Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2004

The war did not say that the eruption can erupt. Especially this war. This fights is called the war of Ancient, actually before the war starts has many blasting fuses.” Qi Wang brings Xia Tian to chat while walking, they arrived by a rill, here environment is good, grove, rill, tea stall and workman. Xia Tian did not have politely sits in the Qi Wang opposite directly. This time, Qi Wang perhaps wants well chats with Xia Tian. Native place and outcomer, the contradiction should be many.” Xia Tian can imagine. Probably is the China Sanya is the same with the northeasterner. The men in Sanya did not use the work, their life are also very good, does not have too big pressure, since northeasterner large quantities of purchases homes after Sanya, the housing price of Sanya rises suddenly instantaneously . Moreover the economic development of Sanya also becomes very quickly, this makes these somewhat lazy Sanya man all be forced to work. Northeast this let the person who the native hated comes. Even sometimes the Sanya local small faction can also carry on the tangled warfare with the so-called northeast gang. This time spirit world is also same, these people had been used to have a high and respected position. Since these outsiders come, not only undermined the development of economy greatly, but also the outsider was really too industrious, cultivation was also the unusual effort, this made them have the sense of crisis. Energetically the empire just the method that started also to select to gather, external Expert all according to will use for oneself, but afterward these people in native place were looking down upon the external member, therefore contradiction intensification gradually, my family was a bright example. „Do you also come from Earth?” Xia Tian surprised looks to Qi Wang.

Naturally, otherwise you have thought I such will have why upsetly chatted with you here.” Qi Wang looked that said to Xia Tian. You know that actually I Ah! this point that came from Earth you how see?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Was too simple, according to all your sorts of centuries, can see that you come up from Earth, because native person, although failed, what they choose is submits, they do not have that struggle and efforts impulse inborn, but you are different, your talent is extremely high, moreover is staunch, therefore I think that you are Earth come up absolutely.” Qi Wang said. Also was really guessed by you.” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head. This is the so-called fellow villager sees the fellow villager, two tearfuls. I initially was followed my grandfather they to fly upwards together, our ages fly upwards you now so not to be difficult, we flew upwards at that time, a person had the strength of flying upwards to have 1000 people simultaneously to arrive at the spirit world.” Qi Wang answered. Qi Wang is more than 1000 years ago flies upwards, that time flying upwards and present flying upwards clearly have in a big way different. Is so abnormal!” Xia Tian surprised saying. Xia Tian knows the condition of now flying upwards, he is flies upwards, is impossible to have the person to fly upwards. Showed after the material that I nose that now spiritual energy on Earth was light, this is because of the industrial development too quick reason, the industry most destroys spiritual energy, the person who therefore the Earth last present flies upwards were getting fewer and fewer, moreover huge transmission that in the past flew upwards did not exist, only remaining small transmission, therefore you can only a person fly upwards.” Although Qi Wang just went out shortly, as soon as he comes out is inquires the news of news and outside on Earth. In his opinion, how long regardless of were closed, cannot come apart with the outside, otherwise he will be abandoned by the time. Um.” Xia Tian nodded, he also a little admired Qi Wang, unexpectedly went out for two years to inquire these many news. Drinks tea!” Hand signal that Qi Wang has made invitation.

If makes outside person know that Qi Wang unexpectedly is so polite to Xia Tian, perhaps that surprised chin will fall the ground. After all but Qi Wang existence in legend. Was right, your elder brother? Initially you dares to go all out for your elder brother in the mausoleum chamber.” But Qi Wang clear remembering, initially Xia Tian strength merely about tripod, but he actually dares to go all out with these four cauldron above Expert, if he did not depend Advanced treasure and sneak attack at that time, he already extinguishing killed by that several four cauldron Expert. He walked, said that has the matter.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. He to the present does not know why Brother Xiaoma walks, is only the indistinct guess is possibly related with his father. Now his Master Yin Nie stupor, asked the Great General, Great General agree had not said that therefore he can only find the way to cure his Master Yin Nie wound first, then in detail ascertained. „, Your brothers' sentiments are truly good.” Qi Wang nod of silently, he also somewhat envies Xia Tian and Brother Xiaoma such brothers. He is my righteousness brother, but he is since childhood big in my guardian.” Xia Tian said. „? The righteousness brother relates can also be so good, it seems like it is truly good.” Qi Wang can see Xia Tian and Brother Xiaoma from this point is the person of heavy affectionate righteousness. He likes becoming friends with the person of heavy affectionate righteousness. My righteousness brother had died for me.” Brother Xiaoma regarding Xia Tian is existence of brother. Has been protecting him from small Brother Xiaoma, especially with Lei Feng's total decisive battle, Brother Xiaoma was reading the life and death, directly has used the taboo big move. If not Brother Xiaoma has good luck ever, perhaps he already died.

Finally shut in the crevice prison. Was good has rescued Brother Xiaoma because of his father, otherwise Brother Xiaoma is still suffered in the crevice prison now. Um.” Qi Wang nodded. He can understand the feeling of Xia Tian. Said the matter of that war.” Xia Tian cares is that war. „The eruption of war of that Ancient can be said as very frigid, finally wins was our these outsiders, the war involves previous three, three and next three, can say in the past what that war won was very lucky, I heard before the war, some super old monsters one by one had been defeated by the five emperors.” Qi Wang lived more than 1000 years of old monsters, he personally has experienced the person of that war. Because the next three wars are he detonate. Also is he destroys completely energetically the empire. Five emperors?” Xia Tian at present one bright. The five emperors should be the present spirit world leader exist, he only knows Yu Wang, does not know that who other five emperors separately are. Right, is the five emperors, our here is a control area of Nine cauldrons gate Emperor Yu five emperors, under the control areas of other four emperors also has next three and three and on three division, but here, because three of some accidents three and on with separated.” Qi Wang answered. Who are other people of five emperors?”