Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2010

spirit stone storehouse. Stores up the spirit stone treasure house specially. Qi Wang palace some spirit stone actually how many? This point Xia Tian solely wants to be able to imagine. The weapon of Qi Wang palace is from out of the blue a crossbow, this thing uses is spirit stone takes the energy, attacks a city to use several billions each time, tens of billions low grade spirit stone, if no enough spirit stone, that is unable to support from out of the blue the crossbow that big consumption. „A meeting may probably look carefully.” Qi Wang said that moved toward a stone chamber directly: In left that small room lives is long-term guarding here five cauldron Rank 1 Expert.” „!” Xia Tian has sized up a that stone chamber, if not Qi Wang tells him, he had not discovered that really this inside has a person. Ka! Qi Wang has twisted off mechanism. Afterward a giant stone raises directly, this giant stone height ten meters, width five meters, depth five meters. Significant 30,000-40,000 jin (0.5 kg). Lying trough!” After the giant stone rises, the Xia Tian flash has opened the mouth, what he sees is blots out the sky. It is not spirit stone. Although here is known as the spirit stone storehouse, but here puts is not spirit stone.

But is Chu Wudai, Chu bangle, Chu ring. Blots out the sky is these Chu Wu equips, in others' spirit stone storehouse is becomes spirit stone that the mountain piles in heaps, but unexpectedly that Qi Wang palace here tenth mountain piles in heaps is Chu Wu equips. Here attire is spirit stone?” Xia Tian surprised looks to Qi Wang, here Chu equipment adds several billions, even if the smallest Chu bag can also install several hundred thousand low grade spirit stone. 1 trillion = 1 trillion. Even if here Chu equipment is only Chu Wudai, that here also several hundred trillions spirit stone, let alone here Chu bangle and Chu ring quantity is also very terrifying. Um.” Qi Wang nodded, smiling looks at Xia Tian. These many Chu equipment have packed, how many spirit stone is this?” Xia Tian was unable to imagine, actually this will have many spirit stone. Qi Wang has not spoken, but stretched out two fingers. 200 trillion!, unexpectedly will not have these many.” Xia Tian surprised saying, his entire fortune adds not to arrive at Qi Wang 1%. Is 2,000 trillion.” Qi Wang said directly. 2,000 trillion, this absolutely is the entire next three richest people, perhaps even if Giant Bull City City Lord Mansion does not have these much money. Rank 5 city one year of tax revenue also merely is only 1 billion tax revenues. 2,000 trillion, your unexpectedly has 2,000 trillion wealth.” Xia Tian already thorough does not know that should say any was good, he first time hears such large amount wealth, no wonder Qi Wang can so filthy rich, Advanced treasure outward delivers. If Xia Tian, may not give up.

His treasure can own family member friend, but is impossible to give these strangers. Initially the center of Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, Qi Wang had given nobody same Advanced treasure. The might of Advanced treasure was really too terrifying, can play four cauldron Rank 9 might high, this point has surpassed absolutely it can be said that the cognition of all people. This is not my money, but is Qi Wang palace all brothers trades with the life, is everybody, if some day they want to leave me, I their dividing.” Reason that Qi Wang very earnest saying, his army can go smoothly everywhere, solely does not have crossbow type of super weapon from out of the blue. Also because of their interior unusual unity. Has never presented the rebel army, had not been split up. His army, is an airtight stone, except for the death, anything cannot separate them. Aggressive, your army altogether how many people?” Xia Tian has raised up the thumb. Xia Tian is curious, Qi Wang some subordinate many. 100,000!” Qi Wang said. Are so few.” Xia Tian surprised looks to Qi Wang, he has not thought of Qi Wang unexpectedly, only then 100,000 armies, this were also too few, did Qi Wang use these 100,000 people to destroy completely energetically empire that 1 trillion people of army in the past? Before had 9 million, energetically empire decisive battle time died 8 million, the day tribulation approached died 900,000, now only remaining these 100,000 people, they with my deep sleep thousand years, thousand years later, their family members, the lover was not already, I have promised them, gave them a family, uneven Imperial City was I gives their families.” Qi Wang spoke of here, self-ridiculed smiled. In the past brothers for him, had started the next three first ultimate wars together, he does not hope that finally they ended up to turn out the fate that mixed to eat to wait for death. „Do you want to make them establish the family in uneven Imperial City? Is this possible? Regarding outside these people, the person of Qi Wang palace is the disasters, once let out, that is will cause entire uneven Imperial City scared, moreover they too long had not contacted with the bystander, the disposition affirms suddenly Qi, they killed people, who dares to manage? If you manage, you did not think of the former friendship, but you did not manage, that soon, the uneven Imperial City present scale will vanish, uneven Imperial City not only will not continue to move forward, finally can only turn into all people to leave uneven Imperial City, when the time comes, uneven Imperial City was still a dead city.” Xia Tian said stake directly.

He understands. 100,000 people! These 100,000 people had defeated the next three only empire, energetically the person in empire, they all are the life lofty character, no one is able to guarantee can one not offend their anything carefully, once offended, place that has not reasoned things out finally absolutely, because entire uneven Imperial City is their. This point I had already thought that this is also the first goal that I called you to come.” Qi Wang looked that said to Xia Tian. I?” Xia Tian is puzzled. He does not understand that actually Qi Wang is any meaning, even if he does not dare in these anomalies with Qi Wang palace to resist, they take the crossbow to open to themselves from out of the blue shoot, crossbow that from out of the blue that blots out the sky, he cannot block. Right, only then you, reason has two.” Qi Wang very serious saying. Said that looks.” Xia Tian do not believe one can resist with these people of Qi Wang palace. First, your frankness, does not fear death, any colossus, you dare to get rid, this point next three are not only then you can do, but can get rid to live to the colossus and defeats the opposite party the person only then your \; Second, your body has the air/Qi of King.” Qi Wang saying slowly. „The air/Qi of King, you mentioned this thing several times probably.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Only then has the talented person of air/Qi of King to use that thing, only then that thing can to control my Qi Wang palace ten ten thousand Expert.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. What thing?” Xia Tian asked. First did not tell you, I led you to have a look at other treasures first, finally led you to look at that thing again.” Qi Wang said that went out of the spirit stone storehouse directly.