Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2014

Bang! stone gate was opened. The Xia Tian vision looks to inside that his vision looked to front that weapon. Arrow. Is a stone bow and arrow. „Is the ultimate weapon that you said it?” A Xia Tian face strange looks to front stone bow. This stone bow not any extraordinary place. Right, is it.” Qi Wang said, moved toward that stone bow directly. Xia Tian also walked to there. dāng! The hand of Qi Wang grasped directly above the stone bow. Snort! At this moment, Qi Wang cold snort, his right hand has made an effort to pinch afterward, stone bow outside stone bursts directly, explodes to shoot directly from the stone bow the number to the ray, one new bow appears in Qi Wang temporarily. „!” Xia Tian vision completely by front this bow attracting. [gold/metal] Linfeng feather! The segmentum anterius of bow are [gold/metal] Linwei the head, the two wings of bow are the phoenix feather. On bow braves the blue light, is [gold/metal] Lin the ray, is very dazzling, looks from the distant place that entire bow looks like living Azure Dragon. Bends on the wind feather on wing to brave the flame ray, this flame ray probably is the wing of hot dry wind is the same. This is the leading phoenix tail in legend. Qi Wang smiling looks at Xia Tian, on the face somewhat is proud, he likes the expression of Xia Tian present.

Surprised! And is shocking. This. What thing is this?” Xia Tian has opened the mouth, he felt that front thing was really too terrifying. False. Shot day god bow.” Qi Wang said. He uses the hand gently stroked this god bow, look inside was presenting love, probably was the righteousness younger brother who loved oneself that dead is the same. What is this?” Xia Tian whole face inconceivable asking. „The shooting day god bow in legend can shoot the heavenly Sun, the bow and arrow in my hand is the replica, although is only the replica, but it is I have seen the might biggest weapon.” Qi Wang looks false in own hand. Shot the day god to bend very proudly. Quite fierce.” Xia Tian solely can look at the uncommonness of this bow and arrow from the semblance of bow and arrow. That was natural, liked?” Qi Wang looks to Xia Tian, afterward right hand flings, threw the bow and arrow directly to Xia Tian: Starting today, he turned over to you.” Xia Tian received false. Shot day god bow, afterward on face has written all over inconceivable: Turned over to me?” Right, turned over to you, I had said wanted to suppress my old companion, that must this thing, moreover I also promised too small, looked for a new host.” Qi Wang long expiration , the feelings of feeling relieved, this constrained he more than 1000 years of matters now finally to put down probably. This. How this feels all right.” Xia Tian really was a little embarrassed, he Bai Na Qi Wang that many good things, now to have probably take families treasure a moment ago, this little is truly embarrassed. Although he acknowledged that his facial skin is very thick. Saw that the treasure wants, but Qi Wang was really too natural, therefore he was truly embarrassed. Anything is not embarrassed, this thing in my hands is ornaments, I have more than enough, even if I one day turned into Nine cauldrons Expert I same unable to pull open this bow.” Qi Wang is a person of ten points atmosphere, his atmosphere is Xia Tian has never seen. If others have the treasure of this rank, he has more than enough, will not take to see somebody off. But Qi Wang unexpectedly gave Xia Tian this thing. Why?” Xia Tian looks the bow in own hand. What because pulls open this bow to depend is the air/Qi of King, but is not the strength, you can try.” Qi Wang looked that said to Xia Tian.

Um.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward both hands built above the bow and arrow. His left hand grasps above the main item, the right hand grasps above the bowstring. Tight! The first feeling of Xia Tian is tight, he makes an effort unexpectedly not to pull open. Hasn't drawn?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, an bow and arrow his unexpectedly has not pulled open. Snort! Xia Tian cold snort one, he is a King, person of the going against heaven's will, regardless of anything is unable to prevent him. Opens to me! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward his right hand, an invisible strength flows in his right hand backward. The air/Qi of King. This is the air/Qi of so-called King. The bow and arrow was pulled open instantaneously. Meanwhile, a ray of light arrow appears on the bow. This ray of light arrow is appears. Do not shoot, otherwise here will be destroyed.” Qi Wang saw that Xia Tian pulled open the god bow, on the face has revealed the happy expression, he completed oneself younger brother's dream finally, but he also hurriedly reminded Xia Tian do not shoot, otherwise the entire treasure house will be destroyed, terroristly actually thus it can be seen the shooting day god in Xia Tian hand bent. „!” Xia Tian slowly loosens the bow and arrow. The light arrow also directly vanishes in the eye of bow and arrow. When Xia Tian loosens that moment of bow and arrow, he felt suddenly a dizziness feeling, he almost directly falls to the ground. Is good to faint!” Xia Tian halted hurriedly own body.

Forgot to tell you, this used the bow and arrow consumes the entire stamina quantity, can use many arrows and launches the strong bow and arrow not by your strength, but was your within the body the air/Qi of King, your first time used somewhat ill is very normal, but remembered just started not to want the long-term usage, because after it consumed the air/Qi of your King, on life that will consume your whole person, my younger brother on was consumed own life has traded that strongly one to strike in the past.” The Qi Wang reminder said. He does not hope to turn with the younger brother same fate. Many thanks.” Xia Tian this not polite, when he takes up this bow and arrow, on he thorough liking this bow and arrow. I must be thank you right, finally made me complete me to younger brother's commitment, I believe that it can carry forward in your hands surely.” Qi Wang looked that said to Xia Tian. Xia Tian really was a little embarrassed. Qi Wang gives him such expensive gift, then must thank him. This may absolutely be a time that Xia Tian most is not concerned about face. Qi Wang, when I handled matter on hand, I will have a look at this spirit world with you well.” Xia Tian is also saying of face anticipation, before what he thought is the family member lives well, but he understood now, only then the strength can protect own family member and friend. When his hand grasps false. Shoots the day god bent time, he had one type the feeling of really ruling the world. He also has that type to protect the feeling of all family member as well as friend. This is the strength. Only the true strength can give him the security sense. Early of too not replying, some of some of my also matters must process, now next three are turbulent, I must protect good uneven Imperial City, you enough time consideration.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. „? What turbulence?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Approached our uneven Imperial City that Sun Empire to rub with each influence of border recently, perhaps the war must come.”