is not willing to acknowledge generally own others are unattractive, when she noticed that Liu Shishi's that moment she knows one surely did not have this woman to be attractive. When she hears Xia Tian this name from Liu Shishi's mouth, stares. Xia Tian! This name looks like the nightmare same is twining her simply, she very long has not rested one to think calmly and steadily. Because of this name. She is unable to forget one give that patching shop kneels down. Although Xia Tian lets not make her kneel for three days three nights, but she same hates Xia Tian, regarding this is the shame, does not have for a lifetime shame. She has thought own this whole life life is a perfect life. Since childhood is the day the arrogant female. The cultivation talent is terrorist, is in family the topest talent, family inside head of the clan and elders also to her very polite, afterward married Sun Empire Expert, Sun Empire can compare favorably with existence of Giant Bull City, she thought that her life drew close is perfect. But this time she went home to visit relatives actually broke happiness in her mind. She has a dream has not thought that fire unexpectedly almost destroys in brat, in could not catch including oneself one move, moreover finally her unexpectedly gave back to this brat to kneel down. She pledged that she must make Xia Tian die like a dog. When she heard Liu Shishi saying that she was the Xia Tian friend at that moment, she had an idea, since she cannot kill Xia Tian, she can begin to Xia Tian person, Xia Tian definitely will be when the time comes in deep sorrow.

Snort, do not blame me being stingy, must blame only to blame you to know that man.” In the hot phoenix innermost feelings said. She brings place that Liu Shishi is going to is not the Xia Tian patching shop, but is fire. For the time-saving, the hot phoenix has transmission that Liu Shishi sits specially, and has not made Liu Shishi spend. Elder sister, gives you spirit stone, cannot make you take.” Liu Shishi thought one are unknown with the hot phoenix, cannot make the hot phoenix pay a transmission money for her. Has not related, since you called my elder sister, I considered to look after Little Sister.” On the face of hot phoenix has piled up with the smiling face, moreover specially really smiles. Liu Shishi little went to the place outside Giant Bull City, the person who she sees is also few. Therefore she does not have the what heart of protection to anybody, she thinks that was runs into the unprincipled person to be also all right, because the strength excelled, can definitely deal with. Naturally is unable to compare with hot phoenix gloomy person by her mental. This is not good.” Liu Shishi's awkward saying. Not anything not good, Xia Tian, but our celebrity, he has also gained many benefits for our these ordinary families, therefore I spend this change not to be anything, happen to front was my family, I led you to eat a thing first, then we looked for Xia Tian again, he in the place was a little far, must pass by my family.” The hot phoenix was on the face has still piled up with the smiling face, seemed very friendly. Does not use, Elder sister, does not use, we went on the line directly.” Liu Shishi was very embarrassed, heard the hot phoenix saying that must ask her to eat meal, that was naturally more embarrassed. Is it possible that is Little Sister looks down upon the elder sister?” The hot phoenix does intentionally the appearance that is angry. I do not have.” Liu Shishi answered hurriedly. Has not walked, after elder sister invited you have eaten meal, leads you to see Xia Tian, looked appearance that you such worried, you were Xia Tian.” The hot phoenix such asked intentionally, she wants to know relations between Liu Shishi and Xia Tian, relations between Liu Shishi and Xia Tian are closer are better.

Because she can maltreat Liu Shishi maliciously, this is also changes to the air vent, moreover she even can be the hostage with Liu Shishi, then forces Xia Tian to come out to bring death. Although the fire and Xia Tian fight between had ended, but Xia Tian did not come out, even if comes out also to take a stroll in the surroundings of patching shop. Elder sister do not talk nonsense.” Liu Shishi's charming saying, her little so concubine. Appearance that sees Liu Shishi, hot phoenix at present immediately one bright, from Liu Shishi's appearance, relations between she and Xia Tian is absolutely great, in other words, she is very likely the Xia Tian woman, if she is really the Xia Tian woman, perhaps this time can look for the opportunity to kill Xia Tian directly together. Walks, Little Sister, goes to the elder sister home.” The hot phoenix has not led Liu Shishi to walk the main entrance, because in the main entrance has the signboard of fire, therefore she can only go through the motions, back door there does not have the sign surface of fire. Young lady.” Guards respectful saying. Um, this is my friend, you inform Xu Butler to come.” The hot phoenix said. Xu Butler?” Guards stares slightly, here is fire, to have how possibly any Xu Butler, must know after Butler entered fire home, must with surname Huo. However another guards said hurriedly: Yes, Young lady, Xu Butler will pass immediately.” Um.” Hot phoenix satisfied nod. Afterward she leads Liu Shishi to walk toward inside. Your brain does not transfer.” After the hot phoenix walks, that guard has scolded one. Our here is fire, which goes to look for Xu Butler?” Scolded guard puzzled asking. Since the young lady said that looks for Xu Butler, moreover she comes back from the back door, that showed that she does not want who that she leads to know here is fire, was good, you look here, I look for Butler.” That guard said that leaves directly.

Quick Butler arrived at the guest room of hot phoenix. Young lady, you look for me.” Butler respectful saying. This is Little Sister of my new friend, she is looks for Xia Tian, you also know that Xia Tian has the graciousness to our Xu Family, you asked the servant to make several meals.” Intentionally the hot phoenix said the Xu Family two characters is very loud. Relax young lady, since is the friend of Mr. Xia Tian, we naturally do not dare to neglect.” Butler said that leaves directly. After he leaves, was saying to two patrol guards: You come.” „Does Sir Butler, what have to tell?” Two guard respectful saying. You told the kitchen, made several meals, inside put the anesthetics to me, wanted colorless tasteless, did not need the control price to be what kind, must most expensive best.” Butler told that a person said. Yes!” You inform two elders, said that the young lady please come back a Xia Tian friend, is a female.” Butler told again. Yes!”