Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2007

Person who is listed second. Xia Tian also anticipates this person at this time. Because Qi Wang also said a moment ago, so long as he said ranks the second that person, that Xia Tian will understand the situation between five emperors. „The person who is listed second was called Emperor Qin Huang Ying Zheng!” Qi Wang said directly. Anything!” When hears the name of this person, Xia Tian has opened the mouth. His unexpectedly heard the name of Qin Shi Huang. The China first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, he understands finally why Qi Wang will say, when he hears this name will know the situation between five emperors, because Qin Shi Huang, but links between these people. Qin Shi Huang has destroyed completely Yan, in other words the country of Emperor Yan pill was extinguished by Emperor Qin Huang Ying Zheng. Emperor Yan pill definitely hated to the marrow of the bones to Emperor Qin. But overlord Xiang Yu di extinguishes the super empire that Qin Shi Huang Emperor Ying Zheng has built personally directly. Therefore Qin Shi Huang Emperor Ying Zheng definitely also hates overlord Xiang Yu di. In other words, among their five each other relations are not possibly good. They relate like this, that initially joined up? But how now possibly to have hit?” Xia Tian most curious is this issue.

According to the normal condition, they should be the mortal enemies, but mortal enemy unexpectedly can also join up. Reason that union to survive, has not hit to the present, because of existence of Yu king, Yu Wang has kept in balance their four, Yu Wang has said that whoever makes war, he does not look, no matter, who makes war on own initiative, he joined up to extinguish anyone with other people.” Qi Wang answered. But Yu Wang in the five emperors is situated the first person. Has his balance, therefore in these four super abnormal big Expert do not have to fight. Once in them fights, that entire world of human beings can the rivers of blood. Said that Yu Wang is my savior, if initially were not he finds the way to help me avoid the day tribulation, I and my subordinates definitely already by day tribulation bang could not be left over including the sediment, the person who after all in the past we killed was really too many.” Qi Wang thinks also to think now rejoiced, if not Yu Wang, he already died. „Have you seen Yu Wang?” Xia Tian surprised looks at Qi Wang to ask. Has seen one time, he heard I in the next three actions, he thinks that I was also gave a very big strength for the outcomer influence, therefore he has helped my.” Qi Wang nodded. „But why Yu will Wang come next three?” Xia Tian had doubts. According to the truth, Yu Wang should not come the next three this farms to be just now right. I at that time also curious, casually asked a mouth, he said to consolidate the seal of some old monster, moreover Yu Wang has divulged, making me see that the strange seal do not burst, once emits that old monster, that is Yu Wang has not defeated his assurance.” Qi Wang does not know that actually Yu Wang these words are any meaning, he had not asked that but he only knows, next three should be the seal any old monster, but he does not think one certainly can bump into that seal, therefore he does not have to care. „The seal of stable old monster.” On the Xia Tian forehead is heavy line.

That old monster he knows that was, was in day Lingshan that old lunatic of seal. The old lunatic there by the seal more than 2000 years, Yu Wang also had been given him to reinforce one time, actually thus it can be seen the strength of old lunatic is how terrifying. At this time he already indistinct has guessed correctly the status of old lunatic. Native Expert. The old lunatic absolutely is super Expert of native place, Yu Wang to overthrow this aborigine, therefore he first seal old lunatic super monster. However now the old lunatic has taught he strongest skill not dead Divine Art to Xia Tian, was only a pity that Xia Tian has not comprehended its essence now. So-called illusion was seal some native Expert places, these native Expert had their all wealth to hide finally together, but that place was an illusion, nobody knows that actually the illusion in , the five emperors could not look up, only then collection uneven nine key of illusion can find the illusion final position.” Qi Wang answered. „, In the illusion unexpectedly hid a such big secret.” Xia Tian is suddenly enlighted. He also thinks that before so-called illusion is only an ordinary big buried treasure, now looked that obviously does not have him to imagine is so simple. Um, knows that this secret person lived above in 1000 the person, this segment Lishi was called the black history, therefore in the common books will not have the record, after all this is not the honored matter.” Qi Wang nod of slightly, starts to continue to drink tea afterward. Xia Tian also drinks tea. They chatted were very long, feeling that but Xia Tian has not been sick of slightly.

Xia Tian, your dream is anything.” Qi Wang had already regarded as the person of person of the same generation Xia Tian, but does not look at Xia Tian by a stance of King. But he asked the China famous program ‚the China good voice the axioms of inside dream teacher Wang two marriage: Your dream is anything. Ha Ha!” Xia Tian has smiled suddenly. What do you smile?” Qi Wang puzzled asking. Anything, nothing.” Xia Tian knows one explained that could not explain, therefore he shifts the topic hurriedly: My dream, my dream can protect my family member and friend, then with their happy lives together, moreover I also want to return to Earth to go, after all there is my family.” Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Qi Wang said with a smile suddenly loudly. How?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Qi Wang. Returned to Earth you not to need to think, Yu Wang did not have the ability to go back, because Earth could not accommodate so formidable life body, this also why strength arrived at the reason that certain Realm has been able to fly upwards, naturally, perhaps some day you really became existence that exceeded Yu Wang, perhaps that you in the future also really will have the opportunity to return to Earth to go, but have you thought that your family members and friends also did hope to return to Earth life well? Even if they think that they can have the talent that same goes against heaven's will with you? Even if some day you had returned to the strength of Earth, they also did have? So long as they still in the spirit world, your wish make them safe, wants to protect them, you must have that strength.” Qi Wang very earnest looks at Xia Tian: Draws an analogy, if I must kill your family member and friend now, you can block me?” Cannot block!” Xia Tian shook the head. Right, you cannot block, therefore you can trade a dream temporarily, said near.” Qi Wang said. Near, that is.”