Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2011
to control Qi Wang palace ten ten thousand Expert things? Xia Tian hears these words time stares slightly. These ten ten thousand Expert of Qi Wang palace have destroyed completely existence of entire energetically empire, but Qi Wang unexpectedly said a type of thing to be able to control these ten ten thousand Expert. Actually is this existence of what rank? Immortal? Perhaps also only then the talented person of day cold sword that rank had this ability. Actually Xia Tian also understood the meaning of Qi Wang. Qi Wang wish made these past years follow own brothers to have the auspicious day, but also hopes that made them restrain to kill the heart, often do not feel that they before 1000, said that whom killed to kill anyone, before 1000, they were the invincible masters, but passed now in 1000, no one is able to guarantee that outside exactly what happened. Moreover, the murder is will be convenient. If you have not killed people, or for a long time has not killed people very much, you kill the first person time will be difficult, but you, once killed conveniently, that will kill people will again not have any feeling. These 100,000 people are in 9 million people survive, not merely this monoenergetic explained that their luck is good, similarly, their strengths are also very terrifying. Once lets out these 100,000 people, that is 100,000 greedy people. Why this is also the Qi Wang palace to the present secluded from the world reason. Come, has a look at my pill Medical supply store.” Qi Wang drew Xia Tian to go to pill Medical supply store directly. Humph! Xia Tian has prepared for at heart, when sees these many compounded drugs, was shocked completely.

How is it?” Qi Wang smiling looks at Xia Tian. Magnificent, here nine levels of compounded drugs many are more than earth of outside ground, the values of these compounded drugs are not low.” Xia Tian surprised saying. That is natural, walks, I lead you to have a look at the armory again.” Qi Wang said that and brought Xia Tian to go to the armory. After arriving at the armory, Xia Tian saw various types of armor weapons, crossbow that from out of the blue as well as blots out the sky. Walks, be not gawking, goes to have a look.” Qi Wang has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian. Here weaponry many innumerable, Xia Tian does not doubt, Qi Wang can close right up against these weaponry to conquer once more entire next three, these many weaponry can definitely form a more than ten million people of team once more, and is fully-armed. Must know. Even if the Giant Bull City soldier cannot achieve the true full armor, the equipment that their most parts branch puts on is the simplest equipment, one set of 300-400 low grade spirit stone values. However the equipment storehouse of Qi Wang palace is different. Here each set of equipment is most entire, moreover is not these ordinary simple equipment can compare. Their this each set of equipment can be fully-armed a soldier, wraps solid. Weapon everyone can divide to a long spear, a short sword and from out of the blue crossbow. If the value of this set of equipment is not counted from out of the blue the crossbow, takes 20,000 low grade spirit stone, that adds from out of the blue the value of crossbow again. Now outside person does not know from out of the blue crossbow type of thing. If takes the auction it, then price absolutely over more than ten million spirit stone.

Even if after is, sent to launch, that crossbow thing most at least also needed 100,000 low grade spirit stone from out of the blue, in addition the words of that set of weaponry, the price was 120,000 low grade spirit stone. An equipment of soldier needs these much money. Then 10 million soldiers? Thus it can be seen, actually in the Qi Wang treasure house to have many wealth. This were also too many, these many weaponry, how you built in the past?” Xia Tian surprised looks to Qi Wang. This is snatches, is energetically the elite troops equipment of empire.” Qi Wang answered, he knows that Xia Tian saw these many equipment will be definitely surprised. „Can the crossbow also break such thick armor from out of the blue?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Can be the energy, but broke did not have the might.” Qi Wang said. How you defeat to put on the soldier of this type of armor?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Here at least has more than ten million sets of this equipment, in other words the past Daxing empire put on the elite troops enough 10 million people of this equipment, since Qi Wang crossbow from out of the blue is unable to break the defenses of these elite troops, actually they defeated these people? „The crossbow is only we equips from out of the blue basically, is every, we have the god crossbow from out of the blue, the combat tank wait / etc., the might of these things may from out of the blue compared with from out of the blue the crossbow mostly, this elite troops, although defensive power formidable, but they are unable to escape, because this armor was too heavy, moreover their large number of elderly persons, person escape uses energy, if more than ten million people about escape together, that will turn into itself to step on the person on one's own side, simultaneously they are also from out of the blue the living targets of combat tank, can only suffer to death, cannot revolt, when they attack to us in front of the time, live person already few..” Qi Wang answered. Actually is who develops from out of the blue the crossbow? Too extraordinary.” Xia Tian surprised saying. Was we at that time in the army one of the two big outstandingly able people.” Qi Wang mentioned these two big outstandingly able people time, as if fell into during some recollection. „? Does he name?” Xia Tian is curious. I do not know that his agree did not tell me the name, afterward after he helped we refined from out of the blue the combat tank, he walked, I have not seen him again, I have called him for the gentleman.” Qi Wang said.

That another outstandingly able person?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Another outstandingly able person meets to tell you, is related with that weapon, in I lead you to have a look, that inside had extinguished the armor of my 8 million armies in the past.” Qi Wang said that he said very optional, obviously he already looked at the pale that 8 million people of deaths, after all matter already past in 1000. „?” Xia Tian is curious, was actually any thing to destroy completely had crossbow from out of the blue and from out of the blue the Qi Wang 8 million armies of combat tank. Walked a meeting, Xia Tian saw everywhere the golden color. This is energetically the empire most mystical gold dragon armor, you take up to come to see.” Qi Wang said. Xia Tian puts out a hand to take: Is so light?” A moment ago he with outside these armor time discovered that these armor heavy minimum about 200 jin (0.5 kg), but this gold dragon armor unexpectedly only then several jin (0.5 kg), one set of so magnificent armor unexpectedly had several jin (0.5 kg). Is this thing?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Right, was this thing wanted the lives of my 8 million officers.” Qi Wang said. Xia Tian nodded, at this moment, he noticed that front unexpectedly has a darkroom: Where is that?” „, There attire is abandons, is some weaponry of damage, is the good things, but has been a pity, damaged has become the scrap.”