Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2006

„It is not.” On the face of Xia Tian presented the surprised look. Right, was a moment ago Emperor Yan pill had said those words have either put my brother, either I do not plan to live today was leaving, a person said that this words enough have shocked, at this time presented these 1000 completely is the person of breaknecking, that respected family has compromised finally , can only release people.” This is Qi Wang most admires the place of Emperor Yan pill. Emperor Yan pill is one for the person who brothers anything is willing to do. Also because of this point, these brothers friends can, for he does not give a thought to the life and death. Um, such person, is my words, I am also willing to shout those words.” Xia Tian nodded, if at that time he were in that 1000 people one, he definitely also will shout same. Ha Ha, possibly was I too worships Emperor Yan pill, here said were too many.” Saying with a smile of Qi Wang apology. All right, I like listening very much, most at least you made me hear a story of gentleman of justice and humanity, after if like this, I had the opportunity to see Emperor Yan pill, I must well drank liquor with him.” The person who Xia Tian light saying, he worships are not many, from now henceforth Emperor Yan pill is one. Good, I told that you platoon in the fourth Shintou Izanagi, I do not like this person, he once had the opportunity to save his lover, but he because actually the lover becomes ugly, is dirty and disgusting, but has pushed to the gate of death the lover directly, his subordinate three strongest sons, are called to assist the male separately, Amaterasu and moon/month read the life.” The expression change of Qi Wang is very big, before discussed Emperor Yan pill, on his face admires and look of worship. When he mentioned Shintou Izanagi, on the face all was the look that despised.

Even somewhat looks down upon one of the so-called five emperors. Shintou Izanagi, that is not the Island Country big god.” Xia Tian remembers that in the Island Country myth has recorded this Shintou Izanagi. Right, now they were called as Islander, Island Country that most starts is the free marriage, he also took his own Little Sister, the child who then gives birth to separately married own brothers and sisters, it can be said that the extreme confusion, afterward Xu Fu of Qin arrived at Island Country, from then on the Island Country population starts to increase rapidly, the speed of increasing is fast, at that time they to have a child completely, which woman is has not been pregnant, then on will have many men to line up there, was pregnant by them.” Qi Wang spoke of here time thought disgustingly. He is disgusting of the heart. But he that this matter simply is the anomaly. Xia Tian has not thought that Islander unexpectedly such multiplies. Did not raise him, raises his me to think disgusting, right nearby our uneven Imperial City currently has one to belong to their empire, was called any Sun Empire, probably Sun was their family was the same.” Qi Wang is real from the heart repugnant Islander, therefore he has not controlled his mood, said that has coarse coarse. Xia Tian naturally does not like Islander.

However Island Country already his entire suffices miserably, it is estimated that in several hundred years should unable to continue to appear in the stage of world. Ha Ha, said next.” Xia Tian can also look, some Qi Wang actually repugnant Islander, therefore he has not continued to ask about the concerned Shintou Izanagi's matter. Um, the person who the five emperors are listed third is called Xiang Yu di, he is an overlord, existence of overlord, strength very formidable, it is said nobody can catch fully his strikes, he is the inborn overlord, one that also after is enters spirit world, develops most is suitable, he overcomes one difficulty after another, strength promotion fast, moreover goes smoothly everywhere aggressively, the common match was feeling his aggressive that moment the leg to be soft.” Qi Wang said here time looked to Xia Tian: You think a little inconceivable, because your historical recorded the overlord to suicide in any Wu River.” Qi Wang has nosed in the two years the news related to Earth, naturally also knew the Wu River on Earth textbook to suicide. Yes, after initially extinguished Qin, the Chu Chinese contend, finally Chu defeated, the Chinese king Liu Bang's subordinate forced Xiang Yu Wu River to suicide, this recorded in the history book clear.” Absolutely the Xia Tian clear matter is the history records. „Is history writes by whom?” Qi Wang asked. Victor, I understood.” Xia Tian is suddenly enlighted, truly should not die by the overlord past strength in Wujiang that place, but Xiang Yu's reputation was too big in the past, Xiang Yu does not die, that also will definitely have the ganef to plan that stages a comeback using the reputation of meet, Chinese king Liu Bang to avoid the illegal acts of these people, therefore declared to the outside overlord Xiang Yu the Wu River suicided. Right, with is the same, the overlord who you think defeated in the past, he did not have the thoughts to continue to go on an expedition the world, moreover he most beloved woman truly died, therefore he starts to perceive through meditation Martial Arts, finally obtained enlightenment to fly upwards the spirit world, after arriving at the spirit world, he was still an overlord, his road of growth likely was not Emperor Yan pill such twists and turns, but was running free with the current, all people, either submitted to him, either died, he became a lay priest by the tyrant.” Qi Wang said.

He to Xiang Yu this person not too many appraisals, is far from anything to like. „Becoming a lay priest by the tyrant?” Xia Tian does not understand these words the meaning. Right, he is entire spirit world only one by the person who the tyrant becomes a lay priest, is an entire spirit world most overbearing person, even if other person of he who faces the five emperors equally is also overbearing.” The Qi Wang patient explanation said. „Aren't five emperors' relations very?” Xia Tian asked suddenly, the five emperors united together, have overthrown the native person's rule, Xia Tian has thought they were five good brothers, afterward heard these people who Qi Wang said to know that they were not the brothers, heard here time, he discovered that probably oneself thought was too simple. I said person who is listed second, you know that what their relations should be.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. At this time he said Emperor Yu who Wang Xiang Yu di who Shintou Izanagi who Emperor Yan who pill Yu Wangdi who is listed first, is listed fifth, is listed fourth, with being listed third, this inside is listed first naturally did not say, because of entire next three everywhere related to his legend, but Emperor Yan who pill is listed fifth is the most amiable person, Shintou Izanagi who is listed fourth is the Islander first ancestor, after overlord Xiang Yu di who is listed third was arrived at the spirit world, has displayed the aggressive person fully, person who as for being listed second, he also not. Said. Who does that rank the second outcome is?” Xia Tian asked hurriedly.