Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2033

Xia Tian has not thought that oneself unexpectedly stared because of the talent, although he received the tokens of three top influences, but his also assisted gentleman staring. Next three five big top influences are not peaceful. They hope one can recruit the talent very high disciple, then delivers to three to go, like this above can also give them many granting. After the people of five big top influences have delivered to the hotel, Xia Tian and Qi Wang returned to the Qi Wang palace. Feels how is it?” Qi Wang asked. Strong.” Xia Tian said. That is natural, six cauldron Expert started cultivation to be mad, therefore their every action and every movement will give you a formidable feeling, because you were infected by their air/Qi.” Qi Wang said. Air/Qi? What is that?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. „Similar to the air/Qi of your King, but the air/Qi of King belongs to the higher imposing manner, is no one can cultivation, this you do not need to know too, after your five cauldrons, will contact the air/Qi, now makes you know that too only will make you divert attention.” Qi Wang answered. His is also good for Xia Tian. Em.” After Xia Tian nodded , to continue to ask: „Are the people of five big top influences short of money very much?” Issue that doesn't lack, they are poor, do not look at their strength formidable, actually their days do not feel better, five big top influences have the stipulation, does not permit them and next three any influences has the relations, cannot ask for money from anybody, intimidates or tempts with the promise of gain not, cannot have own business, cannot participate in the large-scale buried treasure, this point they may have made the soul blood oath.” Actually Qi Wang knows five big influences poor. Although they were known as that is five big influences, actually they altogether do not have many people. How they live.” Xia Tian discovered that these people do not have any origin of making money simply.

They naturally have their way of living, I know has two types, that will be they will go oneself to seek for some buried treasures, naturally, so long as will bump into other people, they must leave, because they cannot mix the matter between common customs \; One type is to make some large-scale activities, for example Pill Refining congress, refiner congress wait / etc., although only then hundred years one time, but may be each time the stir entire next three, because went to that is the reputation, is the reputation that next three most paid great attention.” Qi Wang said. Has these methods, perhaps is unable to support their cultivation.” Xia Tian knows that cultivation needs to spend many, a rank higher person, cultivation gets up to spend spirit stone on exceed. Although he does not know that six cauldron Expert need to consume many spirit stone, but definitely will not be short. Naturally was insufficient, after five cauldrons, cultivation looks like in eating spirit stone is the same, that expenditure simply is astronomical figures, say nothing was six cauldron Expert, but will open every hundred years in transmission of five big influences well one time, three will act according to the talent of person of their sending to distribute the reward, generally speaking rewarded to be very good, Advanced treasure was only the scratch coat, even if were ultimate treasure also has, had some Advanced treasure pill and high-grade goods spirit stone.” Qi Wang looks like a huge knowledge treasure house is the same. In his mind has the full knowledge reserve. Regardless of Xia Tian has any issue, he can explain. High-grade goods spirit stone!!” After Xia Tian arrived next three, knows precious of high-grade goods spirit stone. Before the serious famine, some people said often here had high-grade goods spirit stone, there had high-grade goods spirit stone, finally afterward Xia Tian discovered that absolutely did not have. High-grade goods spirit stone does not exist at the serious famine. After he arrived next three discovered that is not only the serious famine, even if next three these so-called Expert and big influences does not have high-grade goods spirit stone. Thus it can be seen, high-grade goods spirit stone precious degree. Right, is high-grade goods spirit stone, the entire next three high-grade goods spirit stone quantities are limited, even if my Qi Wang palace richest time, high-grade goods spirit stone adds also less than 50.” Qi Wang answered. Although high-grade goods spirit stone all people know to exist, but has seen high-grade goods spirit stone person actually few truly.

50!” Xia Tian surprised saying. This is many, moreover was I plundered in the past entire next three accumulates to suffice.” Qi Wang cares about own high-grade goods spirit stone. „.” Xia Tian nod of silently, no wonder in the past broken day also only then together high-grade goods spirit stone. Naturally, many spirit stone had been given to use by him. Auction must start, perhaps will be very when the time comes busy.” Qi Wang said. Relax, I will look.” Xia Tian said. Em, tonight gives a welcoming dinner to that several fellow receptions, do not go, goes back to rest well, several days later will have you to be busy.” Qi Wang has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian. I went back to rest.” Xia Tian always a little restlessed recently, why he does not know is, always felt that has any not good matter to occur, but concrete is any matter he has not known. Em, goes.” Qi Wang nodded. After Xia Tian returned to the patching shop, Liu Shishi also came out. Isn't busy?” Liu Shishi asked. Em, was right, here has spirit stone, after Xia Lang and Song Jia came back, you made them return to the serious famine to go to me in turn, have remembered, making them certainly careful, do not let anybody know the relations of me and serious famine.” The Xia Tian reminder said. I knew.” Liu Shishi recently in helping the Xia Tian management, she does not know one how, is likes helping Xia Tian work, before she in Giant Bull City, was disinclined including oneself family inside matter the control, but now she simply is became the Xia Tian assistant.

Regardless is Xia Tian is any her to be willing. I rest.” Xia Tian felt some own headaches. Liu Shishi Xia Tian cleanness of patching tidying up, including bed sheet and so on thing also by the cleanness that she washes. After returning to the room, he lies on the bed directly opens rests. In sleep. His dream to a person, this person was sitting there patches the weapon, what patching is various he has not experienced the weapon, these weapons look are the high-grades. Good strange dream.” Xia Tian is similar to know one are having a dream, but he does not wake. He does not know how long one have rested, when he wakes up, in the room everywhere is low grade treasure, 1000, 10,000, 100,000. Quantity concrete many he could not look up. All patched!” The Xia Tian thorough examination, he discovered that these treasure unexpectedly were all fixed: Exactly what happened?”