Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1998

That person felt suddenly a happy heart heads on. Xia Tian unexpectedly chose him to work as disciple. Ha Ha, ha ha ha ha!” That person of incomparably excited laughing said. The surrounding person also all looks with the vision that envying the envy hated to him. Total Captain helpless shaking the head, he understands why finally Xia Tian said did not punish that person, originally Xia Tian must receive that artificial disciple. When that person is most excited, Xia Tian continues saying: I said lost of competition.” Ah! That person of low voice bursting out laughing stops. Suddenly stopped, at this moment, he as if directly dropped the hell from the heaven. Loses of competition. All people looked that toward wolf youth who under stage that just about to walks, the wolf youth also slightly stares, he lost the competition obviously, but Xia Tian unexpectedly has chosen him. This periphery these envied the vision that envy hated to look to him. Gets down the rest, some while people will look your.” Xia Tian said. Although Xia Tian has chosen a disciple, but on the stage these people anticipated, because first three thorough turned into their goal. Xia Tian had said a moment ago, he also met formerly in three to choose a disciple. Then first three are their goals. The head of the clan of three big top families are regretting, early knows that Xia Tian also will choose the words of disciple in first three, they family in elite all sent, best first three all occupying.

Xia Tian casual a few words, an action. Can affect all people. This is the manner of superior. Why chooses him? After all now the remaining these person of talents and strengths are good.” Total Captain puzzled asking. The head of the clan of three big top families also puzzled looked to Xia Tian, they were away from Xia Tian and total Captain are very near, therefore their dialogs they could hear. „The strength strong and weak can train, the next three in talent is innumerable, but is a little unable to change, then on the instinct, some people natural dispositions is deceitful, some people like with the brain, some people are full of the fondness of countryside wait / etc., these are related with the environment that their birth environment and grow up, the deceitful person often can win victory without firing a shot during the fight, likes being able to jump the ranks the challenge with the person of brain, fills the wild person during the fight to occupy completely takes the initiative, the person who I must find is this person.” Xia Tian saying slowly. „, I understood, that boy I looked, a little natural disposition, the body is having the flavor of wild wolf, I looked at his information a moment ago, he grows up in the lair, afterward the pack of wolves was extinguished, he ran away, he has used for ten years killed off has destroyed completely pack of wolves all people, had not run, his memory was very good, any that time participated in the person who exterminated the pack of wolves he remembering the appearance and aura.” Total Captain answered. Right, is wolf.” Xia Tian nodded. Today first five appeared. First five are to defeat wolf youth respected family Expert of that four cauldron Rank 2 separately, three in three respected family person and powder cultivates. Five people of strengths are four cauldron Rank 2. Finally the ballot person draws a bye. That person of drawing a bye is the person of Song. Ha Ha, it seems like the person luck of Song are good, directly entered first three.” Lao Song laughed was saying. You have gone, summer elder had not said the person who must receive your family works as the disciple, do you such early do happily.” Lao Wen stared Lao Song one eyes. Is, is, Mr. Xia only said that first three have the opportunity.” Lao in is also opens the mouth to say.

Although their three present is union, but their three may probably receive the quota of disciple to drool with envy to Xia Tian. „, Your old fogies envy me.” Lao Song proud saying. After the competition ended, wolf youth was brought the patching shop. „Can you be willing to request me to be the master?” Xia Tian asked. Wants!” The wolf youth said directly. Why?” Xia Tian asked again. Because you are very fierce.” Saying that the wolf youth has not covered up. „Do you name?” Xia Tian such problem by problem was asking, he was satisfied to the wolf youth's reply. Simply, real. Wolf raises, because I am the wolf raise, therefore I called the wolf to raise.” The wolf youth said. This name is not of pleasant to hear, my name is Xia, you are surnamed with me, additional Xia Langke is good?” Xia Tian asked. Good.” The wolf youth said. Complies is so happy, after not, bumps into the person who I am stronger, was surnamed with him?” Xia Tian exploratory asking. Only if some day you died, others are willing to teach me the skill to revenge for you, I will be surnamed with him.” Saying that the wolf youth does not cover up. Although his words are not very pleasant to the ear, anything was called you dead. But Xia Tian does not have the vitality of silk, instead was on the face has been full of the smiling face.

He likes the disposition of wolf youth. Good, starting today, you were my apprentice, your Core Law can continue cultivation, I taught you my homemade Martial Arts to seize dragon first, this seizing dragon rare book that was I reorganizes, after going back, cultivation, will watch the competition with me well tomorrow together.” Xia Tian has given Xia Lang a jade Jane, in jade Jane writes seizes Secret Art of dragon. The Xia Tian skill are many, seizes dragon is also, seizes dragon is very overbearing, so long as utilized appropriately, that held the Tathagata god absolutely is fiercer, especially to fighting wild beast and so on thing, seized the dragon function can be said as very abnormal, he can mobilize all strengths instantaneously, no longer needs to gather the strength time. Reason that he teaches Xia Lang to seize dragon, is hopes to continue to display his fondness of countryside. Yes, Master.” Xia Lang the disposition is frank, matter that so long as he recognizes, then it will hold on to the last. It looks like the present, although does not have any acknowledging as teacher ceremony, but in his heart, so long as recognized that Xia Tian was his Master, he will directly call Xia Tian is Master. Xia Tian most likes is also his disposition. Next morning, summer wolf waiting early in out of the door, he walks toward the competition range with the Xia Tian sedan chair. After competition range, Xia Tian made Xia Lang follow him, although Xia Lang did not have the seat, position Xia Tian side that but he stood, such position could be said as the unusual anomaly, because the head of the clan of three big top families also sat in his below, thus it can be seen Xia Tian to his attaching great importance. Such scene made person envy. This time is the pure envy, has not envied. The first five people are ready to fight, such status they will have quickly, so long as enters first three, each of them had that opportunity. „The my second disciple, I will teach him Formation.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly.