Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2027

Everybody thinks Xia Tian must walk. But no one has thought that his unexpectedly before leaving once more looks for pill emperor troubled. At this time pill emperor also very depressed. Let him go to and Xia Tian hits, he definitely cannot hit, causes the method? But here the Xia Tian domain, he causes the method with Xia Tian, without doubt is courting death. pill emperor does not understand. Actually one where offended Xia Tian. Only because of the long clown? Does the long clown have the mistake? How is it? Dares?” Xia Tian asked again. pill emperor has not spoken. If this is in the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, he dares to compare absolutely, what a pity here is uneven Imperial City, he does not dare to compete Pill Refining in uneven Imperial City with Xia Tian. Therefore he simply does not speak. „, Instigates the package, feared that I have eaten you, good, I will dehydrate the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate to look for you next time again.” A Xia Tian face badly smiles looks at pill emperor. pill emperor he must kill sooner or later. But pill emperor does not meet to incur now, so long as pill emperor agreed that competes Pill Refining with him, he can bet the life, has won pill emperor, directly after frankly and uprightly has killed him again, but pill emperor does not accept a challenge now, he cannot draw others to compare, the reputation that in that case, he just built all did not have. Even may implicate to arrive in full Imperial City. Moreover he also planned upright and frank defeats pill emperor on Pill Refining. Summer City Lord, since has this interest, I in water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate you, but the offensive talk said in front, entire next three are higher than my Pill Refining technology on nobody, when the time comes you lost me to be possible, no matter, naturally, several years later is this time Pill Refining congress, when the time comes had the skill to participate.” pill emperor can counterattack on the mouth finally, because he is self-confident to his Pill Refining skill. The next three Pill Refining masters 10 billion have not had several billions.

He is the Pill Refining first person of next three recognition. „? Right? Good, when the auction had ended, I happen to plan to walk everywhere, when the time comes first goes to your water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate.” Xia Tian said that direct turn around leaves. City Wei Jun total Captain also directly followed. Gives me to go to the god machine pavilion, I want all materials of pill emperor.” The Xia Tian order said. God machine pavilion. Entire next three most mystical existences. Almost in every city existence of bright machine pavilion. They trade the information specially. The god machine pavilion was last month suddenly appears in uneven Imperial City. So long as you leave price, he even can tell in any color that you City Lord put on tonight, trousers. Xia Tian looked couple days ago in the past, that inside unexpectedly has including the information of Qi Wang palace. The Qi Wang palace guards sternly, moreover there is Qi Wang to assume personal command. However god machine pavilion unexpectedly has the Qi Wang palace information. Is good is very expensive because of the price, takes 30 trillion low grade spirit stone, this price is these big influences is unable to take easily. The Xia Tian information also in inside, can be divided several scales, the simplest scale is several hundred low grade spirit stone can buy, that is Xia Tian in the uneven Imperial City status, several thousand low grade spirit stone, tens of thousands low grade spirit stone, several hundred thousand low grade spirit stone even several billions spirit stone information. Naturally, the god machine pavilion has not sold the grievances information. Drew an analogy, Xia Tian has stolen along the waterside pavilion thing, in this information god machine pavilion did not have. Yes!” Total Captain directly.

After one hour. Total Captain came back. Summer City Lord, only misses an information I not to buy, that information was too expensive, takes 10 billion low grade, what above writes was the origin of pill emperor and in the past.” Total Captain awkward saying. Um, I knew, this gives you.” Xia Tian throws five Chu rings. He understands that these materials need money. He absolutely does not have the interest as for that value 10 billion low grade spirit stone information. Because he knew the origin of pill emperor and in the past. This Xia Tian also saw related to own origin in the god machine pavilion at that time and in the past, the price is also 10 billion low grade spirit stone. Therefore Xia Tian guessed that origin and past of pill emperor should with own are the same. Many thanks summer City Lord.” Total Captain incomparably excited saying. He helps Xia Tian handle matters to be able each time to make money, Xia Tian gets rid very naturally, this makes him want to mix with Xia Tian behind simply for a lifetime. Just started him not to dare to want, but Xia Tian compelled him to want each time, he was also afterward used. Xia Tian opened scroll. scroll altogether has four. What first scroll records is the pill emperor recent trend. The time and present that scroll records are nearer, that is cheaper, the time is farther is more expensive, draws an analogy, certainly are more expensive than from present one year of matter from a present 100 years of matter. Moreover the matter of some important matter and secret be more expensive than the minor matter. pill emperor: Water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate pill Teacher|Division Head is old, status is extremely high, he also has obtained simultaneously first at 98 years ago next three Pill Refining congresses, therefore he was also known as that the next three first Pill Refining masters, the compounded drug that initially he refined is three Pin Baodan, main body Realm four cauldron Rank 7, because are the Pill Refining master, therefore his foundation is stable with the compounded drug, is solid.”

The thing that on this scroll records are not many, the price is inexpensive, so long as 1000 low grade spirit stone. Afterward Xia Tian opened second scroll. „The Pill Refining congress is, every hundred years of by the Nine cauldrons gate being organized one time, the previous time Pill Refining congress pill emperor strives to turn the tide, breaks the next three fables, since is person who the thousand years first has refined three Pin Baodan, second only refines Pin Baodan merely, because this time Pill Refining he was therefore regarded as important by the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, elects to be old for pill Teacher|Division Head, the status can with water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate in Section Head old compared with, in water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate he has the disciple 300,000, under the core disciple ten people, these ten people became three shake for a while. Pill Refining master.” This scroll is slightly expensive, the price is 50,000 low grade spirit stone, the matter that above records was also more detailed. Xia Tian opened third scroll once more. This scroll price rose all of a sudden. 1 million low grade spirit stone. This person is very lascivious.” Opens scroll time, Xia Tian saw that the first few words make him feel the god machine pavilion can do business, came up to give a climax directly. He continues to below looks. pill emperor person works mean, generally does not have the good end with him for the people of enemy, he solely will not refine the compounded drug of promotion skill and life-saving, he will also refine to kill the compounded drug of person . Moreover the cause of death miserable item will endure to see, lets probably miserably miserable, in his hand that you die has ten rings, ring inside has ten types of different toxins.” Sees here time, Xia Tian discovered that these 1 million low grade spirit stone do not have the white bloom. He had not discovered that the ring on pill emperor hand has the issue, luckily he has not shaken hand with pill emperor. Xia Tian focused in fourth scroll, this scroll was in four is also most expensive, took 100 million low grade spirit stone. His disciples female..”