Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1990

Good, by your present reputation, wants to flatter your person to be many, what so long as you said want, that definitely will have countless people to look for this thing for you, was right, you said that what wanted?” A moment ago probably what Liu Shishi had not listened to clear Xia Tian to say is anything. Unicorn, large male deer and blood.” Xia Tian saying character by character. What?” On Liu Shishi's face one startled: Qilin blood? Does Qilin living thing exist really?” Regarding Liu Shishi, the Qilin can be said as the biology in legend. Only then in some strange books has the record. But now Xia Tian unexpectedly said that wants the Qilin blood. Should have, you exited saying that I used 100 billion low grade spirit stone to add a request to trade the Qilin blood.” Xia Tian believes that pill emperor did not say absolutely. This.” Liu Shishi has opened the mouth. 100 billion low grade spirit stone, when he hears this digit, the mouth opens big. Before Xia Tian sent back over a million low grade spirit stone to the serious famine, at that time she thought extremely has shocked, she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can also put out 100 billion low grade spirit stone, moreover she also knows that Xia Tian present reputation, Xia Tian the added a request is also the abnormal reward. Outside these people solely only listen to a Xia Tian this request, perhaps will be crazy, say nothing of sur- 1000 low grade spirit stone. Many thanks.” Xia Tian said that started to continue to patch low grade treasure in hand. Good!” Liu Shishi said that walked directly, she and Xia Tian have treated recently in the half year in the same place, is longer along with her and Xia Tian contact duration, she is more surprised, she discovered Xia Tian simply is one living anomaly, any person wants is unilaterally strong, that was worth proud or boasts. But Xia Tian is various aspects is strong.

She believes that Xia Tian the news, can cause the stir of entire uneven Imperial City absolutely. When Liu Shishi passes on this news, the entire uneven Imperial City person is almost insane. 100 billion post a reward, a request of sur- Xia Tian, this reward simply could be said as too abnormal. The thing that however Xia Tian wants also gave to perplex all people, their many people have not heard existence of Qilin from the start, even if had heard perhaps the person has not experienced. However many people posted a reward to start to ask around for Xia Tian to have existence of Qilin. Meanwhile, Giant Bull City outside. Is called Sun Empire. Husband, you must take responsibility for me, our fire such did not have.” The hot phoenix wept and wailed was saying. Eight does, is actually who do?” Husband angry shouting of hot phoenix. Is one is called the Xia Tian brat, he does not know that united any person to sneak attack to our fire, now our fire all does not have.” Reason that the hot phoenix has not died, is not because she has good luck ever, but was she walked in the midnight, she walked is not because she was afraid Xia Tian, because she has stolen away the valuable beast [gold/metal] drawing pen of fire. Initially after the fire head of the clan they the mouth of sun cut off, sun been mad left directly, but the sun after all was the valuable beast of fire, it and fire had the contract to exist, was impossible to leave directly. Happen to the hot phoenix has bumped into the sun, she pledged by her life that certainly will help the sun revenge, therefore the sun has also signed the contract with her. She to prevent the matter exposed quietly left uneven Imperial City, but she has not gone out many hears the news that fire perished.

This may frighten her one, she changes external appearances only hurriedly, escaped from uneven Imperial City, finally returned to Sun Empire. Do not cry, I will certainly revenge for you, since you married our Sun Empire to come, you were our Sun Empire person, now some people bully you, my zhang (3.33 m) and will certainly take responsibility for you.” The husband of hot phoenix said directly. Husband, you do not impulse, he is a Formation master, Formation that he arranges is very fierce, moreover he also united with any family probably, if he, in my three moves can kill him with ease.” The hot phoenix said hurriedly that reason that she has thought fire is extinguished, is definitely related with several other top families. Certainly was Xia Tian bought over them, therefore they together got rid the fire fighting family. In her, Xia Tian is only one person who links her one move unable to catch. She did not understand gentleman on the 3rd don't, when held in high esteem.’ Is any meaning. Snort, relax, what did you forget our Sun Empire biggest skill are? The assassination and sneak attack, I go to elder brother there first, after coming back, I have killed him, you and other good news.” The zhang (3.33 m) and patted the shoulder of hot phoenix to say. Husband, you are really good.” Saying of hot phoenix tender feelings. This time uneven Imperial City. „Did you hear? 100 billion post a reward, my this whole life has not listened to these much money, worthily is in our uneven Imperial City the most mystical person, his unexpectedly opens mouth is 100 billion low grade spirit stone.” I heard certainly, moreover I also heard that he said who can help him get so far as such thing to comply with an opposite party desire, he is casual can destroy completely existence of fire, obtained his desire, that is one step ascends Heavens! simply, if I obtained this desire, that other respected families noticed that I must be respectful.” Do not daydream, the Qilin blood can you find? Now these respected families were asking around that the news of Qilin blood, does you small powder cultivate can be what kind of?” One group of people were discussing in that the person like them had.

Where regardless of being not deficient wants to get huge windfall wealth the person. Buys the lottery ticket on Earth, although everybody clearly knows that buys the probability that the lottery ticket draws a prize-winning ticket is very low. Seeks for the Qilin blood to look for a needle in a haystack without doubt, but some same people seek for various types of books for this reason specially, various fables, even also some people form a team to start to seek for the news of related Qilin blood. Yeah, does not have the news.” Liu Shishi thinks such rich reward, should have the news, finally passed for half a month, any news did not have. If such simply can find, then it was not the Qilin blood.” Xia Tian already prepared for at heart. He knows that Qilin blood is definitely difficult to look, he can bump into the [gold/metal] drawing pen can be said as lucky, if not fire has the sun by chance, he absolutely was impossible to have the opportunity to find the [gold/metal] drawing pen. Reason that he cannot report the news, to broadly cast a net, if some people really know the news of Qilin blood. Thump! Comes.” Xia Tian has lifted the head languidly. Brother Xia, are I.” On the face of total Captain has piled up with the smiling face.