Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2005

Five emperors. In spirit world strongest five Expert, was they have overthrown the native empire. These five Expert are resounding big figure. But Xia Tian has only heard Yu Wang, because he is at next three are the regions that Yu Wang manages, other four emperors have their next three, three and on three management scales. „The five emperors first emperor is Yu Wang, this is the recognition five emperors' head.” Qi Wang is also saying of incomparable worship, although he is also Expert, but with Yu Wang words, but also misses many. Was right, you also lived for more than 1000 years, the present is any Realm.” Xia Tian also mixes with Qi Wang now ripe, the speech does not use too many taboos. Otherwise Qi Wang thinks on the contrary he was a little artificial. Ha Ha, although I lived for more than 1000 years, but in fact my cultivation time altogether 40 years, that in 1000 all of us all fall into the deep sleep, although we have hit 1000 foundation, has very major function to later cultivation, but our Realm have not promoted, before 1000, is what, now what, my present Realm is five cauldrons.” Qi Wang said. Heard the Qi Wang words, Xia Tian has raised up the thumb silently. Qi Wang unexpectedly only used for 40 years on cultivation to five cauldrons, has saying that this absolutely was the super talent.

Even if Xia Tian does not believe one can achieve five cauldron Realm in 40 years old. Hatred forever is the cultivation biggest power.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile, obviously he is satisfied to the response of Xia Tian. Ha Ha.” Xia Tian also approves of the viewpoint of Qi Wang. Your talent is I have also seen terroristly, my previous time sees your time, discovered that your within the body has two strengths, the first strength can compare favorably with tripod Realm, the second strength only then two cauldrons, but this time I see your time discovered that your unexpectedly tripod Rank 9, turned into tripod Rank 9 only to use more than two years of time from two cauldrons, this it can be said that was absolutely abnormal.” Saying of Qi Wang appreciation. Luck, is the luck.” Xia Tian awkward saying. Was good, does not pull, what five emperors first is Yu Wang, the name that the five emperors are listed fifth is called Emperor Yan pill, he was on Earth Yan Crown Prince pill, perished after Yan arrived at the spirit world, now the strength excels.” Qi Wang said the fifth person. Yan pill. Yan Crown Prince pill. „Didn't he die?” Xia Tian has thought after Qin to extinguish six countries, Yan Crown Prince pill died, but he has not thought that Yan pill unexpectedly is living.

Not is only living, but also turned into the spirit world strongest a group of people. Your historical recorded him dead, but the several thousand years ago matters also who said clear?” Qi Wang asked. Um.” Xia Tian nod of silently, the history from the history book saw that speculates with the expert, matter in fact is the life may not fully understand in the person of that time. Emperor Yan pill! The spirit world five emperors rank last, although his rank is only last, but also to the people of other five emperors, regarding Xia Tian their this average people, that is the king of keeping aloof. Emperor Yan pill is existence of unusual extraordinary, he is super legendary figure, it is said his cultivation life has filled roughly, hits in his continuously helper, is Jing Ke in that legend.” Qi Wang admires Emperor Yan pill obviously this person, when each time he mentioned Emperor Yan pill, on the face will be full of the expression of worship. Jing Ke? Is historically has assassinated King Qin Ying Zheng's that person?” Xia Tian surprised saying. Right, I in childhood had heard his story, he is super Expert, after arriving at the spirit world, if not he, Emperor Yan pill perhaps died does not know that many returned, Emperor Yan pill the manner upholds justice, his friend proliferates the world, but he had also been betrayed by the friend, several times nearly were killed by their friend, even if like this only then the friend looks for him, he will also go, he is person of the justice and humanity, is my this whole life admired the person.” Qi Wang admires is Emperor Yan pill this justice and humanity, he only hates the evening that oneself were born, otherwise must fight for state power with Yan pill Wang surely. Rushes to this big spirit world together.

„The person of justice and humanity, truly honourable.” Xia Tian acknowledged one cannot achieve Yan pill's that Realm, initially he often was sneak attacked by the blood, almost dies in Abao's hands, although afterward the blood often was not he killed, but he estimated the blood often definitely several old killing by the day spirit. Um, although Emperor Yan pill is in the five emperors ranks to set the base, but if he raises the arm wields, that will fear entire day below Expert to support.” Qi Wang does not suspect the prestige and reputation of Emperor Yan pill, so long as most at least he can overtake, he pledges certainly to fight to the death for Emperor Yan pill works. I have heard a legend of Emperor Yan pill, it is said in the past Emperor Yan pill the brothers, for becomes friends with newly, a person killed a large-scale family directly, that family can compare favorably with a scale of city, the strength of respected family was terrorist, but Emperor Yan pill slight fear, after he had not gone , the first few words that spoke were either have put my brother, either I do not plan to live today was leaving.’, Can you be able to imagine then scene? A person to fighting over a million people, moreover said I do not plan to live today departure, this looks like in the opposite party is the joke, but afterward Emperor Yan pill made them experience anything is a man.” Saying of Qi Wang incomparable worship, although he had not experienced that war at that time, but he can imagine then scene. „A person to fighting 1 million people, moreover is a respected family, this was also too terrifying a point.” Xia Tian can imagine then situation. Emperor Yan pill both hands is taking the tomahawk, does not hide completely does not dodge, like this killed that respected family, he went to those words, he has not planned to live exiting, nobody knows that he has killed many people, he was shakes all people of that respected family afterward the person of that respected family nobody to dare to go forward in any case, as we all know, came up dead, although afterward on Emperor Yan pill the wound has reached as high as over a thousand, but still nobody dares to go forward, finally that family can only send out Expert, wanted to strike to kill Emperor Yan pill.” Qi Wang spoke of here time, has drunk tea. Then?” Xia Tian pursues hurriedly asks. His listened was enthralled more and more. However later Yan kingdom Emperor pill almost died, although he strength formidable, but is seriously injured after all, moreover that respected family inside Expert of also very fierce, finally before Jing Ke has brought Emperor Yan pill, has helped the brother catches up, but these people add also to have more than 1000 people.” Qi Wang spoke of here to look that said to Xia Tian \; You guess how these people said.”