Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1991

Total Sir Captain comes me to have what advises.” Xia Tian very optional saying, he does not like this total Captain, but is not repugnant, this total Captain is suitable to be an official, but is not suitable to become friends, because in his eye forever is the benefit and neutralization, whom he will not go to intentionally and opposes, but will not go intentionally and who is on good terms. All matters that he handles have the goal. This Sir has not been at all, my name is Qi, if Brother Xia do not shut out, called me a Brother Qi on the line.” Total Captain smiling saying. He has not had any disaffection because of the Xia Tian manner. Although he is uneven Imperial City city Wei Jun total Captain, under the hand has over a billion famous city Wei Jun, but to put it bluntly he also works to the Qi Wang palace. He usually does not have what opportunity to contact the Qi Wang palace the upper formation, so long as generally speaking he completes his matter, that Qi Wang palace will not look for him, only if there is any matter to tell that he does. „, What matter does Brother Qi look for my?” Xia Tian each time with the total Captain speech is this appearance. Total Captain has been used to it: Brother my this is safe does not ascend the Buddhist temples, I deliberately considered that uneven Imperial City must hold a super talent challenge tournament recently.” „Aren't you will allow me to participate?” A Xia Tian face strange looks to total Captain. Words that Brother Xia where words, you must go , does that also use the ratio? This time is the order under Qi Wang palace, said that hopes uneven Imperial City can be vital in the future, all three years will hold a similar competition, this time are the super talent challenge tournaments, I deliberately considered that makes you work as the appraisal committee.” Total Captain answered hurriedly, he does not dare to make Xia Tian participate, that must make to laugh. Super Expert that but Xia Tian now in uneven Imperial City recognizes. Even some people said that he is five cauldron Expert. Allow him to participate in words of competition, others did not need to compare.

„Do I work as the appraisal committee?” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Person who naturally, appraisal committee position must have the prestige can work as, such following talented person is convinced, person who our uneven Imperial City currently has not had the prestige compared with you.” Total Captain said. „It is not good, I cannot work as.” Xia Tian beckons with the hand hurriedly. Brother Xia, you listened to me saying that first, your this appraisal committee in vain did not work as, I brought the gift to come.” Total Captain said that has put out three Chu rings directly. „?” Heard gift Xia Tian to come the interest, although the common thing he cannot use now, but his serious famine brothers were useful. Brother Xia, uneven Imperial City is still developing now, I estimate for 100 years to develop the crest, when the time comes uneven Imperial City can be said as is rich flows the oil, but uneven Imperial City when the time comes richest definitely is the top family, before uneven Imperial City had five big top families, for some reasons, remaining three, these three top families now officially invite you for the honor elder now.” Total Captain talked into intentionally is certain reasons, but had not said that was destroyed completely by Xia Tian. Honor elder?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Right, is honor elder, your this honor elder anything does not need to do, only needs to enroll, in three respected families each family one year has you 1/10 drawing bonus.” Total Captain said that has given Xia Tian the three Chu rings in hand directly. Xia Tian not polite, received these three Chu rings directly. He understood the meanings of these three top families, to put it bluntly, so long as they hang up the relations with Xia Tian, that nobody dares to bully them, but they can also develop steadily for 100 years. So long as they do not perish in the hundred years, that 100 years later, the wealth of their these families will perhaps rise several, even rises ten times. Because uneven Imperial City is a potential stock.

Soon, good that more and more uneven Imperial City can develop. Outside will have more people to come uneven Imperial City. Even uneven Imperial City will turn with Giant Bull City same existence. Naturally, all these premises are the smooth development. This smooth development is not easy. It looks like that two destroyed completely top families is the same, if they were not extinguished, that 100 years later, their families will become very formidable, what a pity they were extinguished, that all turned into the empty talk. Now three big top families have given the title of Xia Tian this honor elder, every year gives back to 20% drawing bonus, later and Xia Tian has the friction for avoidance, once their families meet to come to the verge of death the crisis, then they can also request that Xia Tian got rid. In their mind, has regarded as Xia Tian is five cauldron Expert. Therefore they believe that so long as Xia Tian gets rid, that does not have the matter that could not solve. On the ring writes, Song, the article three characters, this separately was the surnames of three big top families. Good, I complied.” Xia Tian nodded to say. Although he knows that these three money are not good to take, but he behind also has the entire serious famine, the serious famine compared with outside is really too backward, therefore he must make more money, making the serious famine and next three is also same, when the time comes the serious famine was not casual tripod Expert can go to the act high and mighty place.

The matter that however now Xia Tian most wants to do is refines the super compounded drug, like this he can revive his Master Yin Nie. He believes that his Master Yin Nie definitely knows the concerned his parents' news. These many years, he had not seen his mother, the father many years has not seen. In the future he knew after parents' news, certainly must look for his parents, he before leaving, hopes that can let the serious famine thorough development. Good, said it and meant it, the competition was three days later started, after the competition ended, three big top families will hold a luxurious grand feast for you, was specially for you prepared.” Total Captain smiling saying, this time has not come one finally in vain. This time is three respected families asks his, moreover he also truly hopes that Xia Tian can become the honor elders of three respected families, because such uneven Imperial City can also be peaceful. His city Wei Jun total Captain can also idle. In a city, there is the small friction and a contradiction can cause everybody's novelty, suddenly comes a time big campaign, that can also make the city more noticeable, once erupts the big campaign frequently, economical fast backing up of that this city. More good of uneven Imperial City development, his status is higher. Now uneven Imperial City all almost during his grasps, only then Xia Tian is an exception, reason that he chooses Xia Tian to work as the appraisal committee, on the one hand is because the Xia Tian prestige is in uneven Imperial City is truly highest, on the other hand he also hopes that makes Xia Tian aline Imperial City to have the sense of belonging. Total Captain, looked up this Xia Tian news.” Big Captain respectful saying.