Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 2000

The competition ended. Xia Tian also truly made the competition has caused a stir much. Therefore he can see Qi. Together always in uneven Imperial City very mysterious existence, entire uneven Imperial City surrounding, only then city Wei Jun total Captain can see him, moreover sees each time must have matter report, otherwise was needs Qi to summon. Together always Qi Wang palace representative. Also is the Qi Wang palace temporarily with the contact person of outside. Although uneven Imperial City from underground rose already more than two years of time, but the Qi Wang palace was still a fan. Actually nobody knows in the Qi Wang palace to live in any monster, nobody has seen Qi Wang in legend. Came!” Xia Tian walked from the backyard. How today you put on is so optional.” Total Captain puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Xia Tian is very obviously rich, the clothes can buy expensively, can trading of Tiantian. But the Xia Tian usual wear is optional such . Moreover the hair of Xia Tian is very short, this in next three is uncommon, only if will be these highway robbers or hooligan will have a short hair. Was used.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. What he puts on is Biao Pei of earthman, the hairstyle is also on Earth the person who becomes a soldier most to love for the short hair. He thinks that this suffices cleanly agile. After he handled matter on hand, he is also same will find the way to return to Earth, because he in Earth was most comfortable. Good, can we?” Total Captain asked. Walks.” Xia Tian nodded. Out of the door had two sedan chairs, Xia Tian and a total Captain person sat one.

Afterward they walk toward the Qi Wang palace. The surroundings of Qi Wang palace, there is large quantities of city Wei Jun to protect. Actually is nobody protects, some that people do not dare to approach the Qi Wang palace absolutely, because that is bringing death without doubt, but total Captain sent for defending Qi Wang palace one strictly, to guard the ganef to submerge the Qi Wang palace. Such Qi will not be happy. All that he has now, is Qi gives, if day of Qi wants to receive, he does not have any means. Therefore he works is quite careful. The speed of sedan chair is not fast, moreover passed through four transmission, they arrive at the Qi Wang palace outside, about two kilometers they have gotten down the sedan chair outside the Qi Wang palace, because this is the respect to the Qi Wang palace. Thump! Total Captain has sounded the Qi Wang palace front door. ! The front door of Qi Wang palace opened. Brother Xia, do not wander about aimlessly, with tightening me.” Total Captain said in a low voice. Um.” Xia Tian nodded. He here is asks person to help to answer the issue today, is not stirs up trouble, naturally cannot wander about aimlessly. Walked for probably more than ten minutes, they arrived at a small alcove. A white clothing old man is sitting in the small alcove at this time drinks tea. Qi.” Total Captain respectful bowing. Qi.” Xia Tian also cups one hand in the other across the chest.

Um, you are Xia Tian.” Qi has lifted head slowly. Um.” Xia Tian nodded. Sits.” Qi said. Many thanks.” Xia Tian not polite, sat in Qi directly the opposite, total Captain has not actually sat, but has stood. How thinks the Qi Wang palace?” Qi asked. He gave Xia Tian directly but actually one cup of tea. Good, the air is better than outside, moreover everywhere is Formation, has isolated the mixed noisy sound, moreover here ground builds with the special stone, even if four cauldron Expert is impossible to destroy the ground.” Xia Tian said directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, total Captain stares slightly, he came these many times, unexpectedly does not know that here ground unexpectedly also has such big background. Power of observation is good.” Nod of Qi appreciation, lifted afterward slightly raised hand the teacup. Xia Tian simultaneously has also raised in oneself hand the teacup, drinks under. How do you think present uneven Imperial City?” Qi asked again. Still is developing, but in less than hundred years, uneven Imperial City can compare favorably with existence of Giant Bull City.” Saying that Xia Tian has not had scruples, good that although in his eyes uneven Imperial City develops now, but with Giant Bull City was too bad, the economy of Giant Bull City casual East city can the economy of direct Insta-kill entire uneven Imperial City. Um, almost.” Qi has not been angry, sends, but is approval the viewpoint of Xia Tian: How do you see to Qi Wang?” What sees? I have not seen him from the start, how I know how to see.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Was Qi Wang in the past greatly killed the square matter.” Qi does not have the slight taboo direct said. Since uneven Imperial City has established, nobody went for the matter that past Qi Wang leads troops to murder in all directions again. I do not know that this must look is any reason, if no reason to kill the four directions greatly, he is a bastard, but if some people injure his family member, draws an analogy, if some people injure my family member, I absolutely will not be softhearted.” The Xia Tian speech truly completely does not obstruct does not cover. Nearby total Captain hear of sweat directing current.

Especially Xia Tian said Qi Wang is a bastard time, direct paralyzed base that he has almost not frightened ground. Ha Ha Ha Ha, dares to scold the person of Qi Wang bastard, you absolutely are first.” Not only Qi has not been angry, instead has laughed. I directly also have not scolded him, only if he initially for amusing, but kills people in all directions, I scolded right.” Xia Tian still does not think one have anything to speak incorrectly. Qi gave Xia Tian once more but actually one cup of tea. This represents him not to be angry. „Is tea how is it?” Qi shifted the topic, but same is he was asking. Today Xia Tian arrived here is mainly asks the matter of Qilin blood, but he came later Qi to ask his matter. Tea is very bitter.” Xia Tian said. Qi gave Xia Tian once more but actually one cup of tea. Qi, I am not drink tea today, the tea I can afford, I come to want with you to inquire a news of Xiaqilin blood.” Xia Tian has not been willing to continue the ink marks to get down with Qi, he does not like Qi always obliquely asking his some questions in this. Really is a crabby, if the average person saw me, so long as I do not give him the opportunity, he cannot ask matter that want to ask.” Qi smiling looks at Xia Tian. Here is the Qi Wang palace, dares like this to speak to him here, Xia Tian absolutely is an exceptional case. Now can tell me?” Xia Tian asked. Not!” Qi shook the head. Cannot you also make me come.” Xia Tian very discontented saying, this is clearly teasing him, he does not believe that the total Captain meeting with Qi had not said goal that one come. Because I do not know the news of Qilin blood, in entire Qi Wang palace, only then Qi Wang knows, words that wants to ask, you must ask him.”