Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2032

The person of Nine cauldrons gate appeared. This person of black clothing, on clothes has embroidered a cauldron. His clothes do not need extremely in the magnificence. Because on him that small cauldron has represented his status, this is the world of human beings highest status representative. Yu Wangshen cauldron. The entire world of human beings expressed the strength with the cauldron, these because of the reason of Yu king. Before the rank had many divisions, appeared after Yu Wang, he unified the world of human beings rank gradually, from a cauldron to Nine cauldrons. It can be said that Yu Wang is the world of human beings most receives to love and person of respect. Nine cauldrons gate Yu Wang founds. See Yu blue gentleman.” Qi Wang goes forward to say. Qi Wang, is really handsome and intelligent.” Nod of Yu blue appreciation. Many thanks the Yu blue gentleman commended.” Qi Wang respectful saying. This time Yu blue and winning Venerable to form the sharp contrast, won Venerable installs cow B, installed to keep aloof, but Yu really kept aloof blue. Even if Qi Wang, respects him. Several other people are also blue slightly cup one hand in the other across the chest to hint to Yu, indicated the meaning of respect. The subordinate of Nine cauldrons gate is only one has not knelt down. Obviously genuine superior does not need under to kneel down to manifest with person own noble. This is summer Vice-City Lord?” Yu looked asked blue to Xia Tian. „Does gentleman know me?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Naturally knew, since your name in our Nine cauldrons gate record in the book, your talent has been I sees the thousand years to be highest, as for thousand years beyond I do not know that how long because I had not come this at that time.” Saying of Yu blue appreciation.

Heard the Yu blue words, all people all puzzled looks to him. The Xia Tian age has this strength to be truly good. But blue has not arrived at Yu to say is so terrorist. Next three, but many talents, but Yu blue unexpectedly said that Xia Tian is he has seen the talent strongest person, this simply was too inconceivable, a little made the person not understand that this saying was any meaning. Gentleman extremely favored me.” On the Xia Tian face has been full of the smiling face, afterward continues saying: Sir, since you came, we go to the hotel.” Isn't anxious!” The Yu blue start to talk said that afterward he has put out a token from the bosom, is the green token, token above is carving a small cauldron: Summer City Lord, does not know whether I do have this to be honored to invite you to join the Nine cauldrons gate?” Volume! All people all strange looked that was blue to Yu. In five big super influences on the person of Nine cauldrons gate are least. Disciple but who the Nine cauldrons gate receives each is the anomaly. Now Yu blue unexpectedly extended the olive branch to Xia Tian personally, this also made them obscure. Although Xia Tian the talent is truly good, but has not achieved that going against heaven's will Realm, must know that the Nine cauldrons gate usually receives the disciple to be strict, say nothing was Yu accepts the disciple blue personally. Nine cauldrons gate since 1000, altogether less than 20 people. Yu is blue, what do you mean?” Class puzzled asking. „Had this boy three years from cauldron Rank 2 cultivation to tripod Rank 9, you also seen compared with his talent higher person?” Yu looks at favorably the light to look that asked to the surrounding several people, he said time direct who have covered their face: N , N , D, let slip.” Hears his words, the scene was silent immediately. Including Qi Wang. All people all hoodwinked. Three years from cauldron Rank 2 cultivation to tripod Rank 9.

Average one year a promotion of cauldron. This was also too terrifying. Although antecedent class also extends the olive branch to Xia Tian, but to put it bluntly, he also said. Several other people also almost greeted with Xia Tian, but their vision continuously on Qi Wang, therefore they also only regard Xia Tian is a set-off, has not cared about Xia Tian. Especially wins Venerable, he even continually looked that has not looked at Xia Tian one, a moment ago he maintained the manner that oneself kept aloof. But he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is a super talent. They in next three are not the safe may do, above gives their mission convenes the talent, but should not be too many, expensive essence inexpensive many. He understands that his manner definitely was will leave a poor impression a moment ago to Xia Tian. This was also too abnormal, summer City Lord, the front door of our Xiangjia also opened wide for you.” The class said hurriedly. Feeds, your bastard, such flagrant undermining a wall.” Yu ridicules to say blue. „Did I dig the corner? No, before this matter me, has said with summer City Lord.” The class truly had said a moment ago, although is not quite earnest, but he also similarly had the superiority. „, My person has told him three years ago, at that time at the Songyuan congress, he had held up 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron by a cauldron Rank 2 strength, at that time we had sent out the invitation.” Yu blue seems was arguing with the class, but he responded immediately: shit, my unexpectedly let slip.” Sees the Yu blue appearance, Xia Tian has almost not smiled, his disposition is the same with the child. However the person hears his words in the presence of everyone, was the chin must fall to the ground simply. Cauldron Rank 2 holds up 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron. This also too exaggerated, was too abnormal. If Yu azure said a moment ago had indicated Xia Tian is a super talent, then his these words were to let all people without doubt understood, Xia Tian was not the super talent, he was the super talent in super talent. This simply is super greatly abnormal. This.” Qi Wang does not know that at this time should say any was good.

Several other people were simply insane. Come, the token receives first, later wants to go to the Nine cauldrons gate accidentally, took the token to go on the line directly.” Yu azure while their god time filled in the token the hand of Xia Tian directly. „!” Xia Tian is also the difficult to turn down an offer make with such warmth. Token thing does not dislike many, my this also has the same place, is the Xiangjia token, with was good.” The class was to also run to fill one directly. Yan Xiong not polite, fills one directly. Only then assists the gentleman and wins Venerable has not moved, because they know that has also given for nothing, Xia Tian will be will definitely not choose their, therefore they might as well will save face to themselves. Assisted the gentleman him is on the face has piled up with the smiling face, a person with kindly face and cruel heart just like, although he not to the Xia Tian token, but he actually looks at Xia Tian to smile. Wins Venerable to know one truly had not worked as individual Xia Tian a moment ago, now he gives the words of Xia Tian token again, the magnanimous attitude that he makes all did not have, therefore he does not think that Qu Shen gives the Xia Tian token. We first walk, in the evening I give reception.” Qi Wang said directly. Afterward the people went to hotel with them. After they leave, in the room in hotel. Sir, why don't we extend the olive branch?” Under the famous artisan asked. He has the hostility to me, although I do not know where the hostility came from.” Assists the gentleman to say. „? We what to do?” We cannot obtain, cannot make others obtain.” Assisted the gentleman to make one to wipe the movement of neck.