Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1999

Formation! What?” Heard the Xia Tian words, all people are all shocked. Formation, Xia Tian unexpectedly must teach Formation. Xia Tian Formation in the entire uneven Imperial City that is a legend. That can be said as the perfection legend. Over a thousand best Formation masters break through the enemy lines Formation that is unable to break him to arrange together, moreover there are several Rank 4 Formation masters in inside. Finally these people even died by their Formation rebound. Thus it can be seen, attainments of Xia Tian on Formation is uneven Imperial City is absolutely strongest, no, even may be next three is strongest, now his unexpectedly must teach Formation, this simply is the huge good deed. At this time under the stage that five team member, besides of Song, other four people are all ready to fight. Because that ballot of Song finds time, therefore he was promoted directly. Your boy listened to me, cannot enter the first three my bones to break it to you.” Patriarch of Wen stands up to the following that Wen Jia juniors directly said that is his biological grandson. The surrounding person is a heavy line of face. This Patriarch also had the proper business. When they are most sigh with emotion, Patriarch of Yu has also stood: Small six, if you not being able to go in first three, I chop you chop feed the wild beast to go.” Looked two Patriarch like child is mumping, everybody very helpless. The Yu juniors and Wen under juniors stage also stand there take a stand. Grandfather, you felt relieved that guaranteed enters first three.” Sees these two pairs of funnyman grandfather and grandchild, the person was more helpless, their demeanor, their makings have not paid attention in this moment completely.

Ha Ha, couldn't your three old fogies calm down? Do not forget the decision-making power in the Brother Xia hand, what disciple he told you to receive yesterday, this gives you privilege, made every effort to succeed as for the disciples of your family must think their.” City Wei Jun total Captain opens the mouth to say. Xia Tian sits well there has not spoken. The competition is held unusual is intense. Finally not lets people down. Descendants successful entering of three big top families first three, in other words, Xia Tian will choose the disciple in three big top families. The competition just ended, Xia Tian has stood. Sees Xia Tian to stand, those present were once more peaceful. It can be said that Xia Tian every action and every movement can affect all people. The second disciple who I must receive is.” Xia Tian spoke of here time slightly. Three people of these people field with periphery all tightened the spirit, here most anxious was Patriarch of Song, although his grandson has not competed today has been promoted, but he does not have the competition today, has not shown oneself strength the opportunity, therefore his grandson most did not get the advantage. The juniors of Song even directly lowered the head. Peaceful. Scene very peaceful. Nobody spoke. Song Jia!” Xia Tian saying slowly. Song Jia! Juniors of Song. No one has thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly chose Song juniors Song Jia who had not gotten rid.

This.” Song Jia hoodwinked, he just thinks one were in three people the probability is smallest. Patriarch of Song also thinks a moment ago this Xia Tian will definitely not choose own grandson, when Xia Tian said Song Jia this name, he was almost direct fell insanely, was the excited insanity falls. Xia Tian unexpectedly has chosen own grandson. Why is this?” All people all do not understand why this is. But Xia Tian will not go to explain anything with them, Xia Tian chooses anyone, that is, others do not have the right to speak, does not have the right opposition. Walks!” Xia Tian said that leads Xia Lang to leave directly. Song Jia has not responded from the matter. Small good, my good grandson, not to have followed your Master quickly.” Patriarch incomparably excited saying of Song. Sees his appearance, Yu Patriarch and Wen Patriarch infinite regret, but since Xia Tian has decided that they do not have any right of opposition. Ah! Song Jia then responded that pursued hurriedly. This time he has caused not the small stir, unexpectedly received two disciples continuously, moreover must teach his Formation to the juniors of Song, it seems like hundred years later, in uneven Imperial City some impossible people able to shake Song absolutely in the uneven Imperial City status.” Total Captain saying silently. Patches in the shop. You had studied Formation before!” Xia Tian looked to Song Jia saying slowly. Master, your this knows.” Song Jia surprised saying. Can look from your both hands and movements, the Formation master when idles bored is loving the swinging finger.” Xia Tian said. Master, I truly had studied before, strongest time arranges Rank 3 Formation.” Song Jiajiang own Formation strength said. I teach you three hand imprints, then gives you 100 Rank 1 Formation layout methods, I take your seven days to arrange.” Xia Tian sat on the chair has taken up one cup of tea to drink one gently. Seven days? 100, such possible Ah! on Song Jia the face has written all over inconceivable.

Seven days, 100 Formation! Although is only Rank 1 Formation, but he arranges most familiar Rank 1 Formation also to take several hours, seven days he does not eat not to rest also to arrange about 30 many, this is the limit. Later has remembered, does not have anything not to be impossible, I will not give mission that you cannot complete, I will teach you three hand imprints, if you in seven days cannot arrange these 100 Formation, I have killed you, because I do not hope my hand imprint to divulge to an outsider.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks that Song Jia said. Yes, Master.” Song Jia was afraid Xia Tian from the bottom of the heart. Because the Xia Tian reputation was really too resounding. If did not read in you just started to study with me, I will only give you three days.” Xia Tian puts down the teacup in oneself hand. Three days!” Song Jia this time knows that Xia Tian must certainly teach him the real thing. Favored.” After Xia Tian said that his palm has shown three strange postures, saw the Xia Tian posture, on Song Jia the face presented very surprised facial expression, because this group of hand imprints seemed simple, but seemed containing the endless main road. Song Jia has not gone to participate in the final decisive battle, but is the direct forfeit. Although the prize is precious, but he obtained compared with a Pin Baoqi better thing, that is became the Xia Tian disciple. The enormous and powerful competition such simply ended. Reason that can be so quick, is actually because everybody only regards the competition is the entertainment, therefore sees the similar time, admitted defeat. Has not presented too big casualties. This time competition biggest climax is two disciples who Xia Tian receives, if were not Xia Tian said that must receive two disciples, that competition will be only more bored. „Did Brother Xia, prepare? Today must see Qi.” Total Captain shouts in the Xia Tian patching shop.