Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2024

This boy died.” On the face of pill emperor presented the excited look. He most hopes that sees Xia Tian dead. Because Xia Tian made him lose completely the honor a moment ago. Saw that Xia Tian stands there is motionless, everybody thinks that he definitely has been scared, therefore cannot move. Snort! Also a moment ago installed was so nice, now has revealed the secret, really brought about own destruction.” Saying that the Giant Bull City law enforcement elder disdains, he still remembers that now Xia Tian to the matter that he disrespects. Moreover he initially also wanted to cope with Xia Tian, but Xia Tian actually left uneven Imperial City, has not given him the opportunity. After he arrives in full Imperial City, can hear the Xia Tian legend everywhere. At that time he still in telling oneself, this Xia Tian absolutely is not Giant Bull City that Xia Tian, when he saw Xia Tian a moment ago, recognized, this person was that Xia Tian that knew. Saw Xia Tian to turn into uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, his innermost feelings were not feeling well. Saw Xia Tian specially, when the people of other there company big influences dare to scold dares to hit, he is not feeling well. Before Xia Tian obviously was a brat, in his eyes in ant. However now Xia Tian status unexpectedly all of a sudden became such high, even can with his same rank, this let his unusual not being feeling well, he was the Giant Bull City law enforcement elder, he liked keeping aloof to adjudicate others. Dies!” Rill. Two kill the character to give a loud shout. At this moment both eyes of Xia Tian open suddenly. His left hand pendulum, a very attractive bow and arrow appears in the front of all people forward. Humph! The vision of all people completely by front this bow attracting.

[gold/metal] Linfeng feather! The segmentum anterius of bow are [gold/metal] Linwei the head, the two wings of bow are the phoenix feather. On bow braves the blue light, is [gold/metal] Lin the ray, is very dazzling, looks from the distant place that entire bow looks like living Azure Dragon. Bends on the wind feather on wing to brave the flame ray, this flame ray probably is the wing of hot dry wind is the same. This is the leading phoenix tail in legend. Whiz! Rill bite back own fist, goes to retreat, he can feel this uncommonness of bow, he knows that he continues words forward, might be hit the bow by this very much directly, therefore he will draw back. What is this?” Rill. Two kill the character stubbornly the vision is staring false. Shot day god bow. Puff! Xia Tian right hand, a ray of light arrow appears in the above of bow. „A move!” The Xia Tian sound just fell, the arrow has only shot. No!” Rill. Two killed the character on the face to present the incomparably panic-stricken look. Bang! The light arrow shot through the body of rill, the body of rill exploded directly. Anything!” All people all these to to control, on priceless Wei Jun total Captain also thorough was hoodwinked to the lane by the present all, he has thought before Xia Tian is only the method are many, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly had such abnormal strength, unexpectedly all of a sudden on Insta-kill four cauldron Rank 8 Expert. How is this possible?” The face of pill emperor thorough was green, he must challenge Xia Tian a moment ago, if Xia Tian accepted a challenge, that present dies was he.

Moreover dies not entire corpse. Is impossible, his of strength absolutely impossible progress, certainly is in his hand that the bow.” The Giant Bull City law enforcement elder wants to look at the Xia Tian bow once more. But that vanished the bow in the hand of Xia Tian, obviously by Xia Tian receiving. Died, although Realm of rill possibly is uses some method to promote, but in a short time he is also four cauldron Rank 8 Expert, is his unexpectedly such easily by Insta-kill.” The Sun Empire duke innermost feelings are very shocking, afterward he looked to Xia Tian: Summer City Lord, his death with our Sun Empire any relations, has not been he must challenge summer City Lord, deserves to be damned.” The Sun Empire duke said that pretends non-involvement the relations for the rill that and died. They do not want because of a deceased person, but becomes enemies with Xia Tian this terrifying person. Peaceful. Scene very peaceful. Nobody spoke, nobody dares to speak, they were worried to offend Xia Tian, although here some people compared with strength of rill, but they think that which to did not go, Xia Tian was a move of Insta-kill rill, therefore they at this time a little frightened Xia Tian. At this moment, the Xia Tian vision looked once more to pill emperor: I remember that you do want to challenge me a moment ago probably? Has gotten in any case also rid, that did not care kills one, come.” Volume!” Hears here all people to stare. Has saying that Xia Tian that played the role of vertical prestige. If Xia Tian said a moment ago these words, pill emperor without hesitation will certainly kill. However now does he dare? He is only a four cauldron Rank 7 person, but rill these four cauldron Rank 8 have Expert by Xia Tian Insta-kill, he also been dared to challenge Xia Tian? Speech? Doesn't dare? Instigates the package.” Xia Tian moved toward pill emperor on this step by step.

pill emperor has not spoken, because he knows own present says more loses face on exceed, he is a person of fearing death, before he thinks that Xia Tian definitely is not Expert, therefore dares to challenge Xia Tian, but Xia Tian just extinguished four cauldron Rank 8 Expert now, he definitely does not dare to hit with Xia Tian again. Hey, a moment ago do not hit?” Xia Tian arrives at the front of pill emperor to say. pill emperor has still not spoken. ! A clear palm of the hand sound, Xia Tian has slapped pill emperor, this nobody is blocking pill emperor, but pill emperor does not dare to dodge, does not dare to hit back, he understands, so long as have hit back, that Xia Tian will get rid to kill him absolutely. Therefore he can only endure. Waste!” Xia Tian scolded one turn around to leave afterward. The pill emperor of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate like this had been hit by Xia Tian, has not dared to hit back. Snort!” Looks at Xia Tian there act high and mighty, Giant Bull City law enforcement elder cold snort, saw that Xia Tian is so wild, he is not feeling well, because beforehand Xia Tian in his eyes is only ants. He may on the 3rd the unclear poor gentleman don't, truth when holds in high esteem. Xia Tian that will leave has anchored own footsteps directly, looks to the Giant Bull City law enforcement elder: I have not asked you to trouble probably, your unexpectedly delivered.” Xia Tian, do not think after you have resulted in a treasure, changed the phoenix on the real pheasant, if did not have that the bow, what you were? In Giant Bull City, if not the demon immortal kitchen acts to ask favor, you think falling that you run away? Now here bluffs and blusters, do not think that you become uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, was really any Boss, here present is still the Giant Bull City control area.” Law enforcement elder very impolite saying. This topic has immediately brought to the attention of all people.