Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2002

Xia Tian vision stubbornly is staring at Qi Wang. At this moment he must remember this place firmly. Because he wants to rescue his Master, this opportunity. So long as has gotten so far as the Qilin blood, he can run immediately, refines that super compounded drug, revives his Master, can know the concerned his parents' news. That place is called Qilin hole, is one of the next three most mystical places, regardless of the legend anything has gone, is unable to live coming out.” Qi Wang looked that said to Xia Tian. Qilin hole!” Xia Tian silently remembered this place: Where does your Qilin blood from make?” Xia Tian is curious, Qi Wang said that whoever has gone, is unable to live coming out, actually that Qi Wang obtains the Qilin bodhi? Luck, moreover I have not entered the Qilin hole.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile, he not detailed explanation, obviously now but then situation does not say like him is so relaxed. „, Where is that Qilin hole concrete position at?” Xia Tian asked again. Next three have three strategic places, the Qilin hole, the abyss canyon and endless sea area, these three places were five cauldron Expert went, was almost impossible to live coming back, position distance here of Qilin hole was too not far, five years of distance, the abyss canyon and endless sea area wanted on far some.” Qi Wang patient answered. Right Qi Wang, I discovered after I see you, with imagination, in legend probably is not quite same.” Xia Tian said doubts in oneself heart. In legend I am a deicide is right? Added that I killed off the next three all people.” Qi Wang smiling saying. Almost.” Xia Tian truly had heard related Qi Wang legend, that was simply expressive Qi Wang.

All people know that Qi Wang is a deicide, even has almost destroyed entire next three. Here ruler, Giant Bull City does not dare to even up the trouble of Imperial City, does not dare to come to manage uneven Imperial City, thus it can be seen, the Qi Wang reputation is going is how resounding. Biography, the biography is scarier, past next three, only then a country, is called energetically the empire, my family is energetically an ordinary family in empire, because afterward a crown prince snatched my elder sister, my family member considered the empire to go, finally my entire clan was extinguished, my elder sister also committed suicide.” Qi Wang very optional saying, he seems was narrating that others' story, but is not his. Excuse me, I asked.” Saying of Xia Tian apology, this matter makes Qi Wang say, is not a little good. Ha Ha, you will also apologize, the matter passed in 1000, moreover I have also revenged, therefore I already not this matter, when worked.” Qi Wang is a magnanimous person, in his words has explained that he already saw through this matter. „, That empire was extinguished by you energetically.” Xia Tian spoke thoughtlessly to say. Although he has guessed correctly, but thinks somewhat inconceivable, after all an empire is not good to extinguish. Um, I extinguished energetically the empire at that time all elite, but has not gone to kill the following these ordinary residents, but is flustered, all people think that I have almost destroyed completely entire next three.” Qi Wang answered. Qi Wang early has been used to it regarding this legend, initially he had destroyed completely energetically the empire, that definitely is flustered, therefore everybody will think besides oneself here person, other people definitely by Qi Wang killing off. Therefore everybody will call the Qi Wang deicide. You also said a moment ago, what you use was the gunpowder crag adds on the Qilin blood to destroy completely these Expert, but energetically empire, since can become the next three only rulers, then its following army definitely also many, moreover you want to see these Expert, without doubt has killed energetically the royal palace in empire, actually then this enemy all the way how died?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Xia Tian is curious, actually Qi Wang how overthrows a super big empire.

According to the next three situations, the army quantity of empire should be countless at that time energetically, actually then Qi Wang how defeats that many armies, finally enters energetically the capital city in empire, destroys completely energetically the empire? Follows me, leading you to have a look.” Qi Wang said that walks toward outside directly. Xia Tian also directly followed. Time that although he contacts with Qi Wang is not long, but he looked to understand, Qi Wang is not the murder devil, but is a grievances distinct person, he was too long had not possibly passed with the bystander ditch, therefore he regarded Xia Tian is a good pouring out object. Xia Tian also happy appropriate this poured out the object. Because he has filled curiously to Qi Wang. Qi Wang is a fierce and ambitious. Moreover his body had too many secrets, lived for several thousand years, the information that he knew could be said as very rich. Quick they arrived in Formation. The person in this Formation noticed that Qi Wang came to salute, Qi Wang also went forward to greet with them one by one, in this Formation altogether had 100 individuals, this greeting one after another, the names of all people he clear remembering. Recently how?” Qi Wang asked. Qi Wang, we already practiced, when makes us exit to stroll?” It seems very young man said.

He seems young, because in Qi Wang palace, all people youngest perhaps had over 1000 years old. And other after auctions, I make you exit, now is not good, outside is very chaotic, I must investigate thoroughly now outside current political situation.” Qi Wang said. Qi Wang, has attractively any, who refuses to accept us to hit, will manage at the worst again in 1000.” Must close you to close, I am not willing to treat again in that total darkness underground.” Qi Wang was teasing, could look, he and these soldiers' relations were good, usually was merry, did not have the constrained feeling, will not have the slight vitality, regardless of these soldiers said anything, he was a smiling face of face. So long as erupted into the war, the Qi Wang casual order, that all people will go all out. Do not look that they are usually laughing with Qi Wang, even regards an ordinary buddy the expectation, once the Qi Wang issue has ordered, they will turn into the well-trained soldier. Goes, brought that thing, gives our friend to experience us to put down energetically the weapon of empire in the past.” Qi Wang said directly. Puts down energetically the weapon of empire. Xia Tian came the interest immediately, he is really very curious, actually Qi Wang used any special weapon to destroy completely energetically the empire. Come!!”