Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2029

Hit?” Xia Tian brow immediately a wrinkle. Total Captain does not know Qi Wang, therefore he has not spoken with Qi Wang, he thinks that Qi Wang is just a Xia Tian ordinary friend. Um, suddenly came several strangers, is very fierce, the Sun Empire person is fighting that several strangers.” Total Captain said. Went bad.” Qi Wang said suddenly: Should come.” Your meaning is, they were ahead of time!” Xia Tian also stares, if were really the people of five big influences is ahead of time, that may trouble. „It is not ahead of time, was servant comes first.” Qi Wang thought what's the matter. The people of five big influences are always punctual, when they said come, when. Now the person should be the servants of five big influences. Has a look quickly.” Xia Tian said that ran directly. When Qi Wang and total Captain were also the same gate pulse. Well, the speed is not slow.” Qi Wang looked at Xia Tian to say. Compared with also misses with you many, you bring my meeting.” Although Xia Tian speed compared with same level quick, but his speed are most is also similar to four cauldron three Rank 4 people, definitely had no way to compare with Qi Wang. Good!” Qi Wang nodded, afterward his right hand has worked on Xia Tian. Whiz! They disappeared in directly same place. Volume!” City Wei Jun total Captain in same place, he to the present has not understood that a moment ago exactly what happened. Xia Tian and Qi Wang unexpectedly vanished directly. Good quick speed, is actually that person who?” Total Captain surprised saying. He is four cauldron Rank 8 Expert, but his unexpectedly has not followed.

Transmission place. Eight does, you know that who we are? We are the Sun Empire people, your unexpectedly dares to be so impolite.” Expert angry saying of Sun Empire. Snort, Sun Empire is any thing.” The opposite party altogether has three people . Moreover the appearance seems very young, absolutely not over 30-40 years old. However these three people have actually blocked Sun Empire 40-50 Expert, the person of lead is four cauldron Rank 4 Expert. You court death, has killed them to me.” Expert that Sun Empire leads shouts loudly. Fights a battle to force a quick decision, meets that person to come not to say.” One of them said. That did not accompany them to play.” On a face fills the aggressive person to say directly that afterward his right hand wields, handle Fang Tian draws the halberd to appear in his hands. Go away! In his mouth puts out a roller, pats directly from along with the subsequent party China day picture halberd. Bang! Opposite these Sun Empire Expert were all collapsed to fly, was that Sun Empire Expert of head is the whole body blood, on the face has written all over panic-stricken: High.. Advanced.. Treasure.” Do not kill us?” The famous artisan created difficulties for somebody the man of day of picture halberd to insert the weapon in hand directly to the heart of that Sun Empire Expert. Stop!” At this moment, drinks to transmit greatly. Afterward more than ten forms appear in a transmission position. Puff! Fang Tian drew the halberd to insert the heart of that Sun Empire Expert directly: Depends on you, matches to ask me to stop?” Hateful!” Comes the person Sun Empire duke, he brings Sun Empire Expert to come, he saw a moment ago distress signal time had the person to come directly, but was late.

Your unexpectedly dares to kill our Sun Empire person.” Duke behind person of facial color ice-cold saying. Entire next three have me not to dare to kill?” That aggressive youth very optional saying. Pays for a murder with one's life, goes into debt to render back the money, I kill you to revenge for them now.” Duke behind that person of gets angry shouts to clear the way, afterward his head presented four small cauldrons and eight small cauldrons. His behind several people all have also revealed their Realm. Uniform four cauldron six Rank 7. These more than ten individual each are Expert. Must hit hits, I had also feared you are inadequate.” After that aggressive man sees the opposite party strength, on the face does not have slight fear, is still competitive. His head also presented four small cauldrons and seven small cauldrons. Four cauldron Rank 7! Meaning that the other two have not gone forward to help probably slightly. Waits to see a play there. Although their three are the same places, but these two people also casually got rid to resist a moment ago twice, had not revealed that own Realm, obviously they are very confident to the front aggressive man. Ha! That aggressive man gives a loud shout, afterward the imposing manner of his whole person had the huge change, the body seems covered by one group of Blood Qi, the whole person fell into marvelous Realm. Kill! These Sun Empire people also all forward kill. At this moment, both sides call a halt suddenly, their vision all looked to their left side. A handsome man, the forehand takes the bow and arrow at this time, is aiming at them.

Hits, do not hit? Whom I have a look at to move first, who moved me to kill anyone first.” Xia Tian stands there saying slowly. Person who summer City Lord, this time was they have killed first my.” The Sun Empire duke goes forward to say. Snort!” That aggressive person when hears their them to call Xia Tian is summer City Lord, cold snort, has drawn the halberd to receive Fang Tian in hand afterward. Xia Tian has also taken back own bow and arrow. At this time both sides give him obviously the face. Killed has killed.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Summer City Lord, the words cannot say that we arrive at your uneven Imperial City, before you had reached an agreement with us, nobody can bully us, now the homicide our more than 40 Expert, has this account, made us such consider as finished? After that who also believes that uneven Imperial City can assure our securities?” The Sun Empire duke pinned this big hat directly in the head of Xia Tian. Because the words truly were Xia Tian say. I for hello, ok.” Xia Tian looked that said to the Sun Empire duke. For I am good? Summer City Lord, we did not need you to take responsibility, we only needed you not to hinder us under to revenge on the line.” Duke indignant saying of Sun Empire. I , if not blocking you, you must some people die, once he has an accident, you should pay with a life.” Xia Tian expression light saying, stands in his Qi Wang satisfied nod, he has not indicated his status, therefore here nobody knows him. Xia Tian has done the matter already some people reported him, after he hears, claps the hands and shouts praise. This time experiences the Xia Tian management with own eyes, he satisfied. Um?” The Sun Empire duke looks puzzled to Xia Tian, he knows that Xia Tian definitely is not cracking a joke. Comes, I told you.” Xia Tian said. Xia Tian spoke a few words near the ear of solar duke on the quiet, Duke Sun Empire who hears these words on the face immediately changes.