Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2017
Three days later. Uneven Imperial City had an important matter. Boss Xia Tian of patching shop became uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, became uneven Imperial City law enforcement City Lord. After this news passes on, all person worship Xia Tian. But Xia Tian was also more mystical in these person of eyes. The patching shop was informed is closed. City Wei Jun total Captain enough several days have not had a good sleep to think. Because he goes to also Xia Tian spirit stone time, Xia Tian has not wanted, this makes him suspect that Xia Tian must kill him, or must remove his position, after all the Xia Tian present status is higher than Qi. For these days for him was the suffering. Is good one week later, he discovered that Xia Tian has not handled his plan, therefore he was returned to normal. From then on, he almost Xia Tian, when ancestor same supplied. Total Captain, we catch a person, he was saying that Vice-City Lord malicious remarks, said that Vice-City Lord is the luck is good, actually has not said any skill.” Big Captain runs over the report to say. What? unexpectedly dares to insult Vice-City Lord, drags to hit to me, makes an effort to hit, hits.” Total Captain very defends the Xia Tian reputation. One month later. At this time most excited was three big top families. After the Xia Tian status elevates, they several business were also getting better and better to do. I said Lao in, Lao Wen, I have a proposition, does not know that you are absolutely good.” Song Patriarch looked that said to them.

Lao Song, had any matter you saying that our three present is the alliance, had any matter we to decide to be good together.” Yu Jia Patriarch said. „Is.” Wen Patriarch echoes to say. You also know that now Xia Tian was Vice-City Lord, although he was only our here enrolling elders, the people but who outside these did business with us to his reputation came, to put it bluntly, all our were he give, if some day he did not want this so-called honor elder, we three business were not definitely good to do, therefore I want to say that we simply every year in the income of half handed over his there to be good our three families.” Song's Patriarch direct proposition said. 50% income!!” Patriarch of Yu has opened the mouth. Right, this can manifest our sincerity to come, moreover summer City Lord is not an average person, so long as we mix with him, we will be only getting better and better, money that although we divide were many, money that but we make are definitely more.” Patriarch very serious saying of Song. I agreed.” Wen Patriarch said directly. Good, I also agreed.” Patriarch of Yu clenched teeth to say. Good, this matter I made small manage good, he was the summer City Lord apprentice, this matter he happen to can help us say to summer City Lord.” Patriarch satisfied nod of Song, he most is worried is these two old stick-in-the-mud only looks at the present benefit: Recently this month our three altogether had gained 3 billion low grade spirit stone, I will make small good give the summer City Lord belt directly in the past 1.5 billion.” Yeah, envies you, grandson unexpectedly turned into the summer City Lord apprentice, moreover I heard that he with summer City Lord one month, now the Formation strength progressed by leaps and bounds, compared with others cultivation dozens years fierce.” Yu saying of Patriarch envy, he envies. At that time the person of Xia Tian choice was Song Patriarch grandson Song. Now they look at Song Jia the change helplessly, one month of Song Jia whole person had very big change, if this one year two years? What my grandson study is only Formation, you still remember another apprentice who summer City Lord accepts!” Patriarch of Song asked. Remembers that company first five do not have.” Yu Patriarch envied. His grandson enters first three, Xia Tian confiscates, actually receives the boy who that company first five did not have. That apprentice was bestowed the surname by summer City Lord, changes name as Xia Lang, he crosses the threshold is also one month, now feared we three treasure grandsons to add is not his match.” Patriarch of Song said. Blows.” Patriarch of Yu does not believe what he said is real.

After all is only one month. Moreover at that time his grandson can win this any Xia Lang with ease. This does not blow, small good told me that now he links 20 moves unable to pass under that Xia Lang hand.” Patriarch of Song stretched out two fingers. This is how possible.” The face of Yu Patriarch and on Wen Patriarch presented the inconceivable look. They may know now Song Jia the change. unexpectedly links him unable to catch that summer wolf 20 moves, actually thus it can be seen that Xia Lang had the big change. Was right, the auction must start several months later, you also quickly prepare, the entire next three all respected families, the big influence, the big school perhaps will send when the time comes, our here business will be definitely hot.” Patriarch of Song said. Two months later. Three months later. These months, three big top families will send for giving Xia Tian to deliver spirit stone. Recently arrived in full the Imperial City person is also more and more. Various mysterious people, Expert is innumerable. City Wei Jun has cancelled all leaves, the whole staff standing street, each intersection some people guard, prevent to have any accident. Ha Ha Ha Ha, I arrived in full finally Imperial City.” A man is laughing shouting, his body puts on very likely is the health/guard. Fresh. The turban, this person is not others is hot the phoenix the man, Sun Empire Expert. Surroundings these people all with looking at two B same vision visit him. Recently came the uneven Imperial City person to be getting more and more, moreover any people of all forms had.

However looks like this shouting loudly two B well also. Two B that naturally, here mentioned absolutely are not the pencils, but is the noun. Hey, you dare to visit me with this vision, you know that who I am?” Sun Empire Expert vision ice-cold looks at that person. I do not know that is also what kind of?” That person waves, the surroundings walk more than ten individuals, is he together. Eight, I am the rill of Sun Empire Rill Family. Two kill the character, the Rill Family is a glorious family, in our family has existence of marquis, but in my name has one to kill the character, that represented my disposition to be good to kill, this was also only then in the talent very strong person name can bring to kill.” Rill. Two killed the character to explain their name. Rill two fools, this good, two fools, I think you are also a big fool, ha ha ha ha.” That People said with a smile. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” That several people of his side also laugh. Eight!” Puff! The blood light has flown together, the heads of these people high flew, only then ridiculed the rill a moment ago. That person who two kill the character has not died, but his both legs shiver at this time, the pants crotch clearly has the liquid to flow out. Told me, Xia Tian where?”