Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2013

Doesn't use?” Qi Wang puzzled looks to Xia Tian. If here thing installs in the Chu ring, at least must install 100 Chu rings. Treasure occupies very big Chu space. Although these are broken, but wants to have these many things most at least to need 100 Chu rings, but Xia Tian unexpectedly said that he does not use. He had not noticed that on Xia Tian carries that many Chu rings. In Chu Wu equips is unable to load other Chu Wu to equip. Draws an analogy, Chu Wudai and Chu bangle is unable to load in the Chu ring, stores the ring unable to load in other Chu rings, therefore the Chu ring along carries generally. The normal people, a Chu ring enough has used. Regarding the genuine rich man, a Chu ring is definitely is but insufficient, therefore they carry along. Puff! The Xia Tian right hand wields. Sees only, present these scrap mountain instantaneous news. My Fuck! a Qi Wang face strange looks to Xia Tian: Your this anomaly, unexpectedly has such big Chu treasure.” Xia Tian knows that Qi Wang is not that greedy person. Also will not get rid to him, therefore he will be in front of Qi Wang to use the ability of small cauldron. Qi Wang has so big Baoshan not the person who is willing to have sole possession, how also to care about this super Chu Wu to equip.

Therefore Xia Tian did not fear that he robs. Qi Wang has not seen to look like the Xia Tian such big Chu equipment, unexpectedly installs all of a sudden these many things, although they were almost half scrap, only then the material can recycle 1/10, but these after all treasure. „Do you believe me all things in your this entire treasure house to take away?” A Xia Tian face badly smiles looks to Qi Wang. So is really big, your boy unexpectedly can obtain such big Chu treasure, obviously you are the big destiny add the person of body.” Qi Wang says with emotion. Can obtain such big Chu equipment, this is the ratio obtains Top Grade treasure to be also better obviously. Ha Ha, I said that I do not dare to receive the treasure of other places, the entrance have the old monster guarding, you do not kill me, they will kill me.” Xia Tian laughs was saying. He understands that Qi Wang will definitely not kill him. However that ten five cauldron Expert of entrance were different. If they must begin to sneak attack, perhaps is Qi Wang cannot block. Was good, walks, that thing is away from our present positions not to be far.” Qi Wang said that continues to forward, walks toward this scrap storehouse. He must bring is that ultimate weapon that Xia Tian looks. How that second outstandingly able person you knows?” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to Qi Wang. Qi Wang under at that time two big outstandingly able people, one was to help him has invented from out of the blue that outstandingly able person of crossbow, but afterward he walked, another was to use Expert of that ultimate weapon. Moreover the fragment that Qi Wang said is fragmentary. Each time to this outstandingly able person here time of separated.

Qi Wang wants to arrive at final position, then said one time all secrets. „The second outstandingly able person is my becoming sworn brothers brothers, his name was, his talent was stronger than you, his 25 years old are four cauldron Rank 9.” Qi Wang answered. Originally that second outstandingly able person is her becoming sworn brothers younger brother. ! This name listens ordinary. But his talent obviously is very high. 25 years old achieve four cauldron Rank 9, this can be said as the unusual anomaly. Even if were Xia Tian present range four cauldron Rank 5 is also too far. Yeah, what a pity.” Sighing of Xia Tian regrets. A talent so high person, unexpectedly such died, has saying that this absolutely is the matter that is a pity. Yes, if he is also living, perhaps he now is Nine cauldrons Expert, in the past my whole person was all hated has deceived both eyes, I had not discovered that he soon did not have the strength to use that thing, but I want him to detonate the Qilin blood and gunpowder crag, he does not have any hesitation, rather dies, he also absolutely listens to me.” Qi Wang smiles bitterly slightly, although matter already past in 1000, other matters he can also fade from the memory, but the only this matter he is unable to forget. Past years that fought significance too to be for him big. No wonder you will regard as important the brotherly love.” Xia Tian understood finally, initially Qi Wang saw friendship between him and Brother Xiaoma in the mausoleum chamber, will therefore note him. Passed, I have complied with my younger brother matter, I will also complete.” Qi Wang long expiration. What matter?” Xia Tian asked.

Continues.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile, has not spoken. Possibly thought that the atmosphere was too awkward, Qi Wang after a while continued saying: My younger brother offered the life to me, his desire one day can roam through the entire spirit world, became top Expert, I have eaten his bone ash, now I am he, I will take the road that he has not then taken for him.” „Is this you complies with his matter?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. No, is another matter.” Qi Wang said. He had still not said that is actually any matter. Was right, Xia Tian, I did not mean a moment ago makes you accept my condition!” Qi Wang looks to Xia Tian, obviously at this time he must put forward this condition. Right, what condition?” Xia Tian took others Qi Wang that many treasure, now others put forward the condition, he naturally must wait for others to say the condition. The values of these treasure add unable to estimate. Condition is very simple, I want you to work as the superintendent in East city, works as the entire uneven Imperial City lawman.” Qi Wang vision firm looks to Xia Tian. On his face does not have the smiling face, very serious. What?” Xia Tian hears this request time immediately stares. Actually uneven Imperial City has East city and Western city, East city is uneven Imperial City that you see now, but other half are also Western city that from underground has not raised, I planned that is regarded as my brothers' families Western city, there superintendent is I, but enforces the law to you come, the brothers who because I am unable once and fight for state power to these together start, but I hope similarly they can do not slaughter again, the calm and steady enjoyment life was good.” Qi Wang vision stubbornly is staring at Xia Tian. But I am unable to enforce the law, I do not have that ability to manage your Expert, moreover they will not listen my, I am unable to enforce the law.” Xia Tian shook the head. Ability is so-called strength, so long as you have the strength that they are stronger, or to control their things, they naturally honestly will make you enforce the law sufficiently.” Qi Wang said that has turned around, afterward moves toward that leaf of stone gate: That sufficiently to control their ultimate weapons here.”