Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1993

Patching shop. Xia Tian, you, when this appraisal committee went to sit in that sleeps.” Liu Shishi said with a smile secretly, she knew Xia Tian for a long time, Xia Tian usually almost except for patching the weapon was sleeping, she does not understand really Xia Tian Realm actually how cultivation got up, slept unexpectedly to be able cultivation was so quick. That was natural.” Xia Tian does not evade. Saw Xia Tian unexpectedly complies is so simple, Liu Shishi also is really but. Thump! At this moment, the gate was sounded. Outside the Xia Tian patching door has into the armed forces to guard, therefore the average person is impossible to come to knock on a door to disturb Xia Tian casually. Comes.” Xia Tian shouts. One line of three people push door to enter directly, three people of uniform old age white beards. Age very big. You are.?” Xia Tian does not remember one know these three people. Summer elder, our three are the head of the clan of uneven Imperial City three big top families.” On Lao Song face had the smiling face. They usually are keeping aloof figure, treats these people completely is the appearance of aloof, when they see Xia Tian, they are become are the same with the average person. „!” Xia Tian only knows that who these three old men are, big figure that these three people that absolutely is usually difficult to see, they three status are high, even if the people in their family wants to see them also only to be able catches up with any important matter, but their three actually on own initiative look for Xia Tian now: What matter? Here anything tea, has not poured tea to you.” Xia Tian now after is the honor elders of three big top families, every year will take families 20% drawing bonus, therefore Xia Tian has not been treats total Captain such treats their several likely. Does not use, does not use.” Lao Wen said hurriedly.

Neglected.” Xia Tian lifts the hand, hints several people to sit down. Three people have not cared, after all they heard that total Captain came Xia Tian not to say lets words that he sat down. Summer elder, we heard that you were looking for the Qilin blood recently?” Lao Song just sat down directly said. Um, did the venerable have the news of Qilin blood?” On the Xia Tian face presented some surprised, he wants to obtain the Qilin blood. Jupiter, [gold/metal] drawing pen and Qilin blood. Now he obtained Jupiter and [gold/metal] drawing pen, only bad Qilin blood. Is a little news.” Lao Song saying slowly. Really?” Xia Tian has opened the mouth surprisedly. Um.” Lao Song nodded. He saw the surprised look from the face of Xia Tian finally, Xia Tian that they saw before is indifferent and mysterious, but on the face of Xia Tian presented the surprised look today. Venerable mentioned in a big hurry.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Good, I do not keep guessing.” Lao Song nodded, afterward continues saying: News that we also inquire, but the genuine and fake do not know that it is said before uneven Imperial City by the seal, Qi Wang was obtained the Qilin blood, still has that not to know that as for the present, but I think, since Qi Wang can obtain the Qilin blood, he most at least should be able to know the news of some related Qilin blood.” Qi Wang palace, Qi Wang.” Xia Tian nod of silently. Actually this news said was also equal to had not said that after all wants to see Qi Wang that is almost the impossible matter, even if total Captain wants to see Qi Wang that is also very difficult.” Lao Song said. Many thanks several venerables, calculate that I owe you a favour.” Xia Tian cups one hand in the other across the chest to say.

Polite anything, you are our honor elders , helping you are our duty-bound matters, you have any matter, said freely that we will certainly try.” Saying of Lao Song atmosphere, he understands very now he sold to the Xia Tian favour, after him, asked Xia Tian really time, Xia Tian definitely also embarrassed rejected. Then, I also really have a minor matter to ask three venerables.” Xia Tian is also impolite saying. Although said.” Lao Song strikes one's chest to say. Your has seen such bead?” Xia Tian has put out five lines of links, above altogether five beads, but surrounding only then four, inside has a air/Qi mercury. The bead of surrounding separately is the wooden spirit bead, the juicy bead, the fire spirit bead and earth spirit bead, miss a [gold/metal] spirit bead. After Xia Tian sees five lines of ghost attacks, he wanted to obtain [gold/metal] Lingzhu. Five Yuan attack was really too ruthless. Five lines of ghost each people obviously are only the tripod Rank 9 strengths, but they depend upon five Yuan to attack unexpectedly to defeat four cauldron Rank 2 about matches. Formidable actually five Yuan thus it can be seen attack how. This bead, Lao Wen, isn't that your grandson's toy?” Lao Song looked that asked to Lao Wen. Um, is only the color is different, moreover above a little metallicity, therefore I give my grandson to take away, when toy.” Lao Wen nodded. Really?” On the Xia Tian face some, he has put out a Chu ring immediately afterward: Venerable Wen, in this 100 million low grade spirit stone, are regarded as the exchanges was good.” How that can be good, my this goes back to give you to remove, money, you are the honor elder of our family, I collect your money am what's the matter.” Lao Wen shook the head hurriedly. Receiving, one yard normalizing code, I was snatching your grandson's toy, these money considered me to give his compensation.” Xia Tian stiffly filled the Chu ring in hand to Venerable Wen, regarding Xia Tian, [gold/metal] Lingzhu the value was distant surpassed these 100 million low grade spirit stone. Now Xia Tian most does not lack is money.

He is suitable for spirit stone altogether 500 billion that the waterside pavilion takes by force, the value of resource 1 trillion, but resources by day cold sword swallowing, but money has not been short, before broke through to tripod Rank 9, he altogether has spent spirit stone 15 million, couple days ago sent back 1 million low grade spirit stone. He currently also has 340 million. Reason that he does not give the serious famine to send back too many spirit stone is because he is worried to cause others' coveting, he plans to transport once in a while. Good, I accepted.” Lao Wen noticed that Xia Tian appearance decidedly can only accept. Xia Tian chatted a meeting with several people, some people have delivered [gold/metal] Lingzhu. Saw [gold/metal] Lingzhu that moment, the excited color on Xia Tian face wins. Was good, several of us old fogy did not disturb you, went to there to play.” Three always stand up to say goodbye. I do not deliver, has the opportunity to pay a visit surely.” On the Xia Tian face had the smiling face. Three old may has helped his busy. Not only told him the news of Qilin blood, but also helped him attain [gold/metal] Lingzhu. Then must refine five lines of links.” In the Xia Tian look bright light dodges.