Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2003

A soldier ran from behind. In his hand is taking the crossbow arrow same thing. Crossbow?” A Xia Tian face strange looks to Qi Wang. Can this thing also defeat Expert? Any person who a little protects body True Qi can perhaps defend the attack of crossbow, say nothing of energetically these super armies of empire. Shows from out of the blue the might of crossbow him.” Qi Wang smiling saying. Afterward that soldier places on crossbow directly together spirit stone. With spirit stone? A little novel.” Xia Tian has the interest looks to that soldier hand crossbow from out of the blue. Afterward that soldier the crossbow will have aimed in a big stone directly from out of the blue, that stone very big, moreover superficially goes to know that the density of stone is very high, can withstand ordinary tripod Expert strikes, and will not have the slight damage. ! At this moment, that soldier buckled from out of the blue mechanism on crossbow!

Bang! A ray of light arrow projects, that giant stone was exploded instantaneously crushes, but in that soldier hand spirit stone on crossbow also directly vanishes from out of the blue. Is so fierce, spirit stone unexpectedly can play such major role together.” Xia Tian surprised saying. Right, normal, low grade spirit stone inside strength is together limited, but my crossbow from out of the blue together spirit stone inside strength will actually play the most major role, even if two cauldron above people so long as were hit can also strike to kill instantaneously, but how many if the person of tripod on, you said that will be what kind of? Even if the people of four cauldrons, hit a target by the light arrow of blotting out the sky, you said that he can also live?” Qi Wang looked that asked to Xia Tian. That definitely could not live.” Xia Tian understands how finally Qi Wang went on an expedition the world in the past, how also to kill that big reputation, both armies battled, he put several rounds from out of the blue crossbows first, the army of that opposite party will immediately perhaps collapse, the crossbow arrow that blotted out the sky shortly, the morale affirmed falls greatly, finally the death death, running away of running away, naturally won. In the past we attacked a city, first put billions crossbows from out of the blue to the city, you said that was your words, how will you do?” Qi Wang looked that asked to Xia Tian. Is my words, I will directly perhaps escape . Moreover the person of next city heard that you came also to meet the scared out of one's wits, several times, think that your place visited was the direct surrender or turns into the empty city.” Xia Tian says with emotion, is Qi Wang such hits likely, perhaps dares not to exist with the person who he contends with. Right, therefore initially I truly had killed many people, but does not have that many in legend . Moreover the crossbow most basic weapon, we have more things from out of the blue, from out of the blue the big crossbow, from out of the blue the god crossbow, as well as captures energetically the atomic god crossbow of empire capital city.” Qi Wang said directly. He truly is a deicide, he also kills many people, this point he had not denied, but he does not have in the legend that to kill, but also almost all killed the next three all people. Some next three actually how many people? Thousands of thousands hundred million? Even are more, ending that these many people he kill?

If he has killed that many people, perhaps the day tribulation already divided him. What thing is atomic god crossbow?” Xia Tian has only heard the atomic bomb on Earth. Atomic god crossbow is uses 1000 high-grade goods spirit stone to add on the gunpowder crag essence then to use one super weapon that the special combination arranges, its arrangement is strict, cannot have the tiny bit mistake, once explodes, that will present the atomic disintegrations, finally has the greatly strengthened explosive force, initially I had thrown ten atomic god crossbows to energetically the empire, finally the capital city in entire empire was almost razed energetically, the initial Daxing empire should want on big about three times compared with my uneven Imperial City.” Qi Wang has not concealed said the might of atomic god crossbow. Lying trough, might unexpectedly is so big.” Xia Tian private does not doubt the might of atomic god crossbow. Thinks that the might of atomic god crossbow is simply bigger than the atomic bomb. Millenniums ago next three and present next three may be different, that time next three are very rich, Expert also specially many, endless of various talent formidable population, what a pity initially that accident made entire next three, no, the entire spirit world had the big change.” Qi Wang said. What accident?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. „Have you listened to the illusion?” Qi Wang looked that asked to Xia Tian. Has listened.” Xia Tian naturally has listened, moreover in his hand also has a key of illusion. Past years's that war affected previous three, three and next three.” Qi Wang is the thousand years ago old monsters, therefore he naturally knew about past years's that war.

That war outcome what's the matter?” Xia Tian is curious regarding this war. So-called war, is actually competition of authority, the beforehand spirit world can be divided into two natives of Poland, one wave is the native person, a wave the person who flies upwards from below, in person who flies upwards fiercest the person who flies upwards from Earth.” Qi Wang as if must to Xia Tian say that is happily same, therefore anything does not have slight covering up. Earth? Also had other star people also to fly upwards?” Xia Tian is a locally born earthman, although he knows that the universe is so big, definitely will have the life body like Earth to exist, but he has not seen after all, therefore hears the Qi Wang words at this time, naturally also thought that was mysterious. Um, Earth this name was also I in the search recently in the information of flying upwards person saw that before we only called Earth are the mainland, afterward knows that also had other any universe and star, therefore I also changed a statement to call Earth.” Qi Wang answered. „!” Xia Tian understood, Qi Wang is the thousand years ago person who flies upwards, therefore he is not clear to star name, he only called that time Earth to be called the mainland, afterward listened to others saying that was Earth, moreover there is any universe, he studied. Native person in the spirit world locally born person, they are different from us, in mainland. Was right, is on Earth, each of us happily flies upwards after untold hardships cultivation, however in the spirit world, after the casual average person has us to fly upwards the strength, they do not even need cultivation, therefore at that time they were also here ruler, but did not have the cozy nest of crisis made their gradually to be decayed, although they had formidable Martial Skill and super strength, the person but who flew upwards from below with these was different, these person not these formidable merit law and Martial Skill, but they understood cultivation, understood diligently, gradually, in 1000, in 2000, person of flying upwards finally. Was capable of contending with the native person.” Qi Wang seems like telling the story to be the same, what is patient is the Xia Tian explanation said. „Did war such break out?” Xia Tian more listens more fascinated.