Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2026

At this moment. The life and death shape came. If a moment ago rampant of law enforcement elder were 100%, he now is most also has 50. Because when Xia Tian opened the mouth a moment ago openly expressing war, he somewhat showed weakness. He is unable representative Giant Bull City. But Xia Tian can represent uneven Imperial City. Present uneven Imperial City hits? Naturally cannot hit. Ten big elders led 100,000 elites to leave uneven Imperial City, now Qi Wang old army only remaining 1000 people. Goes to hit with others with these 1000 people? Naturally did not win. However besides Xia Tian, who these people also knew uneven Imperial City only remaining 1000 Qi Wang old armies? Nobody knows. Therefore Xia Tian must be unyielding, if known uneven Imperial City now is only skull words, perhaps that soon, uneven Imperial City will be attacked and occupied, because everybody knows that Qi Wang has many wealth, not having the strength to protect, that Qi Wang wealth will certainly become they. Xia Tian in gambling. He is betting the Qi Wang reputation to be resounding enough, nobody dares to come one to meet the tough head-on with toughness with uneven Imperial City. Finally he bet right. Xia Tian was setting up the prestige for uneven Imperial City a moment ago, at this time he must set up the prestige for himself, own face big, how that entirely depended on to give itself the long face. Now the life and death shape came. Come, signs the life and death shape, you and I can only live today.” The Xia Tian corners of the mouth raise slightly, with one stroke of the pen, has signed directly own name in two life and death shapes.

Xia Tian plays is at heart tactic. His is called to cross the rubicon. He signs first, then decision-making power in the hand of law enforcement elder. If the law enforcement elder has signed, then they can only live a person, but if the law enforcement elder does not sign, his face lost completely. Does Xia Tian dare to kill people really? That is natural, because he had cut to kill the rill a moment ago. Moreover that had shown that he had that strength. At this time looks at incomparably self-confident Xia Tian, some law enforcement elder psychology lacks self-confidence. In looks to begin two life and death shapes, his some round of cold, at this moment, he even felt the crisis of death at heart. Death? Does he fear death? Naturally feared. His cultivation these many years, had the present status with great difficulty, how he gives up dead. Bamboo slip.” At this moment, Xia Tian sudden drinks greatly. This drank greatly other 50% also all frightens not to have him directly, even linked the life and death shape in his hand to frighten the ground. Death! He as if felt the death at that moment a moment ago. Now no matter Xia Tian can pull open second, he has thought that Xia Tian can certainly pull open, because his has defeated at heart, he genuinely acknowledged one lost. Instigates the package!” Xia Tian disdains looked at a Giant Bull City law enforcement elder.

At this time all people understood on the spot, a moment ago although the Giant Bull City law enforcement elder clamored is very fierce, however he instigated in this moment. Solemn Giant Bull City law enforcement elder unexpectedly was drunk being frightened out of one's wits that almost frightens by Xia Tian one greatly. Law enforcement elder, weren't you a moment ago very fierce? You did not say that can kill me? Now how doesn't dare to sign?” Xia Tian contemptuous smiles. The Giant Bull City law enforcement elder has not spoken. He at this time already thorough could not say incoming call, he understands that he has been afraid, therefore he does not dare to sign the life and death shape, since he has recognized has instigated, he said that now anything hit own face in oneself, therefore he started at this moment remains silent. On this skill? I point at your forehead to scold you now am instigate the package, can you I be what kind of?” Xia Tian points at the Giant Bull City law enforcement elder to scold with the hand. At this time Giant Bull City law enforcement elder hated was dying. He really wants to kill Xia Tian now, but he knows that he must endure. Otherwise he may be executed by Xia Tian very much at the scene. He hates! He so has never lost face. ! The hand of Xia Tian has patted on the face of Giant Bull City law enforcement elder gently two, is very light, but this was expressing despising of envy, generally speaking only then superior can so treat lower position. Xia Tian understands a truth. That while match weak trend time, must break opposite party lowest defense line at heart. Such later opposite party saw itself to have the psychological weak trend. So-called three days do not hit, best room strips off roof tiles is this truth. Recognized had instigated good, you have remembered to me, uneven Imperial City did not fear your any influences, but we peace-loving, we do not want to stir up trouble, but we were not afraid of getting into trouble absolutely, but I was uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, no matter I you in your domains good, however must listen in my domain my, was the dragon you give me the plate, was the tiger you are lying to me, if made me discover that who made some petty actions in uneven Imperial City, that on should not be monster I not to give you face.” The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around in the surrounding these people, afterward the vision returned to the body of Giant Bull City law enforcement elder: Today you select the quilt, how I in want to set up the prestige a moment ago, finally you delivered, if you were attend the auction, I lifted both hands welcome, moreover I will also protect your securities, your benefits, if some people bullied you to tell me, but if you were cause trouble, I think that I should be needless to say your being out, at least I was capable of that making you unable to go out of uneven Imperial City.” Aggressive!

These two words that Xia Tian spoke very aggressive. However nobody dares to say a non- character. Because of Xia Tian in principle. Even if in their spheres of influence, they also wants the reasoning with character. Xia Tian this is called soft and hard all executes. First kills people to set up the prestige, then gives under these person of stairs. Naturally, the Giant Bull City law enforcement elder does not want the stair, therefore Xia Tian will not give his face. Was right, I look for your stubble intentionally, because of your long clown.” Xia Tian looked that said to pill emperor. All people think a moment ago Xia Tian to set up the prestige asked the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate pill emperor to be troublesome, but heard Xia Tian these words time, all people all were speechless. His unexpectedly for a clown reason of person guardian, stiffly has slapped others three. „, I heard that outside you was very recently chaotic, especially Sun Empire.” The Xia Tian vision looks to the Sun Empire duke. Does not have! No matter.” Solar duke shakes the head hurriedly: Summer City Lord, do not misunderstand, our Sun Empire also peace-loving, moreover before we come, our day. Dog. The emperor ordered us, can not have any friction with uneven Imperial City.” Um, your emperor understands the affair, does right by his name.” Saying of Xia Tian appreciation. Although the Sun Empire duke understands that Xia Tian really insulted their emperor, but he was bearing patiently, any words had not said. That of that side that long clown, I heard that you do say pill emperor? Dares to compare one with me?”