Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2031

The third person walked. This person of Jianying eyebrow, the country character face, the big eye, the high nose, the whole person appears, the body is carrying an aggressive feeling. Flows the Sir, for a long time does not see.” Qi Wang goes forward to greet. Qi Wang, truly long time no see, in the past your younger brother that bow had almost not wanted my life, ha ha ha ha.” The class laughs was saying. We do not hit are not acquainted.” Qi Wang accompanies to say with a smile. Was a pity, if your younger brother has not died, can normal cultivation, now perhaps be the next three first person.” The class has patted the shoulder of Qi Wang, saying that regrets. Um.” Qi Wang nodded. „Do you have the friendship?” Yan Xiong collects to ask. I remember that at that time I just attained the inheritance, is the proudest time, at that time I think one are next three first Expert, outside I go to stroll next three, the result comes out to hear everywhere is the legend of Qi Wang army, therefore I had found the Qi Wang army, I think I can destroy completely the army that this sweeps away the world with hands down, happen to can also let next three avoid the disaster, afterward almost died in his younger brother hand, afterward they therapy for me, and told me to start the reason of war, you afterward heard. The cause of war is Qi Wang tells me.” The class said. „? Also do some people of energy balance points kill you who accepted to pass on?” Yan Xiong somewhat surprised asking. „, but having god-given wisdom genius, my this whole life has not taken anyone, he is one, what a pity day being jealous person with outstanding ability.” The class shook the head. This person is overlord Xiang Yu in next three representative figure. This is?” The class looked that asked to Xia Tian. He is our uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord Xia Tian, is my younger brother.” Qi Wang answered. „?” The class has sized up carefully: Good, can, when the Qi Wang younger brother is not an average person, 20 years old over, tripod Rank 9, good, is truly good, although compared with it must almost, but also was a talent.” My younger brother is not used to contrast, leaf every, Xia Tian is Xia Tian.” Qi Wang said.

Ha Ha.” The class has laughed. He is an open person, although the body has filled aggressively, but his aggression will be only effective to his enemy. „Is young fellow, interested in joining our Xiangjia?” The class looked that asked to Xia Tian. Excuse me, I currently have many matters not to manage, temporarily does not want to join, thanks.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Um.” The flow point the nod, obviously a moment ago he was also only polite polite. Although the Xia Tian talent is good, but the Xia Tian talent has not achieved that type to link him to surprised Realm. Xia Tian is a talent. But he saw various next three talents. Already had immunity to the talent, only if that person, can make him pay attention truly. bo! Also is ray of light transmits brightly, the fourth person walked from transmission. This person walks gains ground to throw out the chest, the body puts on one to have the golden yellow long gown, what on the long gown is embroidering is the coordinated process, this person stands there gives people a dignified feeling. Wins emperor Qin Shi Huang in the next three representatives. See your highness.” That next three knee down. See wins your highness.” Qi Wang respectful saying.

See wins your highness.” Xia Tian tallies said. Um, you are Qi Wang, I have seen your portrait.” Wins saying that Venerable unemotionally, this person keeps aloof to the others' first feeling, he probably is the King of keeping aloof, overlooks all, regardless of any person, probably is the servant is in his eyes ordinary. „Below.” Qi Wang is also sees any person on any manner, since wins the manner that Venerable to be willing to exhibit keeping aloof, he is humbler. He does not care about these so-called faces in any case. This time auction we have also brought something, can not sell in your this?” Wins Venerable to ask, although is held responsible, but in his expression actually order tone. Naturally has been OK, we auctions oneself thing, while also takes the auction others' thing.” Qi Wang answered. I heard that auctions the thing also to collect taxes your here?” Won Venerable to mention the issue of tax, others wanted to auction their thing at this auction, that needs to pay the tax, generally was 10% to 20%, naturally, had auctioned generally just complete thing time, the thing tax of that stage must be more expensive, because normal person, when saw that the thing will concentrate the spirit, therefore the next goods also sold generally, had on again is the thing that auction just to start also sells, the thing on will be more difficult to sell in the future. Just started everybody to be rich. Saw that any good thing to buy. However behind remaining was the genuine rich men, the common thing they could not have a liking, moreover got used to seeing the front good thing, the following thing was the beforehand scale, they will unable to take a liking. Your thing we naturally cannot collect taxes.” Qi Wang said. Although Xia Tian on the mouth anything had not said that but the innermost feelings win Venerable to this are actually looking down upon. This person likes the feeling of this keeping aloof, then could not have put out the real skill to come, tax revenue that several money his unexpectedly also cares, to put it bluntly, he is a poor person of keeping aloof. Um.” Wins Venerable to nod, he looked from beginning to end continually has not looked at Xia Tian one, because in his eyes only then Qi Wang is considered as reluctantly on is his servant, automatically was already neglected by him as for the Xia Tian this Qi Wang personal servant. Several have any good thing to take, our uneven Imperial City is only helping the auction, the low grade spirit stone expense will not receive together.” Qi Wang said.

Normal, the auction of this scale, that is absolutely unprecedented. To auction the thing at this auction, the price of that tax revenue normal will be higher. But Qi Wang had given the green light to several people. That does not collect their any expenses. It can be said that Qi Wang gives fully their several person faces. However some people you are good to him, he your sentiment, he even does not think that is perfectly justified. It looks like wins Venerable. He thinks that the hope such does is perfectly justified. Several other people are cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Qi Wang, only then wins Venerable the nostril to face upwards, that assists the doctors is cups one hand in the other across the chest to represent the gratitude. However Qi Wang has not said anything, obviously in he already had a mind to prepare. At this time the person of five emperors came four people, only remaining last. This last was in legend Yu Wang in next three influences, was the Nine cauldrons gate. bo! Last ray of light glow transmits, the fifth person appeared finally, all person vision all looked to there, the servant of Nine cauldrons gate also stood there bows slightly, sign that has not knelt down.