Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1992

Said!” Saying that total Captain unemotionally. He came from Giant Bull City, name was Liu Shishi with his together that woman, was the young lady of Giant Bull City Liu, the talent is extremely high, four cauldron Rank 4 Expert, it is said was the Xia Tian fiancee, moreover we also looked up him and Giant Bull City demon immortal kitchen relations are very good.” That big Captain report said. Giant Bull City, Liu, demon immortal kitchen.” Total Captain took to read these essential glossaries alone. Right, moreover heard that he is also known in that side, just his strength is a riddle, moreover his place of birth cannot look up, he probably is emerging out of thin air is the same.” That big Captain continues to say. Really is very mystical, was good, reorganizing the good material gives me.” Total Captain takes the material to walk toward the Qi Wang palace directly. Qi Wang palace. In uneven Imperial City the most mystical place, nobody dares to approach. Qi Wang in legend is occupied by here, the Qi Wang sharpest armies lives here. Since uneven Imperial City appears, almost on few enters the Qi Wang palace personally, Qi Wang palace inside person little has also come out to take a walk. Nobody has seen Qi Wang and Qi Wang army. Has not seen any person in Qi Wang army on priceless Wei Jun total Captain. He arrives at Qi Wang palace also most surrounding, the person who wears the person of Qi Wang palace long gown is he contacts with, he called the opposite party is Qi, reason that he surnamed Qi was also the surname that Qi bestowed. Qi, this is the material that you want.” Total Captain has given Qi the material in hand. Um.” Qi nodded, meets after the material, said: This time super talent challenge tournament makes well, since this is the sports event that the uneven Imperial City Kaesong first time has organized, who obtained the top three, uneven Imperial City will grant Pin Baoqi and compounded drug.”

Relax, Qi.” Total Captain strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. That is good, the person who distance auction also about one year, when the time comes comes are definitely many, this year develops the hotel business as far as possible, some of our uneven Imperial City characteristics.” Qi said. Yes, Qi.” Total Captain respectful saying. Um!” Qi nodded, afterward left directly. Xia Tian becomes appraisal committee news passes on, immediately attracted more people to come to attend the competition. These youth talents hope to beam with joy in front of Xia Tian. According to statistics , after this news passes on, personnel of registration were many one-third, this is more resounding than Pin Baoqi given name. Just started to hear Pin Baoqi the reward, immediately increased the people of many registration, after all Pin Baoqi is four cauldron four Rank 5 above Expert can have the treasure that. At that time the personnel increased one-fourth. When everybody hears Boss Xia Tian of patching shop must work as the appraisal committee, the person of registration instantaneously increased one-third, this digital proportion is very terrifying. Although Pin Baoqi is very good, but only first three can obtain. The participating person was different, the participating person can see Xia Tian in legend, moreover perhaps they display well can obtain the attention of Xia Tian. The people of three big top families hear the Xia Tian agreement become their honor elders, that simply was too excited, they will not fear will unable to make money in the future, because they understand that uneven Imperial City was a giant treasure house, only took 100 years, even 50 years, uneven Imperial City will turn into second Giant Bull City, in the future may be even fiercer than Giant Bull City.

But they worried that their family cannot experience hundred years time. It looks like other two respected families is the same. Afterward possibly presents the accident, momentarily possibly the trend perishes. Even if they under family people did not offend anyone carefully, that this person probably will turn into their total destruction. It looks like fire is the same. Just started is just fire ordinary juniors Fire Cloud offended Xia Tian, finally evolved a bloody battle, the internecine strife. Was extinguished by Xia Tian to final fire directly. All are fire have only self to blame, if were not they to retaliate Xia Tian has gotten a cut Liu Shishi, they were also insufficient to reduce to the pitiful condition of extermination of the clan. Lao in, this is a good news.” On an old man face has been full of the smiling face. Um, truly is a good news, Lao did Song, how you see?” Lao in nodded, looks to the third old man. Had the support of Xia Tian, our three respected families do not need to worry that temporarily can end up to turn out fire such being out, moreover our three unite, can deal slightly some troublesome, but I thought what is main is low-key, although we are in uneven Imperial City the topest family, but we are the periods of expansion, try not to provoke the enemy, regardless of the opposite party seems how tiny.” Lao Song said. Um, I thought Lao Song right.” The first old man said that he is Lao Wen. Lao in, Lao Song, Lao Wen, in three people of uneven Imperial City the head of the clan of three respected families.

Three people of ages added already over 2000 years old. Um, Lao Song said truly right, I thought that is not only the present needs the low key, even if will be the future same is also low-key, the low key that but I said was the personhood low key, but did not work, our low key, but this cannot become the capital that others were not concerned about face, we first wanted the formidable our family, making others not dare to come to provoke.” Lao in said. Was good, generally speaking, we should celebrate, although each has put out 20% drawing bonus, but the wealth after is the things, only then the family, money is useful, if the family turns into fire such, that much money are also useless, after the competition ended, was we for the time of Xia Tian preparation banquet, good that must make, did not allow to have any mistake, must be seen us by Xia Tian to his attaching great importance.” Lao Song said. Um, so long as when the time comes is in uneven Imperial City the honored and popular person all invites, arrangement biggest conference site.” Lao Wen excited saying. This time banquet spends are more, his exceed will think that has the face.” Lao in said. Was right, the Qilin blood your did there have the news?” Lao Song asked that he spoke generally is very official, moreover can always say the essential matter. My this little news.” Lao Wen said. „?” Lao Song and Lao in all looked to him. „The news that I also accidentally inquire, it is said in the Qi Wang palace has the Qilin blood, moreover is the thousand years ago Qilin blood.” Lao Wen said. Qi Wang palace.” Three people have simultaneously looked at each other one. Or I thought that we sell his favour, told him this news, we were indefinite as for the news genuine and fake, explained with him is good.” Lao Song proposed.