Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1985

Two elders who rested when hear this news, the whole person jumped directly. What did you say?” Two elders, Butler spread news saying that the young lady please come back a Xia Tian friend, moreover was a woman.” That guard said. Ha Ha Ha Ha, is really the day helps me , before this time fears our fire to be able snow, shame.” Two elder incomparably excited saying. Before the fire and Xia Tian fight between made fire turn into a second-class family from a super family, can say that the loss of fire was very big. All these is a Xia Tian person behavior. Their fire has wanted to retaliate Xia Tian, but they do not have that opportunity. Xia Tian little exits to take a stroll. Moreover takes a stroll near the patching shop, their fire present may, no matter frank and upright coped with Xia Tian, after all the previous time matter was Xia Tian has helped their, otherwise present fire already but actually. At that time Xia Tian did not put out the things of surrounding these shops, nobody can say his anything, nobody knows. Xia Tian initially also had sold a city Wei Jun total Captain face. If they get rid to Xia Tian before the people, that does not give the total Captain face. Before did not have the opportunity, it seems like that this opportunity came, the woman, definitely will have the relations with Xia Tian, happen to uses her to direct Xia Tian, has killed then Xia Tian, at the worst gives city Wei Jun total Captain 1 billion low grade spirit stone again, so long as can kill Xia Tian, his is our fire, when the time comes trivial 1 billion have been a cinch, I did not tell Patriarch them this matter first, after I have completed, they will be definitely happy.” Two elder incomparably excited saying. Liu Shishi in eating anything is not interested, she rejects the good intention of hot phoenix embarrassed. Quick, the servant delivers ten vegetables, uniform delicacy. Eats, you're welcome.” Hot phoenix very bright saying. Um.” Liu Shishi nodded, she also hopes a bit faster to eat, is good to see Xia Tian. Looks that Liu Shishi opens eats, the smiling face on hot phoenix face won. Has eaten a meeting, Liu Shishi does not detect right: Sister Xu, you also eats, has visited me to do?”

You eat, I do not eat, because in vegetable poisonous.” Hot phoenix very optional saying, Liu Shishi has eaten some, then she should be poisoned now, therefore she can also not need to install again. „Did Sister Xu, what you say?” Liu Shishi's complexion immediately changes. I am not surnamed Xu, my surname Huo.” The hot phoenix stands up saying that at this time she feels crisply. Fire! You are the person of that fire that and Xia Tian hits.” Liu Shishi understood finally, oneself were swindled, moreover joined a gang of evildoers, she does not have to think own unexpectedly arrived in the home of Xia Tian sworn enemy, and was poisoned. Right, if I have not guessed that wrong, you should be the Xia Tian cohabitant, a beautiful person, cheap my family's these servants, but you could rest assured that I will not kill temporarily your, I must go to entice Xia Tian with you.” Hot phoenix smiling saying, she felt at this time she was really too lucky. She planned must leave uneven Imperial City, returning to Sun Empire to go, asks her husband to help the She enmity. But has not thought that unexpectedly has bumped into Liu Shishi, moreover Liu Shishi was too simply easy to believe others, all she had the opportunity to deceive in the family Liu Shishi, and intoxicated. Hears the words of hot phoenix, Liu Shishi's complexion big change. Whiz! Liu Shishi scores directly. „To run away?” The hot phoenix pursued hurriedly, her right hand flings, a red chain flung directly to Liu Shishi. ! At this moment she feels on her face the burning ache. Her unexpectedly was hit. When she gains ground looks, she discovered that Liu Shishi's head has four small cauldrons and four small cauldrons. Four cauldron Rank 4, hateful.” The beautiful appearance that the hot phoenix a little envied Liu Shishi, looked that at this time Liu Shishi unexpectedly Realm and talent are higher than her, that was angry. Whiz! Liu Shishi has not prolonged contact, but is runs away directly to outside.

Which toward runs away.” At this moment, the form blocked together directly in Liu Shishi's front. Two elders. Is two elders of fire, he waited to be very long here. Two elders, cannot make her run, she is the Xia Tian cohabitant.” The hot phoenix shouts hurriedly. I knew.” Two elders show a faint smile, afterward flushes away to Liu Shishi directly. His head presented four small cauldrons and four small cauldrons. Four cauldron Rank 4, his Realm is the same with Liu Shishi, is four cauldron Rank 4 Expert. Hateful, is the anesthetics.” Liu Shishi felt body was ill. It seems like was the drug efficacy display has affected, two elders, in our two same places, took her directly.” The hot phoenix said that also directly has killed. Bang! Liu Shishi can block their attacks, is her condition is bad, merely several rounds attacks, she was injured. „It is not good, words that such hits, I will definitely be captured, I must flee from here.” Liu Shishi innermost feelings anxious saying, she does not hope to become the Xia Tian burden, she understands, from already, once were grasped, that fate definitely is very miserable, even is lives to might as well die. Moreover fire will also coerce Xia Tian with her. All she dies, cannot give these man-machine meetings. Whiz! Run away! Liu Shishi does not dodge does not hide, opens directly runs away. Several rounds get down, her body had ten wounds, but she does not hide does not dodge, whatever these attacks hit on her body.

She had set firm resolve, even if dies, cannot be grasped. Hateful, no matter her unexpectedly own body.” Hot phoenix angry shouting. I attack her upper body, you sneak attack her both legs, making her unable to run away.” Two elders said that starts to carry on the converging attack with the hot phoenix directly, they have not thought that Liu Shishi unexpectedly so will be difficult to grasp, after they thought Liu Shishi to be poisoned, they can relaxed Liu Shishi seizing. However they do not know that on Liu Shishi has existence of Advanced treasure. Puff! Puff! The hot phoenix strikes to go well, Liu Shishi's both legs one soft, almost sits down exhausted on the ground. „It is not good, must use.” Liu Shishi clenches teeth, directly has used the ultimate deep meaning of Advanced treasure, is only the flash, his body resilience has achieved Pinnacle, the anesthetics of her within the body was suppressed directly, the both legs and wound also fast stutter. Run away! Liu Shishi starts to open fast runs away, how long has not escaped from, she saw the index plate. On the index plate has several large characters. Front to patching shop. This is city Wei Jun doing, uneven Imperial City has everywhere, because the reputation of patching shop is very big, they such do to solicit the business. What? Her wound unexpectedly entire was good.” The hot phoenix is startled immediately. Pursues quickly, she ran away to the patching shop.” Two elders shout hurriedly.