Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2015

Sun Empire?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Right, our here is Sun Empire and uneven Imperial City intersection point, although Sun Empire has not dared frontal attack uneven Imperial City, but their people started to launch the terrain exploration and personnel information to here.” Qi Wang nodded, he knows that Sun Empire definitely does not dare to attack here directly. After all the reputation of Qi Wang army may. Even if their present strength very formidable, is unable compared with the past Daxing empire. Before they investigate thoroughly the Qi Wang palace the true strength will not begin. „Does Sun Empire dare to attack your uneven Imperial City? Your here has the most excellent equipment.” Xia Tian does not understand that Qi Wang is worrying about anything. Weapon forever is dies, never think one had the strongest weapon to be lax, the enemy will possibly destroy completely you with your unexpected method, this is the general idea and having a low opinion of the enemy.” Qi Wang light saying. You said also right, but I think that Sun Empire did not have that courage temporarily.” Xia Tian said. Um, waits for after the auction, the brothers who I will let the Qi Wang palace move in Western city, when the time comes first makes them stabilize, what regardless of outside makes into, uneven Imperial City observes, will not exit to assist any side, if some people provoke our uneven Imperial City, that do not blame me not being impolite.” Saying of Qi Wang coldly. Uneven Imperial City is he gives the cozy nest that the brothers create. He does not allow anybody to destroy this cozy nest. Waits for the uneven Imperial City brothers to stabilize thoroughly, after adapting to this world thoroughly, he will complete his younger brother's last wish. Um, hopes.” Xia Tian nodded. Starting today, I am City Lord, you are Vice-City Lord, simultaneously holds a concurrent post of uneven Imperial City law enforcement City Lord, regardless of anybody makes mistakes, you have the right to punish.” Qi Wang clenched teeth saying that he most is worried presents the human life, although he knows that does not die several people, his these under possibly honestly will not live. But he does not hope to present the human life.

After all these brothers have risked one's life that many years with him, moreover with his together deep sleep over a thousand years. Good, my this Vice-City Lord is not it seems like good to work as.” Xia Tian brow tight wrinkle. He must these external to believe that they will be protected in uneven Imperial City, but also wants surrounding protection Qi Wang these youngest brothers, does not make them be wronged. Therefore this Vice-City Lord position listens to be very good. But does really is very difficult. Was good, walks, I this matter will announce that to the outside, you possibly are when the time comes peaceful temporarily, I may want to be busier recently.” Qi Wang understands that he must talk clearly this matter with these brothers, moreover must disperse this endless family property. Um, this matter is truly awkward, but must think your.” Xia Tian said that walks toward outside directly. He knows the Qi Wang pressure. In the Qi Wang palace these person of strengths of present are not weak. Once they left the Qi Wang palace, then they likely are the wild horses of running away, perhaps will do to have an accident. Once they looked that who is not feeling well kills people, or who did not offend them to kill people carefully, then uneven Imperial City will be quickly flustered, even if they have not killed many, but everybody will be also startled, because they came out from the Qi Wang palace, what they represented was the entire Qi Wang palace. Uneven Imperial City that at that time developed with great difficulty must turn into the place of nobody once more. Moreover the person who outside person will also fear the Qi Wang palace, when the time comes they will be isolated, will be joined up to cope by other people. These people of Qi Wang palace very much unite, once their some people died, that many person possibly immediately unites to retaliate.

Just started to be very likely very small friction, but little will initiate a war. Why this is Qi Wang to the present does not dare the primary cause that they let out. Xia Tian, was laborious.” Qi Wang looked that said to Xia Tian. Although he possibly will be very recently busy, words that but compares with Xia Tian, he later will be very relaxed, but on the contrary, Xia Tian possibly will be very recently relaxed, once after auction, that Xia Tian may want thoroughly was busy. After Xia Tian comes out, walks toward outside directly. Brother Xia, we can walk Ah! city Wei Jun total Captain to go forward to ask hurriedly. I can walk, you should also to wait a while.” Xia Tian looked that shows a faint smile to total Captain, afterward went out of the Qi Wang palace, he does not have to ride the sedan chair again, but depended upon his speed to leave directly, the matter that he wants to handle now quickly returned to the patching shop, then closed up. He has the great treasure now. That many things need he to patch, if can all unable to fix these things, his refiner technique and plastic operation will obtain the obvious promotion, Spiritual Force also meets suddenly to increase. City Wei Jun total Captain has stood there. Before long, together in old age. Qi.” City Wei Jun total Captain respectful saying. Announced that a matter, starting today, Xia Tian is uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, and holds a concurrent post of uneven Imperial City law enforcement City Lord, uneven Imperial City highest law performer.” Qi said directly. Anything!” City Wei Jun total Captain whole face inconceivable looks at Qi.

He just heard news to be a little surprised to this, temporarily has not recovered consciousness, he needs to digest this matter. This matter was really too terrifying. He also called Xia Tian Brother Xia a moment ago, but Xia Tian unexpectedly turns into uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord now. Keeping aloof. Has remembered, later respects the point to him, even if were I sees him also to salute.” Qi very serious looks at city Wei Jun total Captain, does not get angry from the prestige. Yes! I already discovered that summer City Lord was not the mortal, **************, met the wind and cloud change dragon.” City Wei Jun total Captain surprised saying, came uneven Imperial City , before he is still setting firm resolve to bring Xia Tian to come, if annoyed Qi Laobu to be happy, he will also be implicated. But he has not borne the enticement of money. Therefore he has brought Xia Tian, but he has not thought that after Xia Tian brings, unexpectedly by City Lord is called, moreover of this day came out after time, Xia Tian turned into uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord. Was bad, I collected his much money, now he was Vice-City Lord, he can definitely ask me to trouble, was not good, I must send back money immediately, but must deliver.” City Wei Jun total Captain innermost feelings anxious saying. This time Qi Wang palace. Ten form straight standing there. Qi Wang, did you decide? You such are the person who might turn into an injustice very much.”