Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2016

I want to let the brothers well exactly for a lifetime.” Qi Wang said. „Do you think that boy to be able? Does he have that skill? He is one merely only then the person of tripod Rank 9 strength.” And an old man asked. I believe that my vision, I will not misread the person.” Qi Wang expression light saying. Qi Wang, you , to understand, several of us old fogies can understand you, but the brothers cannot think these that you think, once the brothers cause trouble, that boy only did depend on a law enforcement City Lord given name to be able merely Brother to control? His tripod Rank 9 boy, what card in a hand even if the body has, he can defeat four cauldron Rank 1, four cauldron Rank 2, even four cauldron Rank 3, can that be what kind of?” That old man continues to ask. He has pulled open false. Shot day god bow.” Qi Wang saying slowly. Hears Qi Wang these words time, on the face of that ten person has all written all over inconceivable. What?” I said that he has pulled open false. Shot day god bow.” Qi Wang said again. „Is this possible? False. Shot the day god to bend besides does not have the second person to pull open, actually did he how achieve?” That old man incomparably surprised asking. False. Shot day god bow. This weapon is they most frightened thing. They do not know that pulls open the secret of this weapon, they only know one are unable to pull open. Even, their considerings once besides, did not have the second person to pull open.

Knows that pulls open false. Shot day god bow to need the air/Qi of King, and Qi Wang who only then died, now Xia Tian also knew, besides them, in this world did not have any other people to know. Even if Qi Wang also at the point of death knows before. If he already knew false. Shoots the words of secret the day god bent, he will not make pull open a that final arrow absolutely. Even if these ten elders does not know that pulls open false. Actually shot the day god to bend to need any condition. He has achieved, in the past made me to shoot the day god bow looks for a new host, I had said at that time, who can pull open this bow, I will give him this bow, since Xia Tian has pulled open, that this bent me to give to him, you said that he currently does have ability Brother to control?” Qi Wang vision stubbornly is staring at front ten old men. Hasn't he said can to control your ten? Because this is giving these ten person faces. Their ten are the people of easiest rebellion, because they are five cauldron Expert. Qi Wang, are you such doing right by brothers?” An old man could not bear ask finally, before they can advance brothers' body the matter, but heard at this moment false. The setting sun Divine Art that moment, their ten also flustered. That weapon is their nightmares for a lifetime. They never want with that weapon to be the enemies. Before they think that one and the others could not pull open this bow, in that this world nobody can pull open this to bend again, that also nobody can restrict them.

However now, Xia Tian unexpectedly can pull open that bow. This is also telling them, Xia Tian is the person who has to kill their ability. I have said that all that I make consider for the brothers, ten elders, I know that you do not treat willingly in this small uneven Imperial City, wants to overcome territory again, but you think not to have, reason that in the past we can win are because in our hearts has the faith, is the faith of revenging, the brothers can also insist, but if we again make war now, we invade, we are the evil people, without the support of faith, that we on slaughters the machine.” Qi Wang these words directly opened him and ten elders matters between. Yeah! Qi Wang, you worthily are our kings, our ideas you walked have completely understood, moreover you also walked compared with us one step, compelling us to obey, we have not really misread you.” An elder sighed to say. Ten elders, I spread two roads to you now, the first article well develops in Western city, on everybody the day of envying, others have been short of money, the person of our Qi Wang palace does not lack, after the brothers left the Qi Wang palace, each is rich and powerful people, can want completely the riches and honor \; The second article the road is diligently cultivation, strives one day to three, pursues the martial arts to high Realm, you chooses, as for continue go on an expedition the world, that is not absolutely good.” Qi Wang vision ice-cold looks at ten elders. Qi Wang, don't you want to work as then three kings really?” On the faces of ten elders is the unwilling look. I do not want the deceased person, ten elders, you for the brothers to consider again, right, so long as I raise the arm wield, the brothers definitely will go to go on an expedition the world along with me, but hits words again, can we also win? How many can 100,000 brothers also finally remaining? In the past we to fighting the empire, we occupied the beneficial conditions of timeliness , favorable geographical conditions , and unity and coordination of the people energetically at that time, but now?” Qi Wang looked that asked to ten elders. Qi Wang, we have 10 million people of top equipment, we can prepare for war once more, the foundation belongs to our empire.” And elder very excited saying. Their ten are to advocate to found a new empire. But Qi Wang is hopes that the brothers live well, excessively peaceful life. Lets off the brothers.” Qi Wang helpless saying. Qi Wang, our ten cannot hit you, or you have killed us, or do not prevent us, we understand that you are truly good for us, but we have to choose oneself life the right, after we exit, will not be hitting the Qi Wang palace given name, we will found the new influence, you felt relieved, if day of uneven Imperial City have difficult, we are uneven Imperial City an member.” That elder vision firm saying, other ten elders also nod.

Good, worry brothers, who is willing with you, that to walk, the thing I have said that except for being used to auction and construct uneven Imperial City, other equal divisions all.” Qi Wang said. Thump! Thump! Thump! Three giant dings have spread over entire uneven Imperial City. Entire uneven Imperial City can listen to three Zhong Xiang. Nobody knows meaning that the ding represents, but they know that definitely had the important matter to occur, because the ding passed from the Qi Wang palace. Patches in the shop. Finally must do to decide.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. In an relay city outside uneven Imperial City. Snort, called Xia Tian, dares to bully my woman, really courted death, happen to above also let our family the nosing uneven Imperial City news, my this time killed two birds with one stone.” Puts on a man of white clothing saying that on his white clothing has a big red glowing sun, but looked that from the distant place probably puts on the health/guard. Fresh. The turban comes out is the same.