Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1988

Day cold sword Third Layer seal. Certainly cold ice. Father, has untied.” The sound of day cold sword appears in the Xia Tian mind. Certainly cold ice a periphery radius hundred zhang (333m) in all completely frozen, non- difference attack. A radius hundred zhang (333m) is 300 meters. Radius 300 meters. Day cold sword, I will make quickly you regain consciousness once more.” Xia Tian understands, once turns on the Third Layer seal, then the day cold sword temporarily will enter the deep sleep. Non- difference attack. Besides Xia Tian, in direct 600 meters circular area, all frozen. Kill! The flash, invisible cold air spreads from Xia Tian front day cold sword. Ka! Frozen! All completely frozen, all was all buried by frozen. Shout! Sees the present all, Xia Tian was shocked completely, he has not thought that Third Layer seal unexpectedly of day of cold sword is so terrorist, four cauldron Expert of opposite fire may be many, moreover so many super Expert. Patriarch and big elder of fire and are four cauldron Rank 5 Expert. But at this time they all by the Third Layer seal of day cold sword Insta-kill. Cannot waste.” A Xia Tian brow revolution. Ghost spirit bead!

Attract! Xia Tian this time thorough came a big replace in the ghost spirit Zhu ghost. The fire strength excel person may be many. Four cauldron above Expert over a hundred people, four cauldron Rank 5 two, four cauldron Rank 4 ten people, other is also Expert. In this ghost spirit Zhu ghost could be said as the big infusion of new blood. He all changed into four cauldrons all preliminary ghosts above, if now carries on the black day to fight again, Xia Tian quite therefore is controlling over a hundred four cauldron above ghosts to fight. formidable is incomparable. These time could be said as is reborn.” Xia Tian ghost spirit bead cautious and solemn received. His vision searched for in this time these ice pieces. Does not have the hot phoenix.” The brow of Xia Tian a wrinkle, his unexpectedly has not seen the hot phoenix immediately, hot phoenix person of pettiness, if keeping her, sooner or later will be a disaster. Ok, if she does not look for me, she peaceful for a lifetime, once she looks for me, I stamp out the source of trouble.” Bang! Xia Tian fought with the fists above ground, a formidable fluctuation shakes the fragment the person who these frozen were occupied by directly. By person who day cold sword frozen is occupied by, so long as one Bang, will turn into the fragment slightly. When Xia Tian goes out of the range of fire, outside all people have all been shocked, Xia Tian walks, that proof was Xia Tian has won, but actually to have what? Fire did lose? Fire unexpectedly will lose to a Xia Tian person. Was this too also inconceivable? But fire can't so many Expert, that many Expert hit Xia Tian one?

What is main, the Xia Tian body does not have any scar. Hasn't hit? Possibly has not hit. Only then this explained that everybody can believe that they do not believe absolutely a Xia Tian person extinguished entire fire directly, even including wound not, even if five cauldron Expert may not achieve. „Did this finish? Also was too quick!” Patriarch puzzled asking of respected family. I estimated that should be he recognizes has instigated, gives fire to apologize, therefore fire forgives him, although before fire now not , that formidable strength, camel of skinny was however big, if he before did not hide in patching the shop, he had already been killed by fire, now makes such big noise, said that must put down fire, I thought that he has installed.” Saying that another Patriarch disdains. Because the time flew too, this radically likely is not any war, therefore everybody thinks that Xia Tian is the thunderclap big raindrop is just small. The surrounding person is also to Xia Tian very disappointed, they think that Xia Tian is brings upon oneself dully, before he saved very big fame obviously, today this again also nobody cares about him. Really is this?” The total Captain brow wrinkle of convoy guard. He does not think that the matter so is simple, although he does not understand Xia Tian, but he discovered that Xia Tian absolutely is a very ruthless role, moreover brains continuously very sober, absolutely is not the person of impulsion, will not be that type for a woman on killing rashly to that person of fire. How fire comes out to the present nobody, according to the truth, fire this time the coming out person, they possibly to have missed how such good act high and mighty opportunity?” Head of the clan suddenly puzzled asking of top family. His words attracted everybody's idea immediately. Right. Now everybody guessed that Xia Tian definitely was visits to apologize, then the hot family should come out to take advantage of somebody's authority now to restore the reputation. But now a fire person has not come out, this little is not right. Your several, go to have a look.” Total Captain was saying to several small Captain. Yes!” That several small Captain went in directly. Xia Tian this bit by bit walked, the surrounding person all visits him with the strange vision. Because all people all think that now he definitely was apologizes.

To form walking away of Xia Tian gradually. They also think Xia Tian likely is a comet, becomes famous in uneven Imperial City directly, and establishes own influence, but they think that now Xia Tian has chosen the unwisest procedure, that kills getting angry family, this fame sounds is very truly scary, but Xia Tian has a person. But fire has eight thousand Expert. Four cauldron above Expert are hundred. It can be said that this was fire saved 700-800 years of complete strength, although fire truly broke down in the business, but Expert of their family actually also. Now chose attack fire at this time, this was the unwisest action. Yeah, what a pity, good opportunity.” A head of the clan of respected family said. Yes, by his reputation, if the present does not attack fire, he can pull up his army quickly, even establishes directly is not smaller than the family of fire.” Saying that the head of the clan of another respected family regrets. Now can discuss that the Xia Tian person is existence of family head of the clan rank. Because these people had already regarded as Xia Tian are existences of their same rank. Although they think that Xia Tian has made the unwisest action today, but Xia Tian makes entire fire almost give way by a person of strength, this is worth them respecting. Whiz! That several small Captain came back, their several are that several people who total Captain sent the nosing news a moment ago. But on they several faces presented the panic-stricken look at this time. How?” Total Captain asked hurriedly, all people also all looked to their several.