Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2012
We had a look at these scrap Ah! Xia Tian to have the interest to these scraps suddenly. Can by scrap that Qi Wang collects, can that be the ordinary scrap? Moreover does Xia Tian do? Weaponry patching shop. He most excels patches the weaponry. Good, we walks while said that happen to can say weaponry that these abandon.” Qi Wang nodded, he was explaining the origins of his all things to Xia Tian patiently. A person can become a good friend absolutely. One is the person who to like leaning to state, another person who is to like listening attentively. To put it bluntly. Was one likes saying that liked listening. This person can become a good friend absolutely. Xia Tian and Qi Wang are such person. Xia Tian liked own past and historical share very much gives others, but Xia Tian liked listening, moreover was liking of sincerity listens, therefore Qi Wang is also willing to say. Was right, actually does the gold dragon armor have what special place?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Qi Wang, in his hand also took one set of gold dragon armor to hold appreciatively. He had not seen that this gold dragon armor has any differences. Hits a fist to try!” Qi Wang smiling saying.

Good, that hits a fist.” Xia Tian said that fought with the fists directly above the gold dragon armor. Puff! When this fights with the fists, he understood finally: Originally is this, the so-called gold dragon armor is not the hard armor, but becomes with soft [gold/metal] silk-weaving, receives the external force since will shrink inward, but will not withstand, this can neutralize fall from out of the blue the strength of crossbow, no wonder before me, looked of gold dragon armor so will be big.” Xia Tian was really understands now. This is the true feature of gold dragon armor. You understood finally.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile: In the past we noticed that such situation all looked at anything, going smoothly everywhere crossbow of out of the blue and combat tank unexpectedly did not have the function from out of the blue, therefore was hit one to be caught off guard by the enemy, lost 8 million armies.” Qi Wang at that time also by the gold dragon armor shaking, after all their victories were too simple. Suddenly discovered the own best ability was restrained, definitely will be scared. How have you won the master of this King finally?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Flooding!” Qi Wang said. Flooding? Can put on the person of gold dragon armor should the strength not to be weak, in submarine treats ten days for half a month should not be a problem, is the big water can be drown to death them.” Xia Tian puzzled asking, he did not understand that these Expert may be flooded how dead. After all after having has protected body True Qi, can in submarine move freely, say nothing was maintains to breathe. Generally speaking so long as is spiritual energy does not exhaust, or greatly was attacked, that should not die is right. Soft gold thread with the water is loosen, so long as pours into for three days, the gold dragon armor again could not defend from out of the blue the might of combat tank, therefore we only needed to pilot to run their for three days three nights to be OK.” Qi Wang answered. This fights a war that is also they retrieves a defeat.

„Don't they have the reinforcements? Helplessly thinks so that they were soaked? They can not know that soft gold thread is afraid of water?” Xia Tian does not believe that the opposite party will not have reinforcements, moreover this is at the war that the opposite party capital city carries on, that inside so many Expert, so long as they come the help, naturally can direct the water. This was our another outstandingly able person, he has used that weapon, has destroyed completely energetically empire all Expert, but has been a pity, he with the victory that the life traded, he used that weapon to destroy completely super Expert, detonated to mix the gunpowder crag of Qilin blood, finally the capital city in entire empire almost will be destroyed in a moment energetically, the treasure house in empire also therefore was destroyed energetically the majority, many Expert super weaponry were destroyed completely, in front of that stone chambers of these things on existence.” Qi Wang said that sped up footsteps directly. Xia Tian also sped up the footsteps. He hears two points from the Qi Wang words. The first point, that weapon is terrorist, the extreme terrifying, can destroy completely energetically all Expert of empire not only then the gunpowder crag of Qilin blood, the merit of that weapon, but that second outstandingly able person died. Second, in front that stone chamber installs abandons is energetically the thing of empire most elite, only pitifully damaged. Bang! That flash in the stone chamber opening, Xia Tian smelled the smell of treasure. This is the treasures of these damages, what the rank is lowest is the ultimate Spirit Tool rank, are not many, is almost the preliminary treasure above thing, Advanced treasure has 5000, the complete damage, ultimate Spirit Tool has ten, the complete damage, various equipment uniform preliminary treasure above ranks, are the good things, what a pity.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. Was not a pity that was not a pity, how such good thing can be a pity, Qi Wang, how we do make the ratio to trade?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Qi Wang. Although these things are one startled has damaged the things, but they in the Xia Tian eye may be the most precious objects. Xia Tian most excels patches the weaponry, although he now is most also can only patch preliminary treasure, but he, so long as patched these preliminary treasure, his patching technology will be strengthened, when the time comes he can patch Intermediate treasure, when he these Intermediate treasure patching, he has been able to patch Advanced treasure. His patching technology can also promote. Therefore Xia Tian believes one sooner or later can make these treasures be delivered from oppression. What trades?” Qi Wang asked.

100 billion low grade spirit stone, I must buy here thing.” Xia Tian said directly that he also knows 100 billion low grade spirit stone with here thing compared with simply is a drop in the bucket, but he was exploratory said. 100 billion low grade spirit stone!” A Qi Wang face strange looks to Xia Tian. You think 100 billion insufficient, that 200 billion.” Xia Tian said hurriedly that he wins to these things. Qi Wang shook the head. Sees Qi Wang to shake the head, Xia Tian may worry. You said that wants how much money.” I do not ask for money, 200 billion low grade spirit stone perhaps to others are many, but regarding me is just a drop in the bucket, since these things you want, that turned over to you, but your meeting must accept my condition.” Qi Wang mysterious looked that said to Xia Tian. Qi Wang unexpectedly does not ask for money, but wants the condition What condition?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Met you to know, when I led you to look at that thing, I will tell you am any condition.” Qi Wang said. When goes?” Xia Tian asked. On the present, these things, I one many will make to select the Chu equipment to you, making you all carry off.” Qi Wang said. Does not use.” Xia Tian has shown the mysterious smiling face.