Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2028
Ha Ha, unexpectedly is an old sex maniac.” Xia Tian saw when this fourth information information laughs was saying. He when saw the first few words to understand. Ten apprentices who this old sex maniac accepts female. He continues to look downward. pill emperor person is very mystical, he can be said as by an excellent Pill Refining technique able to move unhindered next three, his Pill Refining speed is fast, technique, the big influence once paid the high price to undermine a wall, but why does not know, he only chooses the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate.” Last information Xia Tian also looked. After looking at this information, Xia Tian helpless shaking the head of: What originally this year is most expensive is the information.” Information thing, before buying , is very absolutely cost-effective, once looked, that thought that actually did not have anything. Over the next few days, Xia Tian receives the news that invited him to eat meal, by he 11 declines, is the people of these eight big influences finds the way to ask him to eat meal. He continues to patch the weaponry at home. Xia Tian, some outside people look.” Liu Shishi shouts outside small Formation. Who.” Xia Tian has opened both eyes slowly, he knows that average person Liu Shishi will not call his. Is uneven City Lord.” Liu Shishi said.

„, Came.” Xia Tian stands up directly. Xia Tian walks toward own front courtyard directly. How you also personally looked for me.” Xia Tian sees Qi Wang to sit there puzzled asking. Qi Wang never has left the Qi Wang palace. Even if there is matter, normal, he should also send for calling Xia Tian, unexpectedly also came. Happen to must come out to greet some honored guests, therefore leads you to see the world.” Qi Wang said. Honored guest? Didn't the people of eight big influences come?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. „, That is any honored guest.” Qi Wang does not catch cold to the so-called eight big influences obviously, he has not even paid attention to eight big influences. „? What person does that have to compare eight big influence terrors?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Qi Wang. In his impression eight big influences were fierce enough. Although he has not gone to other strength, but Giant Bull City he has gone, in Giant Bull City, the talent is four cauldron Rank 4 Rank 5 strengths, but these strength excel people are also four cauldron Rank 8 Rank 9 strengths, is also innumerable on the priceless Wei Jun quantity, moreover under their place also some small influences. It can be said that eight big influences, each is the incomparable terrifying.

Can let truly I can have a liking for eye, only then the five emperors in the next three these people.” Qi Wang saying slowly. Five emperors! Emperor Yan pill, Shintou Izanagi, Xiang Yu di, win emperor Qin Shi Huang and Yu Wang. „Does the influence of five emperors in next three have the person?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, although before him, has seen the Nine cauldrons gate person at the serious famine, but he did not know the specific situation. Naturally had, moreover next three to three, only then that five, because their five have super transmission, but is their five cannot use that to transmit casually.” Qi Wang answered. „Is that we one day wants to go to three to sit their transmission?” Xia Tian asked again. Ha Ha.” Qi Wang by Xia Tian provoking laughter: You think was too simple, they five transmission are not you wants to sit can sit, at least I had not heard has the bystander to ride they five transmission.” Does not give the bystander to use, can't that next three people forever go three?” Xia Tian very puzzled asking. Normal truly so, why this is also my ten elders chooses to go on an expedition the world the reason, first they think in any case their cultivation soon reached the limit, even if reaches the day of the limit, they are impossible to leave next three, same is waiting for death, therefore they want to do a meaningful matter \; Next they hold by luck at heart, they think, so long as they can reappear the world appropriate to oneself, they had the qualifications and five emperors negotiate in the next three influences.” Qi Wang patient answered. „Will the influence of five emperors be forced?” Xia Tian does not believe that the solemn five emperors following influence of will be forced by others. Naturally, I do not know that in the past their five super influences existences of six cauldron Expert, six cauldrons are the next three limits, even if were seven cauldron Expert came, in next three also can only display six cauldron Rank 1 strengths, the strongest strength that because next three permitted was six cauldron Rank 1, this was the rule, resembled you to fly upwards to be the same from Earth, your strength has reached the limit of Earth, therefore you will fly upwards \; Stated differently next three are unable to fly upwards, but wants cultivation is difficult such as to ascend to heaven to six cauldron Realm that.” Qi Wang knows unusual are many. Actually he naturally knew that five big super influence some people multi-.

Rule.” Xia Tian nod of silently. Right, is the rule, in the entire world of human beings by the rule comfortable person, should not have Expert of five emperors that rank, only then they will arrive at next three not to receive any comfortable, the remaining other people will no matter who come many only to display six cauldron Rank 1 strengths.” Qi Wang guessed. After all thousand years ago he has seen Yu Wang. Um.” A Xia Tian suddenly power, that is quickly cultivation to Realm of six cauldrons, then in next three establishment cozy nests, making his these family member friends never be bullied. Was good, the time was also up, the people of five big super influences should come together, we transmit.” Qi Wang said. Transmission? Our uneven Imperial City foreign transmission hasn't opened?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Entire day under all Rank 4 above cities has transmission to five big super influences, the place that five big super influences are is called Hai River, there has one super transmission, can lead to the entire next three all Rank 4 above cities.” Qi Wang answered. shit, this must spend how much money.” Xia Tian is unable to imagine these many large-scale transmission to spend how much money to complete. Regarding the layman, transmission establishes needs to spend the high price, but others but the expert, in their hands has the transmission manufacture mystique, regarding them, wants to make transmission is not the difficult matter, draws an analogy, in the bystander opinion patching weaponry is the incomparably mysterious matter, the matter of making money, but in your eyes? That very ordinary matter, five big super influences are also so, in our eyes transmit to establish the expenditure to be very big, however in others eyes, construction transmission is simple.” Qi Wang answered. Summer City Lord! It is not good, transmission there dozen.” Total Captain complexion big change.