Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2030

Many thanks summer City Lord.” The Sun Empire duke cups one hand in the other across the chest to Xia Tian. Um.” Xia Tian nod silently. „The graciousness of today, another day settledly visits to thank politely.” The Sun Empire duke said that is waving to behind person: We walk.” The Sun Empire biggest merit is to obey the verbal command. Subordinate passive obedience higher authority's order. Although on the face of that several person all has the unwilling look, but they did not have anybody to say a non- character. Takes orders from the decision in duke completely. Xia Tian moved toward that three people slowly: Wants the vertical prestige not to need to kill people.” They must kill me.” That aggressive person said directly. Here is uneven Imperial City, your backgrounds are big, I personally have also met . Moreover the hotel has also arranged, is in our uneven Imperial City is best, but also hopes that you give us an uneven Imperial City face, do not kill people again, otherwise our uneven Imperial City how obedience?” The Xia Tian manner is amiable, not any strong meaning. So-called puts out a hand not to hit the smiling face person, Xia Tian not only the manner is good, but also words in principle, therefore the opposite party naturally also had nothing to say. Nobody provokes we, we naturally cannot stir up trouble, was right, our family Sirs must see Qi Wang.” The manner of person of that ruling by force finally was also more moderate. Good, I arrange, on tonight, the hotel I will subscribe well.” Xia Tian amiable saying. Total Captain this thorough hoodwinking, he does not know that actually these people are any backgrounds, Xia Tian unexpectedly to them so respectful. Moreover opposite party unexpectedly proposed that must see Qi Wang, moreover Xia Tian also agreed. Um.” That person satisfied nod of. Total Captain, delivers to me to wrap that hotel the honored guest, has remembered, the surroundings give me to guard with large army, anybody cannot disturb static of honored guest to cultivate.” Xia Tian said directly. Does not use, we wait for my family Sir here.” That person beckoned with the hand directly. Good.” Xia Tian had not said that anything nodded directly: Total Captain, disperses the crowd, street blockade.” Yes, summer City Lord.” Total Captain respectful saying.

His time understood, the person who comes definitely is extraordinary big figure, otherwise Xia Tian is impossible so officially. In a while, in transmission walks them. These two come out, stood with that three people in one. The subordinates of people of five big influence all arrived. Time was up.” Qi Wang saying slowly. Xia Tian nodded, vision tight is staring at transmission. There will walk immediately five super figure. Representative figure of next three biggest influence. Also is world of human beings five emperors in the next three representatives. bo! In transmission has transmitted ray of light glow, this represented some people to come out. Several people of vision all looked to there. Wore the person of black long gown to walk from Formation, the long gown black of this person, above was embroidering a purple great tree all over the body, seemed very strange. Comes is really big figure, has not thought that unexpectedly was they come personally.” Before Qi Wang, guessed the person who five big influences come possibly is big figure, but he has not thought unexpectedly that they came personally. A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. See your highness.” That servant knees down respectful saying. See Yan male your highness.” Qi Wang cups one hand in the other across the chest to say. See Yan male your highness.” Xia Tian also studies the Qi Wang appearance to say. Comes person Emperor Yan pill guo in the next three representatives, Yan Xiong, this person seems over 40 years old is, but in the eye has actually written all over the years, obviously his reality is old, moreover his Movement Technique is steady, casual one step goes out of the element in ground as if to walk to be the same with spiritual energy.

Expert! Qi Wang, how you also personally came.” Yan Xiong looked that said to Qi Wang, obviously he also knows Qi Wang. Heard Yan Xiong to say the Qi Wang two characters. That five servants all looked to Qi Wang, they think before Qi Wang was only the Xia Tian personal servant, but has not thought that this stood in Xia Tian person unexpectedly is Qi Wang. Yan male your highness retentiveness.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. You had done that big matter in the past, how I possibly can forget.” Yan Xiong said that looks to Xia Tian: This is.” „, He is our uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, Xia Tian.” Qi Wang answered. Really is the hero has the youth, young unexpectedly has become uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, Yan Li, you 20 about is the strength of what rank?” Yan Xiong looked that asked to that famous artisan. Reply Sir, my 20 years old over is tripod Rank 5.” Yan Li respectful saying. Um, if I have not misread, summer City Lord should just cross 20 this year, strength unexpectedly is tripod Rank 9, extraordinary, really extraordinary.” Yan Xiong said. Many thanks praise.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Five cauldron Expert could the nosing Realm low person strength, say nothing of be six cauldron Expert, Yan Xiong is six cauldron Expert, he naturally can see Xia Tian Realm with ease. Although Xia Tian usually hideaway own Realm vigorously. But he in front of five cauldron above Expert, cannot keep. Four cauldron Expert will use soul search, five cauldron Expert will investigate others' strength. This is the representative in rank. Xia Tian had not said the own 18 years old start cultivation, perhaps otherwise the opposite party surprised chin will fall the ground. Free from arrogance and rashness, compared with our that talents.” Yan Xiong nodded. bo!

At this moment, in transmission has transmitted the second ray of light glow. Wore the person of white Chinese-style gown to walk from there, on his Chinese-style gown had two to cancel Yu's shape, his wear has formed the sharp contrast with Yan Xiong. Your highness.” Also was a servant walked, his knees knelt, respectful saying. See assists the doctor gentleman.” Qi Wang cups one hand in the other across the chest once more. This Xia Tian has not cuped one hand in the other across the chest. Because this group of people are the same with Sun Empire person, is the Islander ancestors, therefore Xia Tian does not want to greet with him. Comes one of the person five emperors, Shintou Izanagi in the next three representatives, assists the doctor. This person is bald, the age seems about 50 years old, vision inside has filled sinisterly. Qi Wang?” Assists the doctor exploratory asking. „Below.” Qi Wang nodded. Before had looked at your portrait, my gesticulation looks like wants the spirit to be many.” Assisted the doctor to say one casually. Multi- shazo doctor's commendation.” Qi Wang also knows that who assists the doctor is, although greets similarly, but with the Yan male that polite feeling, he as if has not seen obviously to assist the doctor for the form. bo! The third ray of light glow transmits. That aggressive man who got rid to kill people a moment ago kneed down directly: See Sir.”