Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1996

4 billion low grade spirit stone. In front of total Captain currently has 4 billion low grade spirit stone. He is a greedy person, when sees these many spirit stone, his really heart movement. But Xia Tian the requests him somewhat to be also awkward. Received, these 4 billion low grade spirit stone were not taking the words, I perhaps for a lifetime could not have a good sleep to think.” Total Captain received 4 billion low grade spirit stone directly, these 4 billion have been worth him putting together one, he planned that said this matter with Qi. After all Qi also very cares about Xia Tian. Hope will blame together never me.” Total Captain said that also left the theater box. After Xia Tian returned to the patching shop, Liu Shishi also withdraws from cultivation: What celebration has? Looked that your is probably happy.” I like discussing the matter with greedy person, because they spend money to buy over him.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You, the person the little rascal is big, over 20 years old, obviously do are the same with several hundred -year-old fogy.” Liu Shishi's smiling saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Xia Tian laughs, he has been familiar with be said several times by Liu Shishi every day. Tomorrow's clothes I have prepared to you, placed in your room, I happen to wanted the ginseng research whip law recently, did not watch the fun.” Liu Shishi said. Needs me to help?” Xia Tian asked. Needs a station that motionless target.” Liu Shishi looks to Xia Tian. Volume, that is considers as finished.” Xia Tian said that has run back own room directly. Next morning. Xia Tian has put on Liu Shishi for the clothes that he prepares. Is a long gown, sky blue long gown.

On the long gown has embroidered the coordinated process, is attractive. Just went out of the patching shop time, Xia Tian saw to meet his sedan chair, these guards of entrance saw Xia Tian time gawked. Usually Xia Tian puts on is optional, even links ordinary small Boss not to compare, today but Xia Tian puts on was really too attractive, this sky blue long gown probably was the clothes of king, lets wish worship that the person looked at unable to bear. The person is clothes horse is a saddle. If before , everybody thinks that Xia Tian is just that type by the person who the talent eats meal, then everybody believes now, even if eats meal by the face, Xia Tian also had that qualifications. Mr. Xia, please get into a sedan chair.” Xia Tian on direct sedan chair. This sedan chair very big, is lifted by 32 people together. Super talent challenge tournament! Position in the east, has the positions of dozens streets from the Xia Tian patching shop. There has huge developing stage. Usually on that also will have the different competitions and angles fights. But this time is biggest. Only before permitting 40 -year-old person participation, the participating first three each people will obtain in one Pin Baoqi and compounded drug. Regarding these participating people. They do not rush to first three to go, they are the powder cultivate, this competition they want buddingly, then had a liking for by the respected family, goes to the respected family to seek a position. When Xia Tian arrives at the competition range, made noise was more peaceful than the practice grounds around immediately.

The sedan chair stopped on a stair. Xia Tian slowly walked from the sedan chair. Flash hundreds of thousands, over a million person vision all centralized on the body of Xia Tian. In uneven Imperial City has the resident several billions, even is still increasing, they have all heard the Xia Tian fact, but sees the Xia Tian person not to have many truly. At this time a Xia Tian blue imperial robe is awe-inspiring. The following person very envied. After Xia Tian came, saw the stair above seat, at this time the head of the clan of total Captain and three big top families all arrived, their seats have the division of rank, the seat of roof only then two, one is total Captain, another is Xia Tian, under them that row has three positions, is the positions of three big top family head of the clan. Then , in descending order , are the head of the clan of other big , middle and small families. In the competition range over a million people enter the war at this time, but on the surrounding stand the audience is over over a billion people, if not the stand is not very big, perhaps the population will be more, even if this, watches some surrounding many people of stage to stand. Comes to watch the gate ticket price of competition not to be low. Nobody 100 low grade spirit stone scratch coats. Even some good positions have copied several million low grade spirit stone. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian dodges, arrived in own position directly. Everybody in you, you came to say two.” Total Captain also somewhat envied Xia Tian, although he appeared atmosphere also very good, but could not achieve Xia Tian this absolutely, can let the scene complete silence. Um!” Xia Tian nod of slightly, said afterward: Welcome everybody to attend the super talent challenge tournament, my vision is very good, I will see each of you's performance.” !

The scene has seethed with excitement immediately. These participating people all have been also full of the enthusiasm. Here participating people are because Xia Tian works as the appraisal committee, they come participating. At this time hears Xia Tian this idol the words, they want to display well to Xia Tian look. Your line, a few words made the scene explode.” The total Captain accent said with a smile. Matter how?” Asking that Xia Tian comes straight to the point, since total Captain collected his money, he naturally must ask the matter manages how, his money is not casual can take. Um, Qi said that but first he hopes that this competition can handle, so long as competes to handle, I can lead you to see him.” Total Captain nodded. „Does competition handle? That is very simple.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Listened to arrive in full always said that is willing to see him, Xia Tian naturally also relaxed. He has to inquire the news of related Qilin blood with great difficulty, if never sees him together, he did not have the opportunity to see Qi Wang, was more impossible to know that the matter of related Qilin blood, as for attacked hardly or steals, that was bringing death without doubt. Right? Do you have what means to let compete are more splendid?” Total Captain very puzzled looks to Xia Tian. You announced the competition first.” Xia Tian said. Good!” Total Captain said that stands up to beckon with the hand, the scene was peaceful immediately: Fellow participating personnel paid attention, after being selective, finally had determined the number is 1 million people, here altogether 1000 martial arts contest stages, these 1000 martial arts contest stages will carry simultaneously on the competition, on each martial arts contest stage 1000 people, finally only then a person can be promoted, you display well . Moreover, our Mr. Xia had the words to say.” Xia Tian standing up slowly, the vision took a fast look around in the following these people: „The performance, I will choose the disciple from you well.”