Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1986

Looks at the direction that Liu Shishi escapes. Two elders and hot phoenixes are all startled. Once makes Liu Shishi run away to patching shop there, they have fallen short, they with great difficulty have this opportunity, if like this made Liu Shishi run, they saw Patriarch with any honor. Is impossible, she has certainly used any mystique, but the anesthetics is unable to relieve absolutely, how long she definitely could not insist.” The hot phoenix said that opens directly pursues. Two elders also pursued. Their speeds are fast. On present Liu Shishi all wounds were but good, the drug efficacy of anesthetics also all was suppressed, therefore she now is her full speed. Whiz! Quick. Liu Shishi understands, so long as run away to Xia Tian there, have been rescued, although she very much wants to sleep now, but she knows that she cannot rest, otherwise the effect of anesthetics will thoroughly be initiated, she was given to hold by the following two. Puff! Liu Shishi direct blade gripped on the arm, this was stimulated by oneself, did not go off by oneself. Hateful, is actually she doing.” Hot phoenix surprised saying. Good ruthless girl, her unexpectedly can get down such heavy hand to oneself, this is for with the anesthetics resistance, we pursue quickly, how long she definitely could not insist.” Two elders said. Whiz! Puff!

Liu Shishi blade then blade on his arm, she does not allow itself to be stranded, does not allow itself such to rest. Finally, after she escaped three transmission, she saw the patching shop. But the hot phoenixes and two elders also finally must overtake her. Your several, block her to me.” Two elders shout loudly, front that several person fire send to monitor four cauldron Expert of experience patching shop. That several people looked that is two elders told, was pressed with overwork anxiously to Liu Shishi. Xia Tian, saves me.” Liu Shishi shouts loudly. These people who her sound has spread over the entire street, on the street walked all looked to here. Whiz! The form appears in Liu Shishi's side together instantaneously, he has hauled in his bosom Liu Shishi, when Liu Shishi enters that moment of this bosom, she could not control again, the direct stupor passed. Xia Tian!” Two elders look at Xia Tian wickedly. Go away, I am sad today, goes back later to tell you person of fire, washed I, early tomorrow morning, I conquered by killing entire fire surely.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying, when he sees Liu Shishi's that moment, murderous aura of his within the body emerged, he discovered that he was very probably long has not killed people, others think that he will not kill people. Advanced treasure that the wound on Liu Shishi's arm all being wound, body also ten scarred, as well as that shattered. Does not need to ask that Xia Tian also knows definitely had the war a moment ago, but Liu Shishi was also made into this to touch the type by these people. Xia Tian, should not be too wild, did you believe me now to kill you.” Two elders look angrily to Xia Tian. You try!” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks at two elders.

At this time surrounding city Wei Jun all walked, what is the head is famous city Wei Jun big Captain, he specifically is responsible for guarding here, this is also the request of total Captain, preventing fire to come to here to cause trouble once more. Snort, you are waiting.” Two elder cold snort, then leave the ruthless words to turn the head to walk. Does not need me to wait, I said that early tomorrow morning washed cleanly the neck, I will conquer by killing your entire fire.” Xia Tian said that hugged Liu Shishi to enter the patching shop directly. We walk.” Two elders said that leaves directly. Hateful, hateful!” Hot phoenix unwilling shouting, only misses is so little, so is little, so long as they trigged Liu Shishi, then Xia Tian definitely will be without a fight. This time two elders are catching up with tempering fast, he understands that Xia Tian absolutely is not the person who that type said casually. Therefore he must go back to discuss the countermeasure with Patriarch. In conference room of fire. Silent. Listened to the words of two elders, the scene very peacefully, nobody spoke. After a half hour. Two elders, your arrogance, can actually your arrogance also harm what situation fire? A such good opportunity by your conceited destroying, if before you, told us to have this kind of person, several of us got rid together, she can run away?” Patriarch of fire broke tranquilly, his words are not say, but roared, angry roaring. Body shivering that slightly two elders by this sudden frightening. Speech, I asked how now you do think?” Patriarch of fire stands up, looks angrily at two elders. Was good, should not be angry, since the matter occurred, we think the following countermeasure.” The big elder consoles to say.

You shut up to me, I am Patriarch of fire.” Patriarch of fire recently was really too depressing, his anger erupted in this moment thoroughly, usually the big elder said that any he will not refute, will not go to say anything, but he has gotten angry at this moment , the face of big elder he does not give. The big elder has not spoken, other elders have not spoken. I.” Two elders have not thought that Patriarch will be such angry. Your what you? What do you know fire present? Such good an opportunity of turning over, because your corrupt merit has missed, your doing right by fire several thousand people?” Patriarch of fire said. I have made a mistake, I admit mistakes, must kill to hack as you like.” Two elders clench teeth to say. Hears the words of two elders, other surroundings elders worried, if now Patriarch of fire said that must kill him, perhaps that also nobody could block. Silent, scene once more peaceful. After ten minutes. Knows that wrong good, such matter do not occur, the big elder, said.” The Patriarch expression of fire returned to normal, he wished one could to kill two elders a moment ago, but he, once has killed two elders, the will of the people of that fire really dispersed. Now not completely is misdemeanor, most minimum Xia Tian has gotten angry, has gotten angry, once a person is angry, that loses the reason, naturally, I have not meant you, Xia Tian the present lost the reason now, moreover he has chosen attaching great importance to face-saving before the woman, he must kill our fire, what skills but his does Xia Tian have other besides that Formation?” Big elder saying of slowly. He initially could not shoulder including a phoenix whip.” Two elders said hurriedly. Um, so long as he dares to come, cannot make him live departure, all people may not be negligent, and has remembered, I must live.”