Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2001

Listens to arrive in full the old words. Xia Tian stares slightly. Only then a Qi Wang person knows. It seems like the Qilin blood is not simple. I must see Qi Wang.” Xia Tian said directly. Walks.” Qi unexpectedly such happily complied directly. On nearby total Captain face presented the incomparably surprised facial expression, he thought that Xia Tian was really too extraordinary, unexpectedly can see including Qi Wang. Moreover he raises a mouth, Qi unexpectedly such happily complied. Is Qi Wang so really good to see? Naturally not. But his Xia Tian saying must see Qi Wang, Qi directly complied, this is Qi Wang also wants to see Xia Tian very much obviously. Um!” Xia Tian stands up directly. Others will possibly hear to see Qi Wang to have the tense feeling and sense of fear, after all Qi Wang is one living the legend, related to his legend that is innumerable, moreover Qi Wang is also the thousand years ago old monsters. Slaughters the King. Qi brings Xia Tian to walk toward the Qi Wang palace interior. But city Wei Jun total Captain stands in same place, does not dare to move, does not dare with. Xia Tian discovered that more walks toward inside, Formation are more, these Formation have the sound-insulated effect. Did not need to look, in these Formation was the Qi Wang palace person is exercising martial arts or develops anything, therefore used this type to isolate Formation.” Qi answered. „!” Xia Tian nod of slightly.

Walked for one hour. Xia Tian they arrive at a main hall. Sits a meeting in this, Qi Wang will come quickly out.” Qi said that has drawn back directly. In the main hall has only left behind Xia Tian one person. This main hall all over the body golden yellow, builds with the gold completely, after arriving at Xia Tian next three, Xia Tian little can see the gold. Because is here has the gold, everybody also regards the ordinary stone to use. Only then a small number collect the gold, then refines Purple gold. However the output of Purple gold is low, only then the refiner master used on Purple gold, therefore Purple gold is not too best-selling. The main hall of shiny golden. The entire main hall builds with the gold, all, including chair and table, as well as floor and periphery all decorations. When Xia Tian sits is here bored, the front of main hall presented one person. Volume!” When Xia Tian sees the opposite party, immediately stares. The heroic spirit is threatening! These four characters are used to describe that this person was really too appropriate. His every action and every movement as if are the King arrive to be the same, although he also wears very ordinary clothes, but this cannot cover his formidable imposing manner. Jianying eyebrow, big eye, small country character face, head one meter about 85. If this person appears on Earth, that will be unearthed into the star absolutely. Qi Wang?” Xia Tian exploratory asking.

Um, we met!” Qi Wang nodded. „Had we met before?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, he does not remember before one, has seen Qi Wang. In the mausoleum chamber, you are the final winner.” Qi Wang said. „!” Xia Tian then thinks that in the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, erupted a war finally, this war Xia Tian cut to kill other Expert, but his Advanced treasure has also abandoned, finally stupor, but in his team, Brother Xiaoma obtained false immortal beast Dragon Hun, Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi obtained Advanced treasure. Therefore he truly is final winner. You remember me, I also think that you could not see our situation at that time.” Xia Tian awkward saying. You fought in the above of this main hall at that time, how I will unable to see.” Qi Wang said. Qi Wang, my this time comes to ask you to help.” Xia Tian cuts into the subject directly, although he can continue to talk about old days with Qi Wang, after all Qi Wang is a legend, communicates the relations always to have the advantage, but he hopes to know the news of Qilin blood earlier. You want to know the news of Qilin blood.” Qi Wang said directly. Early has said this matter to him together. Right.” Xia Tian nodded. Before I truly obtained the Qilin blood, but had been used by me, the Qilin blood is very precious thing, its function is very big, the Qilin is not the spirit beast, is not the super spirit beast, is not the immortal beast, but is the Saint beast, its blood can affect many are unable saying that looked how you have used, in the past I also obtained the Qilin bodhi that a drop of Qilin blood condenses, takes to promote a strength of cauldron directly instantaneously, but I have not taken directly, but was used to detonate the entire place city of my enemy.” Qi Wang very patient answered. He not in callousness like legend. Also has not spoken shouted that hits to shout " kill ", even can be said as is easy getting along with. Promotes a strength of cauldron directly, this was also too terrifying!” Xia Tian has opened the mouth surprisedly. Naturally, only then five cauldron following strengths can promote a cauldron, five cauldrons above did not have that big effect, moreover a person took second not to have that big effect.” Qi Wang said that his temperament is very good, and has the patience very much. Status like him, generally speaking to others a feeling of keeping aloof. Even can be said as pretends to have dignity intentionally.

But he does not need, he does not need to install to be able from the start to have the dignity, is divulging the air/Qi of King from top to bottom. That was also abnormal enough.” Xia Tian had not heard any panacea can promote Realm of person cauldron directly, this absolutely can be said as the anomaly in anomaly, super anomaly. Very is truly abnormal, I used it to detonate the gunpowder crag, finally has killed five cauldron Expert over a hundred people, six cauldron Expert.” Qi Wang very proud saying. Five cauldron Expert over a hundred people, six cauldron Expert. Next three so many Expert?” Xia Tian surprised asking. Before had, now does not know.” Qi Wang said. This was also too terrifying, although the might of gunpowder crag was very big, but wanted to kill five cauldron above Expert not to be perhaps simple.” Xia Tian does not believe five cauldron above Expert can be killed by the gunpowder crag directly, that five cauldron Expert are not valuable. Mixed the Qilin bodhi to suffice.” The hand of Qi Wang wields: Qilin bodhi, although is only a drop of Qilin blood, but when it permeates that moment of gunpowder crag, after the gunpowder crag explodes the penetrating power is invincible.” So that's how it is.” Xia Tian nod of silently: Was right, Qi Wang, your Qilin bodhi from which lane?” „Do you want to know very much?” Qi Wang asked. Um.” Xia Tian nodded. Perhaps cannot go to there by your present strength, moreover recently the turbulent situation, you want to go to there difficulty.” Qi Wang said. Asked Qi Wang to tell my concrete address first, after I can wait for the strength, went again.” Xia Tian wants to ascertain while this opportunity directly, like this after him, good directly to go to there to seek for the Qilin blood. Good, I told you.”